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How much does it cost to prune a tree? Average prices in 2022


While drinking your coffee, you stand in front of your window to contemplate, with your eyes in the vague, your beautiful garden and listen to the sweet song of the birds in the early morning. This is when you notice that your trees would really need a little trimming! This technical manipulation requires the use of specialists for a perfect and safe realization, but at what cost? In 2022, what is the average cost of pruning a tree? Answer!

What is the price for pruning a tree in 2022?

Intervention whose price varies between € 40 and € 500, from simple pruning to topping, pruning requires professional knowledge, technique as well as precise equipment. It can also be a question of risks in the case of pruning a tall tree.

The price varies depending on the type of pruning, more or less severe, and the height of the tree, involving time as well as the deployment of important security means and specific access in certain cases.

Finally, it can also be a question of ancillary services, such as the disposal of green waste or travel expenses.

Variable rates depending on the type of size

From the simple maintenance cut to the most severe pruning, the work required is obviously not the same, both in terms of time, material, and skills.

Type of pruning Feature Average prices
Maintenance size Maintain the shape of the tree from 40 to 250€
Adaptation size Adapt the shape of the tree to its environment from 20 to 150€
Deadwood pruning Remove dead branches from 10 to 80€
Thinning height Reduce the volume of the tree from 30 to 250€
Topping Cut the crown from 100 to 400€

1. Maintenance size: from 40 to 250€

The most classic pruning, it consists of pruning the tree in order to offer it a harmonious shape. For this, it includes the removal of dead branches as well as the pruning of young branches, to promote better regrowth.

2. Size of adaptation: from 20 to 150€

This pruning consists of cutting the tree in such a way as to adapt it to the constraints of its close environment. It can be to clear a view, to prevent it from touching a power line, or even, that it does not protrude too much at a neighbor’s house.

3. Dead wood size: from 10 to 80€

It is simply a matter of removing the dead branches for the sake of aesthetics, but also, in order to make room for the regrowth of young branches.

4. Thinning size: from 30 to 250€

This pruning aims to reduce the amplitude of the foliage of the tree, but also its crown.

5. Topping: from 100 to 400€

As its name suggests, the topping corresponds to the cutting of the head of the tree, the crown. It intervenes in the most severe cases where the tree is affected by a disease or has a height that is too large and threatening.

Prices proportional to the height of the tree

To the desired type of pruning, it is also necessary to take into account the height of the tree to be pruned.

Height of the tree Average prices
Tree less than 5 meters tall from 80 to 120€
Tree from 5 to 10 meters from 120 to 160€
Tree from 10 to 15 meters from 160 to 180€
Tree of more than 15 meters from 180 to 500€

1. Pruning a tree less than 5 meters tall

This is the height of the most common trees in private gardens. These can be fruit trees or pleasure trees that benefit from regular maintenance and that do not need a great height in order to be aesthetically beautiful and / or to ensure a good fruit yield.

2. Tree size from 5 to 10 meters

This tree height implies having specific equipment in order to produce a beautiful pruning, in particular a nacelle to access the branches and foliage at height. It is most often the pruning of oaks, walnut trees or fir trees whose volume reduction is necessary in order to free the field of vision or whose shaping needs to be reviewed for a more aesthetic result.

3. Tree size from 10 to 15 meters

Here we are talking about imposing trees, both in height and in amplitude: oaks, plane trees, deciduous trees or firs. Such an elevation requires the intervention of a climbing pruner rather than a gondola in order to benefit from easier access to this type of tree, generally very generous in leaves. The work to be done is therefore important and the safety measures taken must also be important.

it can also be a question of cutting a palm tree, very vulnerable to pests, whose crown must be maintained annually.

elageur climber

4. Pruning a tree more than 15 meters tall

It is more often a question of late pruning of trees that have not benefited from regular maintenance and whose height has largely developed, due to lack of regular care. Within a private garden, such a height can pose a threat to nearby homes or nearby power lines. It is therefore a question of a big pruning job, therefore involving a large bill.

The additional costs of pruning

In addition to the cost of pruning your trees, certain services or services are not included in this price.

1. Removal of green waste

Tree cutting residues must necessarily be taken to the waste disposal center in order to be destroyed. No way to make a bonfire in your peaceful garden! Nevertheless, for an additional price, the professional pruner can take care of getting rid of it for you. For this intervention, count about € 35 per ton of waste.

2. Travel expenses

It is quite possible that the costs related to the travel of the professional are not included in the price of the pruning, because some do not hesitate to cross the borders of their establishment department for the realization of pruning works. It is therefore appropriate to pay particular attention to this on the quote, and to take into account these additional costs, if necessary.

Is pruning mandatory?

Pruning is mandatory whenever a tree encroaches on a property that is not its own. It can be a neighbor’s land on which branches are advancing, but also the public road where the tree can hinder the passage of pedestrians on a sidewalk, or even affect the good visibility of motorists, for example.

There are distance regulations regarding the planting of trees at the level of the boundaries of a property.

  • Plants over 2 meters high must be planted at least 2 meters from the dividing line of two plots of land,
  • This distance is a minimum of 50 centimeters for plantings of less than 2 meters.

😲 In the context of a rental, it is the occupant who is in charge of the maintenance of the trees in his garden, but in case of neighborhood conflict, it is the responsibility of the owner who is engaged.

In summary, tree pruning is a technical operation necessary as much for the health of the trees and the aesthetics of the garden, as for the safety of people. In order to obtain a perfect and lasting result, it is advisable to call on a qualified professional with the appropriate equipment and the necessary know-how! Finally, if the elements have unleashed in your city and have caused trees to fall in your garden, do not hesitate to contact a specialist to remove branches or a fallen tree.

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