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Pruning Climbers in Mende

Our climber pruners offer pruning, maintenance and pruning of trees in Mende. Graduates and insured, our team consists of passionate pruners with an unparalleled and customizable work ethic.

Our pruning company is committed to providing high quality work. We are equipped: cutting down trees over 30 meters, emergency intervention to remove uprooted trees, felling fallen trees on power lines.

Our ethics and our passion lead us to practice reasoned pruning with respect for nature and the beauty of the trees. Our local company based in Mende is committed to taking the greatest care of trees throughout the Lozère department: Marvejols, Barjac, Saint-Chély-d’Apcher, Ispagnac, Langogne, Villefort.

Here are the services we offer :

  • Pruning and pruning of trees
  • Slaughter
  • Desiccation

Why should you call on us?

Experience: We have a lot of experience and we are excellent at what we do. The profession of a pruner is considered one of the most dangerous professions, so it is important to choose a company with at least 10 years of experience.

Licensed & Insured: This means that the owner is protected from any liability in the event of an accident. We train our team to strict safety guidelines and we do everything necessary to protect your property and our staff, even if it involves the use of additional equipment for a project, such as cranes.

Reputation: We have built a solid base of loyal customers in Mende and throughout the Lozère department. If you want to hear some past references, that’s not a problem for us. Just give us a call to find out which of our old customers to contact.

Affordable Prices: We always offer a fair price based on our experience and our knowledge of what needs to be done to get the job done right. Call us today to get a free quote, you may be pleasantly surprised by our competitive rates.

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“One of our Climber Pruners in full action”

Story of a passionate Mende Pruner

We have been settled in Mende for many years and we care a lot about this community. Many of us have children who attend public schools in the city and our company participates in the economy of our region. We are proud to feel at home in this beautiful city.

Tree care is a common passion, because we are a group of guys who are more made to be outdoors in t-shirts and jeans. We grew up working for pruning companies during the summer, learning from an early age what it took to be a climber and expert in pruning trees. We have never lost this joy of learning how to cut down trees safely and efficiently, and since we started our own pruning company in Mende.

We have continued to improve our processes in order to offer a high quality service, in particular by being able to cut down difficult trees that many young companies abandon due to lack of skills and equipment. Many of our customers tell us that they can trust us because of our excellent communication on the phone and in person, as well as the quality of our team, which is both friendly, competent and highly qualified.

The way we behave and the way we complete each project on time until the end, including cleaning up after us, testify to the fact that we are real professionals who take their work very seriously and care about your total satisfaction.

Main reasons to prune your trees

security :

Branches can fall off due to ice or strong winds, which can damage your home, vehicles and other property. Proactively pruning dead, damaged or overgrown branches is the best way to protect yourself.

The Health of trees :

A healthy tree is more likely to resist pests and diseases. Weak or dying branches and too dense canopies can attract insects and create an environment conducive to diseases.

Look of your facade :

Tree branches that are too high can interfere with visibility. Properly done pruning can increase property values and improve visible access to your property.

Other reasons

To keep the tree at a maintainable size: Trees need to be pruned from time to time to maintain a perfect size and shape in your garden. When the tree becomes too large, it can be unsightly or block the sun’s rays towards your home. A good pruning of the tree makes it possible to control it and to eliminate a large part of the excess dead leaves that must be raked in the fall.

Avoid mountains of fallen leaves to rake in the fall: We also dread the activity of raking leaves in the fall, without realizing it your workload increases every year and it becomes like a second profession in the fall for the owners. By calling on professionals to prune your trees so that they heal quickly and stay healthy. We can avoid the heavy load of raking in the fall while keeping the tree in a more aesthetic shape.

Fruit trees can yield more delicious fruits: Did you know that proper pruning of apple trees at the end of winter can actually lead the tree to a more explosive growth in spring? The fact of removing the extra branches makes it possible to ensure that all the nutrients are channeled to the fruit production, which allows the tree to produce more delicious fruits and in greater quantities.

When to prune your trees?

Oaks: Beginning of winter until spring

Apple tree: During the winter

Hedges: Late winter/ Late Summer

Pine: Late winter/Early spring

Maple: During the winter

Walnut: Late autumn

Birch: Autumn

Spruce: Late autumn/ early winter

Cedar: Autumn and Winter

Why call on pruning company for the maintenance of your trees?

Pruning is one of the most dangerous professions in the world, second only to crab fishing … That is why it is essential for owners to beware of pruners in Mende who offer prices significantly lower than those of the most established companies, like us. Some pruning jobs really require high-end equipment that small companies that only have a simple chainsaw cannot safely use.

You also need to make sure that the company is licensed and insured, otherwise the owner of the house could be held responsible in the event of an accident. When it comes to a job where it is sometimes necessary to intervene on a tree 30 meters high with a safety rope and a chainsaw, if the appropriate safety precautions are not systematically applied, the risk of a potentially fatal accident is enormous.

Our company is extremely strict when it comes to safety. When we hire people, we first decide how careful and safe they work with. We much prefer a cautious individual, with a slower pace, to a climber or a tree cutter with a fast pace and less careful.

We make it a point of honor to train prudent people so that he becomes an excellent tree pruner and feller, because what we value as a company is the quality of service for the customer and not the amount of money we can earn in a day by going fast.

We value our reputation and to maintain it, we must have safe pruners who are willing to pay attention to every minute they spend cutting down trees. This kind of attention to detail and care is difficult to teach to someone who always wants to go fast. Of course, we also use all the regulated safety tools, as well as the most recent techniques in terms of felling and removing trees.

Emergency tree removal

We are happy to help you with emergency tree removal in Mende 7/7 and 365 days of the year. When you are faced with damage caused by a storm and you need a quick tree removal, do not hesitate to call us on 04 82 29 73 00. We take these calls very seriously and we will take care of them immediately for you. We come to your property as soon as possible with the best team of feller of Mende and Lozère, with more than 10 years of experience. You are in good hands for all emergency removal needs.


We also offer desalting. We use the best stump grinders in the industry, which allows us to get the job done quickly. You can choose to keep the mulch free of charge for your gardens or we can have it transported for you. We clean everything up after work so that you only have a beautiful plot of land where to plant grass. When the desiccation is complete, you will see a big difference in your outdoor space. Stumps can be a danger if you have young children playing in the yard, they can also be a source of insects, parasites and fungi that can harm other trees and plants in the area. Not to mention that the removal of the stumps will facilitate the maintenance of your lawn.

The Best Pruner in Mende since 1989!

We bring you a quality pruning service at affordable rates in Mende.

With over a decade of experience, there is no job we can’t handle!

We have the team and the equipment with a strict focus on safety.

We are a team passionate about giving our customers a high-end tree removal and maintenance service, which allows us to retain our customers and recommend them by word of mouth.

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