Custom tree pruning and felling

Company for pruning and felling of dangerous trees in Martigues

Our company Aménagement Provence Habitat has been specialized for more than 20 years in pruning and felling trees. We practice gentle pruning, folding, maintenance, safety, arboricultural, or architectural.

We intervene on the Blue Coast and neighboring cities for individuals and professionals.

You will find below some achievements, you can contact us for more information or for a custom quote.

Pruning d

Pruning of an old plane tree, plane tree pruning, chateauneuf les martigues

Old plane tree, not pruned for almost 10 years. A refreshment was requested from us by its owner. After a day of work, we still had a little energy left, so since there was a lot of electrical and telephone cable and roofing, we opted for pruning in L.

Pruning and felling of

Emergency pruning and felling of trees camping in Carry le rouet côte bleue

Our company APH intervened for the urgent pruning and felling of trees for a campsite located in Carry le rouet on the Blue Coast. The fallen trees and placed on the mobile homes. Guy the trees to prevent them from falling, and disassembly using the nacelle. We intervene for the par.

Pruning and pruning d

Pruning and maintenance pruning of plane trees, municipality of Aix en Provence, Ventabren, La fare, telescopic aerial platform for difficulty of access

Maintenance pruning of large plane trees, parking and terraces of the establishment, crushing of branches for evacuation. For the 3 plane trees on the terrace, we had to use a gondola with a large offset, difficulty imposed due to the proximity of the river, the many lights, and the planch.

Management wooded plot felling d

Management wooded plot felling of trees in excess fire cutting rognac

Depressurization for safety, near inhabited areas, removal of softwoods, conservation of hardwoods. removal of excess trees to make a fire-proof fence, pine forest Rognac la Fare the olive trees

Slaughter d

Felling of a large pine tree with the help of a crane, Châteauneuf les martigues, cote bleue, berre pond

The tree badly placed behind the house without access, forces us to work with the help of a crane. Safe work, and less physical than usual. The offset of 35 Mt, allows us to take pieces of 2 t. Passing over the roof. The woods and branches laid in the street, which has.

Safety by the

Made safe by the felling of a very old and very large pine tree, Châteauneuf les martigues, berre pond

Felling of a very old tree, I think 80 years old, which has become fragile, constraints, roofs, electrical network, ptt, use of the gondola for safety and comfort

Slaughter d

Felling of a very large tree, Châteauneuf les martigues, berre pond

The client was worried about the regular fall of branches, with the passage of cars and pedestrians on a daily basis. The decision was made to cut down this beautiful tree, which created nuisances and presented a risk. We have put the means in place to carry out this operation in this very small street.

Plane tree pruning in the city center

Plane tree pruning in the city center

Old plane tree that the customer has entrusted to us for years, pruning every 3 years, always a pleasure to work on this type of trees. Despite the conditions of the city, parking, traffic.

Continuation of the work after passing machines and our teams

Continuation of the work after passing machines and our teams

Well-cleared area, after felling and grinding, after shaping the wood left on site, at the disposal of the residents

Construction site d

Site of felling of large subjects with evacuation by crane

Our company APH intervened during the day on a site for felling large subjects. This requires the presence of a crane for the evacuation of the tree. We work with private gardens but also with professionals and private companies. We ensure a safe setting.

Crushing of green waste

Felling of a pine tree in Sausset les Pins

We move around the entire perimeter of the Berre pond and provide free estimates for all your normal or delicate felling, whether for broken, threatening, diseased trees but also for safety precautions. We work with or without retention, these interventions are t.

slaughter d

felling of trees and securing of wooded properties in Ensues Gives it back

As a safety measure, it is strongly advised to reduce the number of trees on your land. Indeed, it is better to prioritize the quality of your trees than the quantity. The reasoning must be as follows: ask yourself which ones you.

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