Average cost of pruning and felling trees

Price of a tree felling in 2022.

How much does it cost to have a tree cut down? What is the price of felling a tree depending on its height? How much does the desiccation of a tree amount to? What are the rules to respect when it comes to tree felling? We are trying to answer all your questions.

Favorable period for the felling of a tree.

The recommended period for cutting down a tree varies depending on the nature of the tree to be cut down. For coniferous trees or trees with resistant leaves, felling can be done at any time of the year. For deciduous trees, the felling must be done between the beginning of spring and winter, because during this period of time the sap is descending and the tree contains less water. So it will be easier to cut it.

Price factors of a tree felling.

The price of felling a tree depends on 5 main factors, namely :

  • The size of the tree: a tree with a large height and diameter is more complex to cut down. The work is more difficult and the risks to which the professional is exposed throughout the operation are higher.
  • The number of trees to be cut down: the price of felling a tree is decreasing, the more trees there are to be cut and the more the price to be paid for each tree decreases.
  • Accessibility of the land: if the land is not accessible to machines (crane, nacelle, mini-excavator) and equipment necessary for the work, the felling must be carried out by hand. This will require more time from the professional.
  • The scope of the mission: the price to be paid will be different depending on whether the professional simply has to cut down the tree or cut it down, dry it out and dispose of the waste at the end of the work.
  • The environment of the tree: if the tree or trees in question are located on a sloping, hilly terrain or are near electrical wires, or even obstacles, the price of the intervention will undoubtedly be increased, because the operation is a little more delicate.

Average price of felling a tree.

The felling of a tree should only be carried out when the tree is at the end of its life or when it presents an imminent danger. This is the case if it is located on the passage of power lines, if its roots are fragile and it risks falling in the event of a storm or strong wind, if it constitutes an obstacle to the proper development of the surrounding flora or if it tramples on public roads.

This operation can be performed in 2 ways. If the tree is not too imposing and if the space around it is completely free, it is possible to cut it down at its base and drop it on the ground. Otherwise, it will be necessary to gradually remove its branches and cut it into pieces starting from its tip to its base. By doing this, the tree will not fall and pose risks to the environment.

The price to be paid for the felling of a tree can be calculated on the basis of the hourly rate of a lumberjack or a pruner which is in the range of 100 to 250 euros, but it is not interesting to choose this pricing method if there is no average number of hours on which to base the calculation of the amount of the quote.

The best thing is to choose a professional who offers a flat-rate pricing that can be expressed either according to the volume of wood to be cut, or according to the height of the tree. In the first case, the price is estimated at more or less 10 euros / stere. In the second case, the price can range from 100 to 800 euros / ml, including waste removal, as indicated in the following summary :

Shaft height Fixed average price including VAT
Between 2 to 5 m 100 to 230 euros
Between 5 to 10 m 230 to 350 euros
Between 10 to 15 m 350 to 500 euros
Between 15 to 20 m 500 to 600 euros
Beyond 20m On quotation

Price of desiccation of a tree.

It is not uncommon that after felling a tree, the professional proceeds to desiccate it to maintain the aesthetics of the land and to prevent the roots from clogging the pipes and weakening the foundations of the infrastructures located nearby if they ever continue to develop.

This operation can be done manually, mechanically or chemically according to the needs and characteristics of the strain. Its cost can range from 50 to 400 euros depending on the diameter of the roots. For more details, see the article on the price of a desalting.

Obligations relating to tree felling work.

The felling of a tree can constitute a real danger for the residents and the professional who will take care of it if it is not carried out according to the rules of the art. This is the reason why it is regulated.

There are administrative procedures to be carried out before the start of the work. Generally speaking, if you want to cut down a tree on your property, no authorization is necessary unless it is classified as a species to be preserved or the property in question is a forest and the cut wood is not dedicated to your own consumption. The same goes for dead, toppled or broken trees. However, the standards are not identical in each region. It is therefore important to inform yourself well at the level of the town hall before doing anything.

Regarding the obligations in terms of safety, the principle to be followed is simple: only trees planted in the center of a free area can be cut from their base (minimum 135 ° on either side of the fall). For all the others, the slaughter must be done by chopping into pieces.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that no one can cut down his neighbor’s tree even if he does so under penalty of being assigned a sanction (article 673 of the Civil Code).

Price of felling a tree: examples of quotes.

To give you an idea about the tree felling rates practiced in France, here are 3 examples.

Example 1: felling of a 12-meter-high fir tree with a large diameter for 600 euros, including waste disposal.

Example 2: felling of a 7 m birch tree at a private home for 350 euros, excluding waste disposal and desalting. Access to the construction site is difficult and the wood is intended for the consumption of the owners.

Example 3: felling of a 15 m high oak tree with desiccation and waste disposal for 1,000 euros.

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