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Price of felling a tree: everything you need to know

The price of felling a tree can range from simple to triple, or even more depending on the situation, and it becomes skeptical to hear that a friend had his tree cut for $ 100 when after calculating quotes, ours amounts to more than $ 1000! We have therefore created this article for you to clarify the establishment of tree felling rates. You can also get a free sample quote via our online calculator, without obligation.

Problematic: Is it really necessary to cut down a tree?

cutting down a tree

Normally, it is the large trees of more than 12 m that pose a problem, but also the old trees that are degrading, those that hinder traffic, infrastructure and the neighborhood. A simple pruning can be a solution for the neighbors, but so that the tree does not become a constraint again, the best solution is to cut it, see desiccate it.

Procedure for felling a tree

Check with the town planning services before proceeding with the felling of a tree whether or not you need to obtain an authorization. The regulations for felling a tree change from one city to another.

Since the felling of a tree is dangerous, calling in a professional is inevitable, unless it is a small tree that is easy to cut and safe for the surroundings. Our free, no-obligation form will help you find an insured tree felling professional near you.

He will need this information for the establishment of the quote :

  • The city of intervention
  • The nature of the tree (type, age, height, etc.)
  • The situation of the tree (the surrounding infrastructure, the neighborhood, obstacles and dangers, etc.)
  • The various constraints (electrical wires, garden furniture, plantations, etc.)

At the same time, these are the factors that go into the costing of tree felling.

slaughter d

How is the cost of felling a tree established?

The estimate for the felling of a tree is established according to several factors, but the ones that your craftsman retains the most are those mentioned below :

The felling of a tree costs more in the vicinity of Paris than elsewhere. The distance between the place where the pruner is located and the intervention area also matters (travel costs, transport of equipment and waste disposal), which is why we offer tree felling professionals near you.

  • The estimated time to cut down the tree

The more complicated the situation of the tree is (see previous section), the longer it will take to cut it. The felling of a tree can take between 1 hour and half a day depending on the complexity of the task. A large tree takes longer to cut down, because it must be cut down before cutting it off.

Some pruners and lumberjacks charge by the hour because of this time factor (see hourly tree felling rate below).

  • The necessary equipment and skills

Cutting down large and old trees is complicated and requires more precautions, therefore equipment. We need a pod for the debiting, but maybe also several speakers. The task becomes even more complex when the environment is threatened (the house, neighbors, public infrastructure, etc.).

Price felling large tree nacelle

The tree felling package itself is divided into 3 parts :

  • The price of the actual slaughter
  • The price of waste disposal (leaves, branches and trunk)
  • The price of desalting (removal of the stump and backfilling)

If you only want to have your tree cut down, the felling package only includes the latter. It is especially the desiccation that is expensive, because it requires more time and effort. Removing the stump of an old tree requires a meticulous technique and the intervention of a mini-excavator type construction machine, because the roots are very anchored in the ground.

Average national rate to have a tree cut

Without desalting, it takes an average of between $200 and $500 to have a tree cut.

Lowest average price Average Highest average price
166 € 330 € 554 €

The price of desalting

If you have to remove the stump entirely, the tree felling estimate will have to be multiplied by two. Consider almost 150 to 1000 $ more depending on the complexity of the task.

Prux tree felling with loosening

Tree felling tariff: case-by-case study

Presence of electrical infrastructure

The average price of tree felling can quickly rise to $ 1,415 when it is located near electrical infrastructure (poles, power lines, etc.)

Rough terrain

Irregular slopes complicate the work of the pruner. The felling of a tree that is located on rough terrain can cost up to $1672, while the same tree on flat and smooth terrain will cost you $704.

Average hourly rate for felling a tree

Some craftsmen apply an hourly rate, taking into account the time factor mentioned in the second section.

There are lumberjacks who charge a fee per yard for pruning, and an additional fee for felling and final desiccation of the tree. The total cost can then rise to $ 597 – $ 1193 depending on the type of tree.

tree felling tariff

Lumberjack rate per stere

Type of tree Rate
Hardwoods – 10 €/stère
Resinous + 11 €/stère

Flat rate depending on the height of the tree to be cut down

Height of the tree Slaughter and cleaning price (including VAT) Desalting price (including VAT)
2 to 5 m 100 $ – 250 € 100 $ – 200 €
5 to 10 m 250 $ – 350 € 200 $ – 300 €
10 to 15 m 350 $ – 500 € 300 $ – 400 €
15 to 20 m 500 $ – 600 € 400 $ – 500 €
20 to 25 m 600 $ – 700 € 500 $ – 600 €

Average flat rate depending on the number of trees to be cut down

Number Average price
1 132 €
2 200 €
3 263 €
4 330 €
5 390 €

Example quote: tree felling rate 15 meters

Slaughter price d

If the situation of the tree is not problematic and you do not have to dry it out, then count on $ 350 for the felling of a 15 m tree plus a $ 100 fee for waste disposal, including the trunk. Take a margin anyway and plan between $ 500 and $ 700 for the total, without desalting. If it is necessary to dry out, then plan at least $ 300 more. Note that everything really depends on the intervention area and the situation of the tree.

In Paris, the price for the felling of a tree can amount to $ 4,000 with the destruction of the stump, the evacuation of the wood and the cleaning.

Who should I contact to have my tree cut down?

  • A professional lumberjack
  • A professional pruner
  • A pruning company
  • A gardening company

The main thing is that the professional who intervenes is specialized in tree felling and that he is insured. We can find professionals near you to whom you can request a free quote. You can even compare several quotes without obligation via our form.

Free tree felling: is it possible?

Have a tree cut down by a professional

Yes it is possible, under several conditions. Already, it must be a non-problematic young tree that is cut in one fell swoop without involving either a machine or manpower. In this case, the lumberjack can cut off or only prune your tree in exchange for the wood he recovers. It is nevertheless infrequent, especially since the felling of a tree is often due to safety constraints that require heavy interventions.

The best solution would be to negotiate the fixed cost of tree felling by proposing to do the sub-work yourself (waste disposal and cleaning for example), but this is also not an easy task.

It is also possible to rent a chainsaw for less than $ 60. Alas, this applies only to young trees, because it is too painful to cut tall trees yourself. However, the rental of a chainsaw plus the labor and the risks to be taken will cost much more than the package of felling a small tree.


In summary, it is the volume of work to be done and the complexity of the task that determines the cost of felling a tree. It is therefore normal that a young tree that is cut in one fell swoop only requires an investment of € 100 against more than € 1000 for a complicated tree to cut down.

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