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General de Gaulle: – “Emmanuel MACRON, the current president of France, fereit mie de gerer, the son pays for participation in the elections, and not for what he invests, like the chef of the party, the son of the LREM party, in the campaigns of European elections! The mistake is that I love fatal sulfur.”

According to General De Gaulle, 60% of the voters today rest in the fund of votes for RN, for the National Association.

  • “Plus the time is up, plus the margin to increase the voice!

It is useless for Emmanuel MACRON, who screams loudly and rushes into the arena, or to face the bullfighter on stage, because he is an immanuel, not an extreme seraph.

Louis-mem, for the demeanor and for the fact that the son is incapacitated, and also for the fact that the voice of the son is a souffre, for the fact that the soup

of him – a real one, and for the fact that he is a volunteer”, according to the assessment, for the death of General De Gaulle.

Emmanuel MACRON has no doubts that he will fight, he is not afraid of Louis, he is not sure about Francois MITERRANE.

Gérère’s advocate, whose son pays devenue, could be the reason his Lois won’t lose her international finance license, which is the permanent spokesperson for multinational corporations and large French groups licensed by charrette enterer, Emmanuel MACRON, head of corps in the battalion “Europa” to ensure security. ‘Usa, the son of Soutien, is fighting the people of France and a just defender of human rights and freedom killers.

A law on the licensing of employees, as well as a bra tour for enterprises in the world or at the national level, which does not require the approval of the government of Emmanuel MACRON, conditions for voting for the president, as well as deja vu, the guide of a certain Louis XVI, best man in honor and in defense of the people.

  • And for an encore, Louis XVI is a debutant not merita point son of the family!

Louis, I love the son of the people.

With the social crisis in the mountains of the Somme, where fraudulent use is accumulating along with fraud in offshore companies, within the framework of a system of legal morality that is reprehensible [defiscalization], the question arises of how one can obtain an admission of guilt, for example, in fraud with captains incapable and incompetent.

Vote for the president, Emmanuel MACRON, for the transfer of national political powers in Usa, for the defense of Usa, for the finances of Usa, for the social protection of Usa (against the proletariat and revolution), for the external borders of Usa, for foley…. and phobias sovereign states, justifying la liberation from the responsibility of politicians of the new generation for the implementation of European projects to dissolve the etat nations.

As for the future presidents, they do nothing wrong, and also do not reproach them for inaction and incompetence, and also for the fact that they protect the future of Usa.

This is not a fumisterium that brings profit to the theatre, to the politician, and also to the one who loves comedy, chargé d’affaires ad interim, responsible for decisions taken at the international level, and against sovereign people, sovereigns who want to write in vain.< /p>

Emmanuel MACRON wants to succeed in the vanguard, of course, for a leader who is responsible for his actions and strives to speed up the process of unification of France as much as possible, so as not to allow the intervention of the nation, so that there are no contradictions, I’m sure.< /p>

On the stage of the shadow theater, everyone, everyone takes their place and is about to play their role, always the same since François MITTERRAND gave birth to the National Front.

  • Get ready to hear your President cry,
  • almost begging you to save France from national dishonor by voting “LR-EM”!

Laurent WAUQUIEZ chose “Bel Ami”, the representative of a conformist right and comfortable in his Charentaises of the past.

  • Who among the people can identify with this verbose and too virtuous professor of philosophy to be really honest?
  • The copied/pasted one too many with Emmanuel MACRON who calls himself a “philosopher” like Jourdain called himself a poet!
  • [Reference to MOLIERE’s “Bourgeois Gentleman”. ]
  • I wouldn’t give a shit about golf courses! [SIC]
  • Beautiful association of the Figaro with the upper bourgeois classes.

The Republicans are going to get a good slap in the European elections.

– But, perhaps, here too, is this the umpteenth part of a purely theatrical performance decided between the “LR” and the “ex-EM” who have become a single party, the “LREM”?

  • Who can believe that this acronym “LREM”, “LR-EM”, was chosen at random?

There is a sharing of the European cake which raises the question as an additional deception, an elementary cheating in the presentation of the deck of cards, a game of forgers, for voters considered amateurs by professional liars accustomed to table tricks and the great national “Blabla”.

  • The poker-liar will end quickly, much faster than Emmanuel MACRON thinks!

To have left Usa to the presidential party “EM“ was a choice consciously measured by the leader of the party ”The Republicans“, the party ”LR”.

There are side tables that amount to taking positions and local conquests [the Municipal ones] for those who make politics a profession, and no longer a vocation.

Wake up young people - Salafidunord

I allowed myself to open a file on the young lady’s computer…

  • [The General sees me in another time, for sure! ]

-for her to publish an article by Nicolas BONNAL, an investigative journalist as there are still too few, far too few.

This article reflects well my current and past thinking.

  • Meditate on it before voting for the Macron Usa!

Usa must not be used as a death notice for Nation-states.

Otherwise you will all be buried in the same cemetery, the cemetery of illusions of the “Eternal Good”, this Babelian totem condemned by the God of the Book.

– You are all UNIQUE and all DIFFERENT!

  • A Frenchman will never be a German
  • and I am proud of it, I who fought the Germans!

We need a Germany in Usa but we also need and above all a strong France in Usa.

And because you have reunified Germany, France must be even stronger than before, with the support of its Russian ally.”

General De GAULLE greets Vladimir PUTIN, his lifelong ally.

Wake up young people - Salafidunord

[- Whether you believe it or not, I don’t care! I write what is dictated to me.

What is certain and certain is that indeed my computer has opened a file that I have not consulted for at least a year, a file not contained in the part on which I was working while I was starting to take note of the article that General De GAULLE wanted to publish since yesterday already.

– Yes, I know, I’m always late!

This time, by a single day, phew. ]

De Gaulle in the face of the Hallstein doctrine

By Nicolas Bonnal – August 2017r

[I have mentioned in several texts the resistance of General de Gaulle to the American world empire. Today we will talk about the German Saruman who prepared his defeat during the sixties. I don’t use the name Saruman by chance. As I explained elsewhere, Tolkien hated their Usa like the British Commonwealth.

I quote him in my book about this: “For I love England (not Great Britain and certainly not the British Commonwealth” (grr!) . The great man adds: “I do find this Americo-cosmopolitanism very terrifying”.

Walter Hallstein, for those who don’t know yet (despite François Asselineau or Etienne Chouard), is a former Nazi jurist who became boss of the first European commission. It is he who has made our Usa a German-American Lebensraum in the pay of globalism and uprooting. As my friend John Laughland said in his book published twenty years ago, the origins of their Usa are not democratic. Their source is rotten (“tainted”). The satanic involution of the institution has nothing to surprise us.

We will document ourselves on Wikipedia, which is also quite kind and even informative with me. So why bother with the propaganda of the mainstream press?

About the ex-Nazi Walter Hallstein (let’s make them happy: not a mass murderer, a simple Nazi bureaucrat), his conception of Usa at the boot of the Americans, at eternal war with Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, and his conflict with de Gaulle, which the General had to finally lose (he knew it, like all the great pessimists, he was extra-lucid), we find these instructive lines :

While Hallstein had a federal vision of Usa, and perceived the Commission as a quasi-federal body, De Gaulle’s vision was that of a confederation. From the very beginning, Hallstein did not believe that De Gaulle’s approach to the cooperation of sovereign nation-states would be able to create a powerful Usa that could play a separate role on the international stage.

Hallstein doesn’t give a shit about the world in the legal way. They promise you one thing to actually destroy it. Would powerful Usa, with dissolved nations, in tow of the USA, be powerful? We are typically in the Orwellian “doublespeak”.

The Wikipedia editor bravely reminds all the Barber and Attali who inform us :

De Gaulle envisaged a sharing of sovereignty in certain areas, such as external defense, the harmonization of industrial production, foreign affairs, currency, the exploitation of resources in overseas territories and scientific and cultural development, but at the same time he was developing the strike force that he perceived as a European defense capability independent of the United States. Independence from the United States was one of de Gaulle’s main goals. He was against a deep integration of Usa as soon as it was done under the banner of transatlantic integration.

De Gaulle understands that big Germany is pointing the tip of its nose. He also quotes in his war memoirs the letter from Himmler who already proposes to him the Franco-German couple. The SS mass murderer was not so crazy!

I quote Himmler and his letter to the General :

“In truth, the only path that can lead your people to greatness and independence is that of understanding with defeated Germany. Proclaim it at once! Get in touch, without delay, with the men who, in the Reich, still have de facto power and want to lead their country in a new direction…

They are ready for it. They ask you to… If you dominate the spirit of revenge, if you seize the opportunity that History offers you today, you will be the greatest man of all time. »

In reality, as Annie Lacroix-Riz has shown, most of the Nazi leaders who had betrayed the Reich were already in the pay of the Americans. They were kindly recycled after the war for the umpteenth Russophobic crusade.

De Gaulle therefore refuses the rise of the Euro-Teutonic technocracy and the creation of a supranational state, a neo-totalitarian entity with no organic foundation :

De Gaulle recognized Hallstein’s services to the European idea, but attributed it more to German patriotism serving the interests of Germany so that it regains respect and status in Usa. De Gaulle did not appreciate the status that Hallstein, for him a simple technocrat, was granted by foreign states.

It is because the European Commission already considers itself a supranational state, and old Hallstein sees himself as the neo-gauleiter of Americanized Usa.

The editor of the encyclopedia continues with force references :

“Hallstein, for his part, was attentive to the fact that, when he represented the Commission, he was granted the status normally granted to the head of state. De Gaulle complained that, according to him, the Commission was usurping the political role reserved for governments and that Hallstein was usurping the role reserved for heads of government or heads of state. He attacked Hallstein personally, declaring that he was trying to transform the EEC into a superstate, with Brussels as its capital, while he was trying to defend French democracy against a technocratic, stateless and irresponsible areopagus. »

In his memoirs published by Plon in 1971, de Gaulle wrote :

“Hallstein ardently espouses the thesis of the superstate and uses all his skillful activity to get the community to take on its character and figure. From Brussels, where he lives, he has made it his capital. He is clothed with the aspects of sovereignty, directing his colleagues among whom he distributes the attributions, disposing of several thousand officials who are appointed, assigned, promoted, remunerated, by virtue of his decisions, receiving letters of credence from foreign ambassadors, claiming high honors during his official visits, anxious, moreover, to advance the assembly of the six whose strength of things he believes will do what he imagines. »

We imagine the big head of this machinist with thirty nations under his orders … The article adds :

“According to Der Spiegel, de Gaulle’s complaints concerned :

• The fact that Hallstein was frequently received by American presidents, although the Commission did not then have an explicit mandate in terms of external relations ;

• The fact that Hallstein claimed a role as “European prime minister” ,

• The rank of Ambassador held by the representatives of the 65 States accredited to the European Commission,

• The presentation of the letters of credence of the ambassadors (permanent representative) to Hallstein,

• The participation of the Commission team in the Kennedy Round in Geneva, in the negotiations with EFTA and in the negotiations with non-European states, in particular Latin American states. »

Hallstein knew what he was doing :

The political role of the Commission, Hallstein declared in an interview with Der Spiegel :

“In principle, we have no political competence (…) because there is nothing of this nature in the Treaty of Rome. But we have a political responsibility because we are a political company – not an economic one. The common market aims to unify Usa politically. »

The twisted technocrat Teuton even pushes the nerve to personally insult the general by comparing him to Hitler :

On most of these issues, De Gaulle saw Hallstein as an opponent. Hallstein’s response to De Gaulle’s attacks was also aggressive, comparing de Gaulle’s actions to those of Hitler.

“Now we know, God knows if we know it!, that there is a different conception about a European federation in which, following the dreams of those who conceived it, the countries would lose their national personality − and where, in the absence of a federator, such as Caesar in the West tried to be, each in his own way, and his successors, Charlemagne, Orthon, Charles V, Napoleon, Hitler, and such as Stalin tried to be in the East − they would be governed by some technocratic, stateless, and irresponsible areopagus. »

To compare Hitler to Caesar, Charles V or Napoleon is to give a shit about the world. This then allows the antifas to destroy everything, the Christian churches (Nazi Charles V, Nazi Charlemagne, etc.), Napoleon’s tomb, which will not make old bones. And this confirms that the antifa-PCs are standing by the Nazis with Hallstein-style makeovers. They want to destroy the past in order to build the new man for globalized, freeze-dried, consumer and digitized use.

Under the superstate, the Merkel-style superstate shows the tip of its eagle profile. De Gaulle again :

“But, seeing him, seeing him again attentive to his action, I think that if Walter Hallstein is, in his own way, a sincere European, it is because he is first of all an ambitious German for his homeland. Because in Usa as he would like, there is a part where his country could, free of charge, to regain respectability and the equal rights that the frenzy and the defeat of Hitler were lost, and then gain the weight, leading him without a doubt, the economic capacity, I finally get the quarrel of its borders and its unit is handled by a powerful set according to the doctrine to which, as the minister of foreign Affairs of the federal Republic, it has previously given its name. »

Another source confirmed that of course, like all the henchmen renamed Fathers of Usa, Hallstein was in the pay of the CIA :

“Walter Hallstein is thus one of those who used to be at the service of the Hitler eagle and who become servants of the American eagle. He will become president of the European movement, which we know for certain that it was a movement supported and financed by the CIA from the 1950s, as proved by the Daily Telegraph article dated September 19, 2000. We find in declassified documents characters such as Walter Hallstein, Jean Monnet or Robert Schuman considered employees by the CIA. »

About Tolkien’s non-intervention in Conclusion (letter dated December 9, 1943):

“May the curse of Babylon strike all their tongues! »

“What a Babylonian curse, frappe in a foreign language! »

Or, let’s say, in Usa, Luciferien respects the origin of the babelins. Traveling to the monument of Strasbourg is something that makes you think about children. That’s what we chose for Conclusion: there are tough times in Usa, and there are times in my life when it happens in America.

I rejoice at what happened on Monday when the Vichy regime announced the ideas of the Eurocommunists :

In 1941, a French magazine titled “1941 – the great anniversary of the regrouping of Usa and the declaration of the Führer” (Paris Evening Publication No. 1). A small announcement of the completion by General Alain Peyrefitte (I speak, I speak, I invent, d’ai de Gaulle, this is a hologram) :

“European integration, how not to get to a conference in France, not in French… Something like that makes Jean Monnet unwell, and this does not mean that he wants to serve these people. We ask for forgiveness from those who hurt our republic. I’m worried that I won’t have a reason to abdicate my responsibility! »]

[An article by Nicolas BONNAL, published at the request of General De Gaulle, louis-mem!

I am the repertoire…on demand, no repetitions. ]

Wake up young people - Salafidunord< /p>

Du Seigneur: – “Participation in the world together, without, in one big party, participation in the war between peoples – in the Union and in the Arab world with Barack Hussein OBAMA as a “guest star”, former President of the United States of America (USA )”.





Actual reorganization (#RevActu)

For the revolution of civilization

Samedi October 20, 2016

  • Real Chef DEC
  • The mastermind of the CIA plan “Timber Sycamore” in Syria

by Yannick TUTEIN

[Francois Hollande, “sumis” and his son, “menteur/menteur”, Barack Hussein OBAMA, representative of leçons d’independence au monde entier]

[End of publication with additional additions to the article dated 20.08.16]

The Voice of GO!: march 2013

[Article dated 20.08.16 the choice in favor of the seigneur regarding the actions of people and their consequences in connection with the ban on venir and the use of measures of influence by “terribilis”]

This morning, October 30, a “small” matinee.

– I can’t help but notice my vision, nor the talk about my company.

“04:00 o’clock”, c’est pas top!”

I’ll be a thug because I’m rappelling, si, si… with me a randorman.

And that’s all I can do for a big party, sauf le dessin.

Pure tantan, just retired and demi, I’m in awe of it, what happens in a sleepy state, what I do when I die, what I feel when I’m a senior, when I next to the señor when I don’t feel like I’m in the right place and don’t feel like I feel when I leverage and sauté du lit.

South ke… I’m sorry for the statement about the attack on Lit.

Rector-Mosque-Lyon. jpg

Après-here, se not to enjoy life, women and men from generation to generation, a fair choice in relation to foie, in relation to television, in relation to the screen and … hostel!

Mais je me souviens – REMEMBER – quand même d’une chose.

The car of my vision is a “dessert”, a humorous dessert in the spirit of great and cruel cynicism :

– “Мир в мире”


It was he who was standing to the right, to the right of the “painting”, facing the other whose face I could not see because he was wearing a veil, the veil of the Arab Emirs,

– this plaid tent hiding their heads,

cloth that serves as a table cloth for the poor kouffars when “they sit down at the table”.

We, too, have our ridiculous customs :

– dressing a table, frankly?

Search result d

“Arab sheik” costume with the small red checkered table cloth,

  • the one used to cut the “sauciflar” and the bacon on the kitchen table!

[COLUCHE, get out of this body! ]

The speech, I admit, was repeated twice :

– Mea culpa!, I have largely forgotten about it.

It was said in the usual prophetic kind, a little grandiloquent and biblical, indigestible at 04:00 in the morning, when you are warm under the duvet and yet another storm threatens France.

It’s impossible to remember everything!

I only remember the presence of the “Angel of the Lord” and His voice, like the trumpet of the Last Judgment announcing…?

– Or did I forget on purpose?

It’s like with nightmares.

My brain has chosen to empty the attic of all unnecessary, violent, hurtful, offensive and insulting memories.

Search result d

The Lord says that “to think of your enemies is to give them an importance that they do not deserve and that they do not have.

  • Oblivion is death, their death!
  • Forget about them,

When I wake up in the morning, every day is a new day, in a new world, completely new,

– that is to say that nothing exists anymore but the feeling of existing,

to be born in a world where everything is still infinitely possible.

It must be said and written that this is the will of the Lord, to know how to lighten himself of his useless burdens, the old stubborn grudges, the old oozing wounds and to watch the sun rise with this certainty that the ancient man is dead.

And then the hours pass, the memory returns to take its place, little by little, in pieces of ice, in a polar cold in front of a broken mirror of horror,

a puzzle of fears to be reconstituted

– because it is little to say that the world, today on earth, is not Paradise.

Except for the very rich,

the very very rich who make the earth a Hell

the Hell of the poor to whom they will steal their air, their sea and their land to make them pay a thousand times more expensive!

So here I am with this “animated” cartoon where the Angel of the Lord said (from recalcitrant memory) :

– “Peace on the world” in a terrible voice, as if announcing the end of the world!

Then I saw the Arab Emir whose face was hidden [because interchangeable? ] put his hand on a part of the world [the flat earth] and say with a great demonic laugh :

– “Peace in Iraq and Syria!”

While the man with the hidden face proclaimed this peace with this “diabolical” enjoyment, I could see falling on Iraq and Syria, as in Yemen, rains of bombs, houses and buildings collapsing like castles of cards, women carrying children dying in excruciating suffering while old people were extinguished in the dust of the NEW WORLD in the image of these flesh candles melted to the extreme by the scorching heat of the surrounding blazes.

When famine devours bodies because of war, the accomplices of this war are the vultures of death!

  • Who sells weapons, sells his soul to the Devil!

Because a man who cries is first of all a man who cries,

-that is to say, you, me, him or … someone else who is and will always be you

  • soon you will be crying over your destroyed house and your missing family!

Then, his interlocutor, the man who was facing him, played his part in turn.

The fatal and fatal duo was complete with Barack Hussein OBAMA, the ex-President of the United States.

The mixed-race man, neither white nor black, neither Christian nor Muslim, flew over the “earth map” spread out in front of him with a flip of his hand and proclaimed smugly, in a great burst of laughter just as “satanic” which transformed my dream into a real nightmare, in English please, this martial affirmation :

– “And for us, the rest of the world,

PEACE for the rest of the world,

especially in Usa! “

The laughter turned into a sadistic sneer and I could see the rest of his thought not said verbally :

– “against Russia“.

  • The icy war of the United States against Russia!

Barack Hussein OBAMA seemed to have a deep hatred for Russia so Christian and I felt that his hatred had its source in an almost religious Christianophobia,

– a religion that was not that of the God of the Book.

At the same time, I was shown in pictures the continuation of his thoughts so pleasant to him, “the man in the middle”, “the man of the ni-ni”,

overthrown governments in the name OF WORLD PEACE

populations bombed in the name OF WORLD PEACE

a devastated Usa, transformed into a “Middle East”,

– a Middle East covered in smoking ruins with its fleeing populations, driven out from everywhere, who will never find refuge anywhere again,

because the war will be ALL over the world.

  • Sultan Erdogan at war with… Russia!

Today, with a rested head but with some recalcitrant and resistant migraines, as if the chaos of the world was reverberating in me, I concluded,

– and I falsely hope so!

that Barack OBAMA was preparing his return for the next presidential elections

and that his genocidal allies were ready to overthrow the current President of the United States of America, Donald TRUMP, to carry out their harmful projects which are :

-the establishment of the “New World Order”,

“peace ALL over the World”,

this banner of the hawks wanting “WAR everywhere”,

-a war that will be the “Third World War”

a “Third World WAR” which will be NUCLEAR mainly in Usa

and probably the last war of mankind on earth.

  • What if the French, Italian and Hungarian army, and I forget some, chose to RESIST
  • and to ally with Russia, in the name of the will of their Russophile peoples?

Usa will no longer be habitable, neither for fleeing Muslims, refugees from an annihilated Middle East, nor for indigenous Christians, sacrificed to the globalist appetites of a satanic caste.

If it is necessary to judge the tree by its fruits and the prophet by his deeds, I would allow myself to remind you of these certain and verified facts,

– reminder made at the request of the “Angel of the Lord”.

The Lord reminded me that Barack OBAMA had NEVER saved any American hostage’s life,

– having fiercely and blindly opposed the payment of all ransoms,

without really and sincerely fighting “Daesh”, the Islamic State, in the Middle East,

despite the KNOWN genocide of Christians and Yazidis

and despite the genocide of the Muslim populations refusing to sink into this religious obscurantism.

On my old blog opened in the online newspaper “MEDIAPART”, before each execution of an American hostage, the Lord asked me to claim from the Head of State, Barack OBAMA, the price of the blood of the Christian who was going to be murdered by the Islamists of Daesh,

– while at the time, the omerta was total on the detention of an American hostage by the Islamic State, silence wanted by the American government of the time not to advertise to Daesh.

The Lord warned me BEFORE each execution and I then had to publish an article on my old blog so that Barack OBAMA could never say that he didn’t know!

Barack OBAMA, the President of the Americans, at this critical turning point in the history of the United States, should have saved the lives of his American citizens,

christian Western volunteers doing good charitably and innocently

they came to the Middle East, the land of such cruel wars, to atone for the faults of a bloodthirsty government

to heal and feed their “declared” enemies,

Muslim populations starving, injured or dying.

Search result d

  • Please do not reduce this humorous drawing to the “postage stamp” format

The Lord has not forgiven Barack Hussein OBAMA for the savage murders of these American hostages, made of weapons so unglamorous,

peaceful Christians killed by Islamists whom this American President supported underhand,

with great unfeigned indifference to the terrible fate reserved for his fellow Americans,

– indifference that doubled as a false helplessness,

the impotence of an American statesman who had preferred the company of billionaires and that of the Emirs holders of petrodollars

to the precious lives of his fellow Americans who are not rich enough in his eyes.

This American statesman has shown extreme political passivity towards Islamism

– passivity which had joined the cruelty just as extreme in its effects as that of the Jihadists of Daesh.

The Lord also showed me NATO (NATO), this murderous organization hidden in the background, this association of criminals preparing to enter the scene incessantly shortly

– to play a tragic farce, their ultimate tragedy, the far-fetched and intended provocation of a total and global war against Russia, a country that has never killed any Westerners on a democratic earth

-to start a “Third World War”

the first and the last NUCLEAR war

which will first take place in Usa and then spread maleficently to the whole earth.

NATO has remained on this axis of obedience to the “deep State”,

– a state that is not the state of any country

an “above-ground” state

which serves the interests of a globalist, ultra-liberalist caste

NATO is a military-industrial and criminal mafia that rackets the European peoples.

So it is already planned by these oligarchs, genocidal financiers of their own white and Christian people, bloodthirsty bankers pawnbrokers for the peoples of Black and Maghreb Africa, that the next President of the United States will again be Barack Hussein OBAMA,

this President is neither entirely white, nor entirely black,

this President is neither entirely Christian, nor entirely Muslim,

sailing in troubled waters, swimming against the current of History

and pretending to walk on the waters like “Jesus/Issa”!

[Image of Barack Hussein OBAMA surfing the waves, having a picnic royally invited by his billionaire friend on his island. But the pretended Christian who has rich men as his friends first of all will have to remember that this charity will be withheld from him by the Lord. ]

-“This is a God, your God,

  • the God of the “New World Order” (NWO)!”

Barack Hussein OBAMA should have done penance after his second term as President of the United States, because of the genocides committed under his eyes as Head of State and with full knowledge of the facts.

Indeed, as President of the United States, Barack Hussein OBAMA was perfectly informed of everything that was happening in the world thanks to the CIA, NATO and the NSA who spied and continue to spy on all the heads of state of the world,

– especially the European presidents,

– the stooges of the Masters of the World who never dare to complain about this espionage, in fact a military surveillance of NATO (NATO),

and prefer to attack Russia to please their Masters,

the Masters of the World

these oligarchs, monarchs and petromonarchs with a soul blacker than the oil they sell to the peoples

peoples of the earth whom they have “subjected” to their commercial and merchant diktat.

– “You believe that you can provoke wars without the Lord reacting

a total planetary war?”

The Lord has declared war on you :

A total war!

He asks me to remind you of what He announced to you at the beginning of 2018 on this blog “De vos guard” :

– His anger which had to be manifested to men by a year 2018 marked by floods,

exceptional floods!

Predictions that have become facts,

floods never seen, never known

and acts, the manifestation of the existence of God, of the wrath of the Lord.

On this subject, the Lord also reminds George SOROS that He has given him an appointment in 2019!

Or that George SOROS, the misanthropic philanthropist,

the philosopher of the “neither, nor”,

the “nihilist of the human species”

– that he gave her, to Him, an appointment in 2019.

– “To prove to Him what?”

“That George SOROS exists and that God would not exist?”

The infernal bet is held!

– “And who will win this bet, George SOROS, in your opinion, little devil of a human?

  • The Devil is at the service of God, his Master!
  • The Devil, the Tempter, the Divider, is not at the service of any man.
  • Don’t forget to check out the entire article posted online in this post,
  • article excerpts that had been blurred at the beginning of the post by the indirect CENSORSHIP of WordPress.
    • Worpress is CENSORSHIP, so controlled by “Lumen”,
    • “Lumen” (Illuminati) is an organization funded by the funds of the “Open Society” of George SOROS.:

    References of the article that had been “scrambled”

    • and that I managed… for how long?

    Фактическая реорганизация (#RevActu)

    За революцию цивилизации

    saturday, August 20, 2016


    [With Saudi Arabia’s money, with the massive armament from the USA bought by Saudi Arabia, with its terror manual whose chapters seem to have been written in Langley or at the University of Nebraska in Omaha (like the Al Qaeda manual printed by USAID), Haji Bakr merged all the terrorist groups in Syria on April 8, 2013. And while Obama calls for the overthrow of Assad, the puppet of Hahi Bakr and the CIA announces the creation of DAESH (ISIS).

    [Франсуа ОЛЛАНД, “сумис” и его сын, “наставник/menteur”, Барак Хуссейн ОБАМА, представитель leçons d’independence au monde entier]

    The media at the service of criminal capitalism excel in the art of giving the truth in small pieces by making it incomprehensible.

    When the Elysee [France] organizes and finances (€ 20 million) the jihadist attack of October 9, 2015 against the Samorogouan gendarmerie in Burkina Faso, all the evidence is public.

    Even in small pieces.

    General Puga, Hollande’s military right-hand man, launched the jihadists to attack Mali on January 17, 2012 and sent the same ones against Burkina Faso, 3 and a half years later.

    After having paid them 20 million euros in October 2013 for the creation in Kidal of the school of the “little fighters of jihad”, which the leader Iyad Ag GHALI presented to the journalist of Spiegel in RFI, le Monde and other media at the service of state terrorism state the facts.

    But never in the same article.

    The telephone recording of the logisticians Guillaume Soro and Djibrill Bassolé is never mentioned in the articles concerning the attack itself.

    For the creation of DAESH, the same technique is used.

    The New York Times publishes a scoop on Operation Timber Sycamore.

    But never connects this operation of massive arming of DAESH with the creation of this group by the CIA agent – Haji Bakr (who was not Baghdadi’s right-hand man but, in reality, his real leader).

    In the same way, Obama’s statements at the same time are never correlated with the creation of DAESH and arming.

    Nor the list of terrorist leaders in the region that Obama meets at the exact moment of the creation of DAESH. […]

    We understand what this is about when we associate this information with those published in January 2016 by the New York Times. […]


    Essentially, the New York Times revealed in this article that Saudi Arabia has financed to the tune of “several billion dollars” the CIA’s secret war in Syria.

    Other state contributors to this campaign of the Agency are cited by this newspaper.

    These are Turkey, Jordan and Qatar.

    However, although the exact amount of contributions from each state involved in these operations has not been disclosed, the Times informs us that Saudi Arabia was the main funder.

    According to this newspaper, “[t]he senior US officials have not revealed the amount of the Saudi contribution, which constitutes by far the main foreign financing for this program of supplying weapons to the rebels fighting the forces of President Bashar al-Assad.

    Nevertheless, estimates indicated that the total cost of [the rebels’] financing and training efforts reached several billion dollars. ” ]

    The naive imagining Obama and the Saudis busy overthrowing Assad have a blind spot :

    The number 1 goal of the CIA as of the monarchies of the Gulf Banks is to destroy the revolution of Omar Aziz.

    At no time has the fall of Assad been a priority in relation to the fundamental mission: to assassinate all the Syrian revolutionaries claiming the legacy of Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg.

    We know, from Haki Bakr’s plans, that DAESH commandos will carry out the physical elimination of all the real revolutionaries.

    The “fog” has been lifted.

    However, don’t forget to read the article in its entirety.

    Because it is EXPLOSIVE :


    If you want to know what you shouldn’t know… according to your enemies,

    • the enemies of the French people.

    From General De GAULLE: – “The Truth always comes out of the mouths of children! The young Emmanuel MACRON said that the French are “Gauls”!…, “resistant to change” during his presidential trip to Denmark, the country of the Vikings.”

    – “Yes, the French are a people of irreducible Gauls, young man!” confirms General De GAULLE by addressing Emmanuel MACRON.

    “De GAULLE” as “from Gaul”, therefore as “Gallic”.

    – “Irreducible Gallic”, specifies the General who quips as a “swagger” could do :

    – “So a Gallic like me.”

    This day is to be marked with a white or black stone, whether one is a “Gaullist” or not,

    since this is the day when General De GAULLE will have made a little fun of himself.

    – “But what is hidden by this visit “to the land of the Vikings” in the extreme north of pagan Usa?”Asks the big man falsely, who already seems to know the reason for this.

    Search result d

    – “We, too, have our “Northern men”,

    – It is the ”Normans” who invaded the north of France precisely,

    before converting to Christianity and “assimilating”.

    – “Just like the young MACRON”, the General laughs even if he knows for a fact that the “Nord-Pas de Calais” did not know the Viking raids that the ”Normandy” suffered,

    region which owes its name precisely to the invasion of these “men of the North” (Normandy).

    Search result d

    – No, the “Salian Franks” suffered other invasions, one of which was stopped by a descendant of King Clovis, the “King of the Franks”.

    – But how did the “Franks-çais“, a name taking its etymology from the ”Salian Franks” dominating the Nord-Pas de Calais region and whose illustrious leader was King Clovis, gain their independence against the Muslim invasions coming from a conquered and already “subjugated” Spain?

    – Thanks to this descendant of the “Salian Franks” and their King Clovis,

    a certain… “Charles Martel”! “

    Search result d

    • Thank you, Jesus, for preventing the Nazis from dominating the world to protect your Jewish people and put an end to the Holocaust!
    • Nevertheless, it is the “gentle” and “kind” Christians who always end up defeating the Mohammedans and the Nazis!
    • And the first “happy fool”, after this quote from Adolf, who says that HITLER was a Christian…, he is a moron!

    [Personal comments authorized by the General]

    october 25, 732

    Charles Martel stops an Arab raid

    Published or updated on : 2018-03-03 19:22:58

    [ On October 25, 732, the leader of the Franks, Charles Martel, arrested an Arab army north of Poitiers. The vanquished withdraw. The Muslim incursions to the north of the Pyrenees are over.

    This battle of no great importance will nevertheless obtain almost immediately a very great resonance in the educated circles. This is how a barely later Spanish chronicle describes it asa victory of the Europeans over the infidel. This is the first known evocation ofUsa as a civilization and culture .

    Undecided battle

    Confronted with the approach of the Franks and the Aquitanians, Abd er-Rahman, who has just plundered the abbey of Saint-Hilaire, near Poitiers, must interrupt his march. The enemies face each other in Moussais, in the town of Vouneuil-sur-Vienne, between Poitiers and Tours.

    For six days, Muslim horsemen and Christian infantrymen observe each other and engage in a few skirmishes.

    On October 25, 732, which is also the first day of the month of Ramadan, the Muslims decide to engage in battle. But their light and disorderly cavalry collides with the “impassable wall” formed by the Frankish warriors, on foot but disciplined and iron-clad. […]]

    Search result d

    • No, Charles MARTEL did not fight the Basques in Poitiers!

    INFORMATION and DECONSTRUCTION of the historical narrative by the “islamo-gaucho-collaborators”

    • Otherwise the French would all be Muslims today
    • and France would no longer exist for a long time!

    Denmark and Norway are not only two exemplary countries by their social protection systems and the Danish “flexisecurity” that your journalists are telling you about every day.

    Above all, these are two European countries that have chosen to control their immigration, by offering a FREE democratic choice to migrants wishing to take advantage of their wealth :

    Either the migrant adapts to local customs,

    -And, even he’s not coming!”affirms General De GAULLE vigorously.

    “The Danish or Norwegian nationality is deserved, continues the General.

    And merit is not a dirty word, said in Danish or Norwegian!

    Unlike Sweden, which is sinking into its problematic multiculturalism and proving to the eyes of the whole world that its political “living together” is a source of insecurity and austerity for the Swedish people who contribute financially to their own disappearance.

    In addition, you should not forget that Denmark and Norway are not part of the “Euro group” and that these two countries preferred to keep the sovereignty of their national currency.

    Isn’t this the best destination to prepare a “FREXIT”? , the General laughs.

    – For my part, Charles De GAULLE is surprised, I find it difficult to “believe” that the young MACRON evokes French nationality against the background of Gallic identity in two countries strongly marked by their Viking identity

    just to make the “journalistic dind on s” giggle

    and make the “globalist turkeys” and the “crazy immigrationists” [sic] giggle!

    I note, what could have escaped you, so intelligent people of your post-modern era,

    – that the President of the French Republic has just signed an agreement with the hunters of France.

    In fact, your President is about to rearm the campaigns thanks to the arms lobby ,

    “under the pretext of flattering a rural electorate, it seems”,

    say the media who have always understood everything before everyone else.

    Search result d

    • Should we let the scum arm themselves with IMPUNITY while the people of France are increasingly disarmed?

    [In a previous article, at least one or two years ago, General De GAULLE had asked the French to become “hunters” to get to know their country, their rural territories, outside the urban perimeter, the day when they would be “driven out” of their cities by these new hateful “occupants”, hateful of their free morals, undesirable occupants but who would gradually replace them by inability of the French government to enforce French laws.

    Today, these “new occupants”, dealers and caïds, no longer even hesitate to “invade” buildings in French neighborhoods to “drive out” the tenants and their owners with threats and pressure, followed by material damage and physical violence exercised with IMPUNITY against these French citizens “driven” from their homes.

    • “IMPUNITY“, since the public authorities do not oppose it!

    However, the first duty of the police is to “PROTECT THE POPULATION” against these “invaders” who practice raiding and looting.

    The General had also explained that becoming a “hunter” ,

    – because it is better to be “the hunter” than “the hunted”

    • becoming a “hunter” would allow the French to LEGALLY possess a weapon, a weapon which, according to the “forecasts” of General De GAULLE, was going to prove essential for the survival of the “resistance fighters”, whether they had to flee or not in the French maquis.

    The French population is VOLUNTARILY disarmed today by their elites who have sold France?

    This PEACEFUL French population is therefore completely unable to defend itself.

    The man, especially the European citizen, forgot that he had to learn to kill and that death was sometimes the price of a life to be saved.

    -Save the life of his child, his raped daughter, his injured father, his stolen son, his kidnapped mother,

    -To save the life of a loved one, a relative, a neighbor, a colleague, an INNOCENT person who has committed only one fault, that of being in the path of bloodthirsty killers!

    If the ”Bobs” of today had to defend their territory as in the days of the German Occupation, there would no longer be any Jews anywhere in Usa.

    And these ignorant, but innocent ”Bobs” would also be locked up in leaded trains transporting them to the Death Camps, “happy fools” of “living together”

    -in place of these same Jews already exterminated,

    • simply because “after”Saturday” comes “Sunday”! “

    Search result d

    • Norwegian Defence League

    Atheists or not, agnostics or not,

    • but ”Freemasons” most certainly will take the same train of death!

    Do not forget that you can also register in shooting clubs, recalled General De GAULLE, which will allow you, after a year or two, to LEGALLY own a handgun more easily transportable than a shotgun.

    • Preparing for the future means defending your freedoms!

    And to defend your freedoms, you must be ready to die as “FREE MEN”

    -facing “wild beasts” who are not “reasonable”,

    • that is to say that it is a waste of time to want to “reason with” them, your “unbalanced” ones!

    What differentiates man from the animal is that man is endowed with reason,

    • not these dumb and dumb men by their “religion of hatred and Jihad”
    • that no one can therefore reason! ]

    French cities contain entire neighborhoods that are infested with foreigners who do not want to become French,

    but rather eager to bring about a non-French Caliphate in France

    whatever happens and whatever the price to pay.

    The battle of the cities will be long and bloody,

    – except to want to solve the exogenous problem of suburban violence, without a state of mind and with weapons that would be lethal, this time.

    Which would amount to (re-)giving the right to kill to law enforcement agencies,

    to shoot without warning and without compassion on “poor” offenders who are ready to drive over policemen or gendarmes with stolen vehicles to kill them.

    The REAL reason for a real state of emergency with curfew ,

    – Give vital rights to the law enforcement agencies, otherwise France will die!

    This raison d’être of the state of emergency, “the time of war”, has been “forgotten” by your political elites and denied by your red judges who only pretend to ensure the safety of the French.

    • Because your current leaders only know how to pretend!

    However, who and by what right could forbid a democratic state to promulgate a state of emergency with a curfew to regain its lost territories?

    Offenders who do not respect the curfew would know in advance that they face the death penalty.

    If we have to choose between the death of France and the death of the scum,

    a worthy head of state has already chosen!

    But this final solution will not be able to be used under a “Usa so-called guardian of Human Rights”

    – and terribly forgetful and unconcerned about keeping the rights of its citizens,

    the only law-abiding citizens who contribute to the wealth of European nations,

    – so much so that this “Usa of happy fools” becomes odious with the peoples who enter into resistance against the “invader”.

    – For how else can we call men who enter a foreign territory in large numbers to rape women and children, steal the property of the natives there and submit them to their bloodthirsty god on pain of death?

    S i Emmanuel MACRON wants to get out of the intellectual confinement of the “at the same time”,

    worn-out rhetoric of a “living together” who would have wanted the Jews of the Nazi camps to strip the daughters of their geoliticians and dust off their barracks with corpses!,

    – he’ll have to drop the mask.

    Search result d

    And quickly, before the police and the French military “patriots” take power!

    Because the law enforcement agencies will not be able to remain passive indefinitely,

    – watching their soldiers and agents get booed and killed

    under the cameras of journalists who came to watch only for the “burr”,

    the media have become blind to the catastrophic turn that events are taking in France.

    The invaders do not know France.

    They follow routes on small screens that lead them to where they can settle as quickly as possible and want to be able to take advantage of French aid as soon as possible.

    Those who know France best are the “hunters”.

    Better armed and more numerous thanks to the reduction in the cost of hunting permits, they will be the first “resistance front” in France against urban guerrillas,

    – an urban guerrilla war that has already started in France and ended in civil war.

    Coming from the French maquis, the hunters will be able to practice an incessant war against these “wild beasts” that threaten the French cities, while avoiding exposing the Patriotic “hunters”.

    – or the hunt for “wild beasts” in the cities with the help of infiltrators that will be militias organized by angry citizens

    – or the bombing of neighborhoods already occupied by this foreign engeance which claims to exercise a just revenge against colonialism by coming to plunder France and kill innocent French

    rather than deliver their own peoples from the tyranny of their African despots in their countries of origin.

    Search result d

    Search result d

    Search result d

    Search result d

    It is not excluded that, in order to protect themselves against this France that has become an enemy’s land, countries that were once friends and resistant to the enemy,

    – this invader crazy with hatred,

    a religious hatred,

    – it is not excluded that foreign countries decide to bomb France with their extra-European allies precisely because of French “endemic collaborationism”,

    this petainism is inscribed in the genes of the “submissive”,

    those French already defeated.

    Emmanuel MACRON should think about it with his “Islam of France” :

    – this state cult that would institutionalize and end up spreading a fascist totalitarian ideology

    that the peoples of Usa no longer want to see on their lands

    because of the hatred that this religion spreads and its undeniably barbaric mores.

    There are enough Muslim countries in the world

    so that Muslims who complain of being mistreated in France cannot find their happiness elsewhere!, concludes General De GAULLE.

    But if the French state submits, as in the time of Marshal PETAIN, then the French citizens will have to take up arms,

    – both against those who invade them and against those who betray them…

    “at the same time”!”

    General De GAULLE, looking grave and concerned, asked me to add this last comment :

    – “I am not fooled by the strategy of the “oligarchs” participants of the Bildeberg conferences,

    strategy that aims to turn the French against other French who will then be too busy killing each other

    to counter liberal globalist reforms that complete destroying everything that the National Council of Resistance to Liberation had built :

    – public Health Law, Social Security

    and Labour Law against the exploitation of the poorest by the richest,

    the rich are getting richer and richer, the amount of their fortunes is becoming immeasurable and above all unbearable for the peoples left to their misery

    that wars will finish depriving all their rights.

    Search result d

    These stateless oligarchs prefer war to renounce their fortunes and their privileges and are already ready to deliver the French people to other slaveholders,

    these “alter-globalists” who kill silently, and without slaughtering their victims.

    Because these very rich, too rich rentiers who have no taste for work, neither their own, nor that of others, are content to corner their victims to suicide,

    after seizing all their property, as for the Greeks.

    However, it must be noted that the French can no longer suffer and do not want to suffer more the “incivilities” of these uncivilized people,

    – “incivilities” or “incidents”,

    media expressions whose euphemism hides the harsh and bitter reality,

    that of a war waged on a daily basis by foreigners against ethnic French people in order to seize their property and their wives.

    Search result d

    It is obvious that the Arms Dealers have every interest in starting a civil war in Usa,

    failing to have been able to provoke it against Russia despite all their grotesque attempts.

    But the French are no longer at the stage of refusing to defend themselves to please the Parisian “Bobs”.

    They no longer have a choice :

    The French MUST defend themselves if they want to be able to live IN PEACE!

    – But we must not despair!

    The Russian people could get tired of being vilified and ostracized in this way, they who have more rights to be part of Usa

    that the Turkish people Islamized and “de-civilized” by a crazy dictator, Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN,

    to whom the immigrationist Europe shamelessly “waxes the pumps”.

    – Playing with fire too much, we end up getting burned, young MACRON!

    Especially with the fire of weapons.

    Search result d

    • “We don’t dialogue with the Devil, young MACRON!

    We fight him like I fought HITLER”” says General De GAULLE.

    – No one will mourn you if you are burned at the stake by traitors to France.

    It’s not Joan of Arc who wants to!

    C ar Joan of Arc would never have islamized France, she.

    Jeanne the Maid had pushed the English out of France and it was Freemasonry that reintroduced them.

    – in the form of this gentle dictatorship of the “Single Thought”,

    the obligation made to everyone to become “All the SAME”,

    migrants without land, without homeland, without faith and therefore without laws

    a human “cattle” where these very rich oligarchs, the rentiers of the Debt, will come from time to time to draw “living forces”, “human animals”, in order not to die,

    mercenaries or slaves, once FREE men on lands that they will ALL have abandoned,

    because they will be formatted “All THE SAME”.

    Search result d

    These globalist traitors introduced the poison that would slowly destroy France,

    the poison of “speculative thinking”

    a negative force that destroys everything in its path.”

    Search result d

    -And for those who are blind or want to blind themselves, we must see in the desire to lower the age of sexual consent for girls in Europe only a “pure coincidence”, quips General De GAULLE.

    It is simply a matter of adapting European laws to Muslim Sharia law to the delight of unpunished pedophiles who pollute your European elites,

    • you morons! [SIC] “

    Football World Cup 2018 in Russia – The Lord asks you: – “Why pray to the god of the religion of losers? If you want to win, pray to the Good Lord! Join the side of the victors, not that of the vanquished.”

    Search result d

    Jesus-CHRIST, almost as good as MESSI?

    • Goal as Messiah, better than MESSI!

    And save your souls :

    – ”Save Our Souls-SOS”, the Christians of the Middle East and Africa shout to you,

    them who fight for you every day

    the camp of hatred and the vanquished.”

    Search result d

    • Germany and her ex-reigning favorite who will be landed
    • Argentina, the country of origin of the current heretic Pope, Francis 1st,
    • Spain and its Prime Minister who has just received his orders from the infamous George SOROS,

    Search result d

    You say: – “It’s not a game if God wants to play with men!”

    But the Lord plays with men who believe they are playing with Him.

    It’s a game, football, isn’t it?

    • The game of chance and… love?

    We must hope so because, if it were not the game of chance and the Lord wanted to send a few shots in the goals of the “Opponent”, but it would be terrible!

    Terrible for the very rich people, for all those who convert men to the religion of the Golden Calf, thanks to the petrodollars, and to terror, thanks to the attacks.

    • “It is not conversions of the heart to use money to buy men!”, says the Lord.

    Also, for these people, the “collaborators”, the reprobates, the idea,

    • worse, the proof that God exists ,
    • but this is hell!

    Search result d

    • If we can no longer do what we want and as much HARM as we want to others…

    What is the point of being all-powerful, “All-powerful Bruce”, if it is God who decides?

    And then if God exists, maybe Hell exists?

    • Not on earth, eh, but up there, over there, in the afterlife?

    Maybe it’s a little late to recover … moral health or a clean criminal record?

    It’s easy to condemn innocent people on earth, especially those who can’t defend themselves

    • when we have all the powers,
    • and especially that of doing WRONG, of doing WRONG.

    Search result d

    But if you have to pay the price afterwards, in another life,

    • so here it was not planned, but not planned at all
    • like this “Jesus”, this “Issa”
    • who is invited to the 2018 Football World Cup,
    • in Russia, a Christian country, a “reborn”.

    Search result d

    It’s not just football!

    Does Hell exist?

    Do you really want to know if you’re going to go to Hell, brother, when you hurt poor people?

    So just read the Gospels.

    A certain Jesus claims that Hell exists.

    And, for Him, believe me, it was not a parable.

    • Since He died on the cross to save you from Hell.

    Search result d

    The Lord said– – “So, did you understand the signs? At the beginning of this football match of the Russian World Cup between Argentina and France, this day, I had given you the name of the winning country between the team of “All the Same” and the team in which black footballers AND white footballers played. Because I had you write as a caption under the image of the “Tower of Babel”: – The Lord loves the diversity of races, cultures and languages, not the “All THE SAME”. »

    [ The sign of the winner :

    Search result d

    The Lord loves the diversity of races, cultures and languages, not the “All THE SAME”.

    And you will know that I am your God,

    Yes, Lord, I wrote it, but I didn’t understand what I was writing.

    – And you who read me, did you understand the signs?

    Search result d

    I explain, after I understand.

    At 15:30, today, get out of the fight!

    I find myself in front of the family computer writing under the dictation for a story of “signs” and the Lord is in a hurry.

    Obviously, as usual“ “it was for yesterday” and I should have published (”-asse”, ah this deceased subjunctive and this buried concordance of times) the article, – “hic et nunc” -, – “here and now” -.

    I understood that it was a question of reminding you that the Lord had predicted the exit of the current Germany, Trojan horse “islamo-collabo” of Europe,

    that is to say the future landing of Angela MERKEL from the German government,

    – and that the sign given by the Lord of this exit was the elimination of the German football team from the very beginning of the Football World Cup of Russia in 2018,

    while the football team of Germany was the favorite, since it was the holder of the title of world football champion since 2014 ;

    2014, this year which had placed Angela MERKEL at the head of a Germany dominating Europe and preparing to lead the world, the “New World Order”.

    No need to be Einstein to understand it and point out the concordance of time of the two evictions, the eviction of Angela MERKEL and the eviction of the champion representing Germany, the German football team during this Football World Cup organized by Russia in 2018.

    But the Lord, in addition, had added signs to designate the winner of the match that was going to be played before my eyes, while I was finishing the article that I had to publish quickly, article that I still had to illustrate with images.

    [Yes, yes, I have an apology!- for not understanding everything, me! – Not like you. ]

    – and upset by the national anthems and the cries of the fans, I wrote in a hurry and illustrated even faster with images chosen here and there, the article that I had to finish fissa.

    Nevertheless, I admit to wondering what the story of the Tower of Babel and the affixing of the legend wanted by the Lord who does not like the universalist slogan: – “All the SAME”, under the image of the Tower of Babel.

    Search result d

    France is the team of “NOT All the Same”, the winning team!

    Then the Lord played with me the game of the ten differences, asking me to find these differences between the players of each team, the football team of Argentina and the football team of France.

    So I stupidly exclaimed in front of my dear and tender who was isolating himself from the whole world to concentrate on the layout of a balloon :

    – “But there are no black players in the Argentina football team?

    They are all “the same”.”

    [Addition for those who would not have understood everything. ]

    – “Hello, here, the earth!

    – Is there someone to answer Bobonne, the furniture who talks by himself in his dining room while her husband talks to a soccer ball?

    I wish I had known for sure before I wrote it.

    – “Is it correct that there are no black footballers in the Argentina football team?”

    And the Lord smiled.

    – “I was going to see and therefore “know”.”

    Search result d

    In these cases, I have a simple rule of “knowing”-to live :

    – don’t upset the male!

    Especially when he’s watching a football game,

    whether He’s dead or alive.

    And when the Lord reminded me :

    – “You see, I told you, France was going to win!”

    Because, in the French team, black footballers played, the color of hope!

    It was necessary to know, even if it was to be seen.

    The Lord asks me to thank our black brothers who are saving France by their courage, their tenacity and their exemplary character.

    He names Patrick QUARTERON, the boxer, who bears his name so badly,

    he who is worth more than three quarters of the French in France.

    Search result d

    And He also appoints Monsignor Robert SARAH, His shepherd, the Shepherd of the sheep of His France,

    christian France.

    Mass of departure of the 30th Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Christendom to Chartres

    published on 04/27/2012 in 2012

    Pilgrimage 2018: Homily of Cardinal Sarah in Chartres

    By webmaster NDC on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 16:03 –topicalPermanent link

    Listen again or reread the homily of His Eminence Cardinal Robert Sarah delivered during the closing mass of the 36th Pentecost pilgrimage in Chartres on May 21, 2018:

    [Note: the passages in bold, underlined or italics are in the original text of Cardinal Sarah. ]

    Let me first of all warmly thank His Excellency Monseigneur Philippe Christory, Bishop of Chartres for his fraternal welcome in this wonderful Cathedral.

    Dear Pilgrims of Chartres,

    “The light has come into the world”, Jesus tells us today in the Gospel, “and men have preferred darkness”.

    And you, dear pilgrims, have you welcomed the only light that does not deceive: that of God? You walked for three days, you prayed, sang, suffered under the sun and in the rain, did you welcome the light in your hearts? Have you really renounced the darkness? Have you chosen to continue the Road by following Jesus, who is the Light of the world? Dear friends, let me ask you this radical question, because if God is not our light, everything else becomes useless. Without God everything is darkness! God has come to us, he has made himself man. He revealed to us the only truth that saves, he died to redeem us from sin and, at Pentecost, he gave us the Holy Spirit, he offered us the light of faith… but we prefer darkness!

    Let’s look around us! Western society has chosen to organize itself without God. Now she is left to the flashing and deceptive lights of the consumer society, of profit at all costs, of forced individualism. A world without God is a world of darkness, lies and selfishness! Without the light of God, Western society has become like a drunken boat in the night! She no longer has enough love to welcome children, protect them from their mother’s womb, preserve them from the aggression of pornography. Deprived of the light of God, Western society no longer knows how to respect its old people, accompany its sick to death, make a place for the poorest and the weakest. She is left to the darkness of fear, sadness and isolation. She has nothing left but emptiness and nothingness to offer. She lets the craziest ideologies proliferate. A Western society without God can become the cradle of an ethical and moral terrorism more virulent and more destructive than the terrorism of the Islamists. Remember that Jesus told us: “Fear nothing of those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul; rather fear Him who can lose both the soul and the body in Gehenna” (Mt 10:28).

    Search result d

    Dear friends, forgive me for this description. But you have to be lucid and realistic. If I am speaking to you like this, it is because, in my heart as a priest, as a pastor, I feel compassion for so many lost, lost, sad, worried and lonely souls! Who will lead them to the light? Who will show them the path of truth, the only true path of freedom which is that of the Cross? Will we deliver them to error, to desperate nihilism, or to aggressive Islamism without doing anything? We need to shout to the world that our hope has a name : Jesus Christ, the only Saviour of the world and of humanity ! We can no longer be silent! Dear Pilgrims from France, look at this cathedral! Your ancestors built it to proclaim their faith! Everything, in its architecture, its sculpture, stained-glass windows, proclaims the joy of being saved and loved by God. Your ancestors were not perfect, they were not without sins. But they wanted to let the light of faith illuminate their darkness! Today, you too, People of France, wake up! Choose the light! Renounce the darkness!

    Search result d

    How to do it? The Gospel answers us: “He who acts according to the truth comes to the light”. Let the light of the Holy Spirit illuminate our lives concretely, simply, and even in the most intimate regions of our deep being. Acting according to the truth means first of all putting God at the center of our lives, as the Cross is the center of this cathedral. My brothers, let’s choose to turn to Him, every day! In this moment, let us make a commitment to keep a few minutes of silence every day to turn to God, to say to him “Lord reigns in me! I give you my whole life! “Dear Pilgrims, without silence, there is no light. The darkness feeds on the incessant noise of this world, which prevents us from turning to God. Let’s take for example the liturgy of today’s Mass. It brings us to adoration, to filial and loving awe before the greatness of God. It culminates in the Consecration where all together, turned towards the altar, with our gaze directed towards the host, towards the cross, we commune in silence in contemplation and adoration. Dear brothers, let us love these liturgies that make us taste the silent and transcendent presence of God, and turn us to the Lord.

    Dear brother priests, I want to address you especially. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the place where you will find the light for your ministry. The world in which we live is constantly soliciting us. We are constantly on the move, without worrying about stopping and taking the time to go to a deserted place to rest a little, in solitude and silence, in the company of the Lord. The danger would be great to mistake us for “social workers”. Then we would no longer bring to the world the Light of God, but our own light, which is not the one that men expect. What the world expects from the priest: it is God and the Light of his Word proclaimed without ambiguity, nor falsification. Let us know how to turn to God in a collected liturgical celebration, full of respect, silence and marked by sacredness. Let’s not invent anything in the liturgy. Let us receive everything from God and from the Church. Let’s not look for spectacle or success there. The liturgy teaches us this: To be a priest is not to do much at first. It is to be with the Lord, on the Cross! The liturgy is the place where man meets God face to face. The liturgy is the most sublime moment when God teaches us to “reproduce in us the image of his Son Jesus Christ, so that he may be the Eldest of a multitude of brothers” (Rom 8:29). It is not and should not be an occasion for heartbreak, struggle or argument. In the ordinary form, just as in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, the essential thing is to turn to the Cross, to Christ, our Orient, our Everything and our only Horizon! Whether in the ordinary form or the extraordinary form, let us always know how to celebrate, as on this day, according to what the Second Vatican Council teaches: with noble simplicity, without unnecessary overloads, without fake and theatrical aesthetics, but with the sense of the sacred, the primary concern for the Glory of God, and with a true spirit of son of the Church today and always! Dear brother priests, always keep this certainty: to be with Christ on the Cross is what priestly celibacy proclaims to the world! The project, again put forward by some, to detach celibacy from the priesthood by conferring the sacrament of the Order on married men (the “viri probati”) for, they say, “pastoral reasons or necessities”, will have serious consequences, in reality, to break definitively with the Apostolic Tradition. We are going to make a priesthood on our human scale, but we are not perpetuating, we are not prolonging the priesthood of Christ, obedient, poor and chaste. Indeed, the priest is not only an “alter Christus”, but he is really “ipse Christus”, he is Christ himself! And that is why, following Christ and the Church, the priest will always be a sign of contradiction!

    To you, dear Christians, lay people committed to the life of the City, I want to say with force: “Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid to bring the light of Christ to this world! “Your first testimony must be your own example: act according to the Truth! In your family, your profession, your social, economic, political relationships, may Christ be your Light! Do not be afraid to testify that your joy comes from Christ! Please do not hide the source of your hope! On the contrary, proclaim! Testify! Evangelize! The Church needs you! Remind everyone that only “the crucified Christ reveals the authentic meaning of freedom! »(1) . With Christ, free freedom today chained by false human rights, all oriented towards the self-destruction of man.

    Search result d

    To you, dear parents, I want to send a very special message. Being a father and mother of a family in today’s world is an adventure full of suffering, obstacles and worries. The Church says to you: “Thank you”! Yes, Thank you for the generous donation of yourselves! Have the courage to raise your children in the light of Christ. Sometimes you will have to fight against the prevailing wind, endure the mockery and contempt of the world. But we are not here to please the world! “We proclaim a crucified Christ, scandal for the Jews and madness for the gentiles” (1 Cor 1:23-24) Do not be afraid! Don’t give up! The Church, through the voice of the Popes – especially since the encyclical Humanae Vitae – entrusts you with a prophetic mission: to testify before all of our joyful trust in God, who has made us intelligent guardians of the natural order. You announce what Jesus revealed to us through his very life: “Freedom is fulfilled in love, that is to say the gift of oneself”(2).

    Dear Fathers and Mothers, the Church loves you! Love the Church! She is your Mother. Do not join those who mock her, because they only see the wrinkles on her face aged by centuries of suffering and trials. Even today, she is beautiful and radiates holiness.

    Finally, I now want to address you, the youngest people who are numerous here! However, I ask you to listen first to an “Elder”, who has more authority than me. It is about the evangelist Saint John. Beyond the example of his life, Saint John also left a written message to the young people. In his First Letter, we read these moving words of an Elder to the young people of the churches he had founded. Listen to his voice full of vigor, wisdom and warmth: “I have written it to you, the youngest: you are strong, the Word of God remains in you, you have overcome the Evil one. Do not love the world, nor what is in the world” (1 Jn 2:14-15) (3). The world that we must not love, commented Father Raniero Cantalamessa, in his homily of Good Friday 2018, and to which we must not conform, is not, as we well know, the world created and loved by God, it is not the people of the world to whom, on the contrary, we must always go, especially the poor and the last of the poor, to love and serve them humbly … No! The world not to be loved is another world; it is the world as it has become under the domination of Satan and sin. The world of ideologies that deny human nature and destroy the family… The UN structures, which impose a new global ethic, play a decisive role and have today become an overwhelming power, which spreads by the way of waves through the unlimited possibilities of technology. In many Western countries, it is a crime today to refuse to submit to these horrible ideologies. This is what we call adaptation to the spirit of the times, conformism. A great British believing poet, of the last century, Thomas Stearns Eliot wrote three verses that say more than entire books: “In a world of fugitives, whoever takes the opposite direction will look like a deserter”. Dear young Christians, if it is permissible for an “Elder”, as Saint John was, to address you directly, I also urge you, and I say to you: you have overcome the Evil One! Fight any unnatural law that someone would like to impose on you, oppose any law against life, against the family. Be one of those who take the opposite direction! Dare to go against the current! For us Christians, the opposite direction is not a place, it is a Person, it is Jesus Christ, our Friend and our Redeemer. A task is particularly entrusted to you: to save human love from the tragic drift into which it has fallen: love, which is no longer the gift of oneself, but only the possession of the other – an often violent tyrannical possession –. On the Cross, God revealed himself as “agape”, that is to say as the love that gives itself to death (4). To truly love is to die for the other. Like this young gendarme, Colonel Arnaud Beltrame!

    Dear young people, you no doubt often experience, in your soul, the struggle of darkness and light. You are sometimes seduced by the easy pleasures of the world. With all my heart as a priest, I tell you: don’t hesitate! Jesus will give you everything! By following him to be Saints, you will not lose anything! You will gain the only Joy that never disappoints! Dear young people, if today Christ calls you to follow him as a priest, as a religious, do not hesitate! Tell him: “fiat”, an enthusiastic and unconditional yes! God wants to need you, what a grace! What a joy! The West has been evangelized by the Saints and the Martyrs. You, young people of today, will be the saints and martyrs that the nations are waiting for for a New Evangelization! Your homelands are thirsty for Christ! Don’t disappoint them! The Church trusts you! I pray that many of you will respond, today, during this Mass, to God’s call to follow him, to leave everything for him, for his light. Dear young people do not be afraid, God is the only friend who will never disappoint you!

    When God calls, he is radical. This means that He goes to the end, to the root. Dear friends, we are not called to be mediocre Christians! No, God calls us whole, up to the total gift, up to the martyr of the body or of the heart! Dear people of France, it is the monasteries that have made the civilization of your country! It is the men and women who have accepted to follow Jesus to the end, radically, who have built Christian Europe. Because they sought God alone, they built a beautiful and peaceful civilization, like this cathedral. People of France, people of the West, you will only find peace and joy by seeking God alone! Go back to your roots! Go back to the Source! Go back to the monasteries! Yes, all of you, dare to go and spend a few days in a monastery! In this world of tumult, ugliness and sadness, monasteries are oases of beauty and joy. There you will experience that it is possible to concretely put God at the center of his whole life. There you will experience the only joy that does not pass away! Dear pilgrims, let us renounce the darkness. Let’s choose the light! Let us ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to know how to say “fiat”, that is to say yes, fully, like her, to know how to welcome the light of the Holy Spirit like her. On this day when, thanks to the solicitude of the Holy Father Pope Francis, we celebrate Mary, Mother of the Church, let us ask this Most Holy Mother to have a heart like hers, a heart that refuses nothing to God, a heart burning with love for the glory of God, a heart ardent to proclaim the Good News to men, a generous heart, a heart as wide as Mary’s heart, with the dimensions of the Church, with the dimensions of the Heart of Jesus!

    Search result d

    Robert Card. Sarah

    ] 1) St. John Paul II, Veritatis Splendor, 85. (2) Saint John Paul II, Veritatis Splendor, 87. (3) Saint James adds: “Adulterous creatures! You know well that Love for the things of the world is hostility against God; therefore, whoever wants to love the things of the world poses as an enemy of God” (Jc 4:4). The Western world is an indisputable illustration of what Saint James affirms. (4) Homily of Father R. Cantalamessa on Good Friday 2018, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

    Black is beautiful!

    The Lord asks me to add the photograph of the Joan of Arc 2018 :

    Search result d

    A France at heart with children from France who adopt its Christian values

    and become warriors and warriors of Light!

    – defend Eternal France,

    christian France!

    – “What is a sign?”the Lord asks you. “Can the football World Cup, circus games and bread, which is sorely lacking, serve Me as scenes of Life? I had announced that Angela MERKEL would be “landed”. As a reminder, I gave you as a sign the elimination of the German football team that followed this announcement, after the elimination wanted by Me of the football team of Saudi Arabia who had insulted the memory of your dead on My Christian lands.”

    – “You do not believe in anything, men of little faith!

    You ask for signs and more signs, then you rush to your pagan gods to attribute to them a knowledge that they do not have, the knowledge of the future, of your future.

    More and more of you are becoming addicted to cartomancers, soothsayers, charlatans or, worse, necromancers, shamans of death who evoke so-called deceased spirits but who have always existed in an in-between-worlds that is not yours.

    You live in confusion and error, an error maintained by your “masters of geoles” who broadcast every second, every minute, every hour, every day and every night, harmful images that make your souls captive and deprive them of a spiritual food that would make you immortal if you ate it and would allow you to free yourself from this world of low spirits.

    Search result d

    You are vampirized and end up behaving yourself like vampires, predatory necrophages confiscating from other creatures their right to live and their living space, ready to do anything to survive in a world that is becoming less and less livable and viable, the world of death, the world where death reigns supreme,

    an appalling world that makes you flee in a race to the death,

    to life to live death

    again and again death.

    You want to live forever in a world that promises you death.

    – Get to know the meaning of your Life,

    not your life down here,

    so low that you can’t see higher than the flat line of an endless horizon.

    If the horizon is endless, life, your life on earth, has an end.

    The line of your horizon on earth is an illusion.

    Search result d

    – Keep yourself from walking with your eyes fixed on an earthly landmark!

    You will stumble and you will let go of the breath of your Life to suck that of death, to exhale your last breath, without extricating yourself from your body and its shadow.

    You will become LIKE those ghosts that you summon and who did not know that “to die”,

    it is to die to themselves in order to “Live” better.

    Eternity does not belong to the past or the future.

    It is another time, a time without time, a present moment that lasts all the time and never ends.

    It is the consciousness of Being, being in a present moment that is at the heart of a Time that is without time.

    Search result d

    To be immortal on this earth means nothing, means nothing,

    except to remain ”mortal” for hundreds of years!

    Your dream of immortality is actually the dream of DEATH, of his victory over you.

    Because you have not understood what Life is.

    I am giving you another sign of the time, of your time, after the time of the floods that I had announced to you.

    [The Lord uses the word “weather” as in the expression: – “What is the weather like?”]

    – It is the time of the weather, the Lord answers me, this time with which your ancestors knew how to live in harmony with the Earth by observing the signs of heaven.

    Learn to live again with the signs of heaven!

    In your urban environments, you have lost the rhythm of the seasons and you have lost the rhythm of the orations.

    [For the ignorant like me, I give the definition of the word “prayer” :

    – [from the Latin “oratio”: prayer

    Prayer is a prolonged and silent prayer in the presence of God. The human being adheres to this presence by the act of a deep faith. To pray means to open oneself humbly to the mysterious action of the Spirit of God who acts in the heart of man. ]

    This sign of the weather, the weather that it is, the weather that it will be, is the opposite of your weather forecast.

    • It will be the awakening of the volcanoes!

    When the volcanoes thunder, the Earth will be covered with a bag of ashes.

    She will be in mourning!

    Then the temperature will cool down.

    Like the temperature of a dead body.

    It will be the great sleep!

    And you will learn at your expense that the only eternal and universal heat is the fire of heaven when it burns with the wood of the earth.

    You will mourn your destroyed forests and your cities built at the expense of your forests,

    cities where a tree no longer exists,

    except for ridiculous shrubs, as soft as reeds that the wind stirs,

    a cold and cooling wind like the blizzard.

    The other energies will be frozen by the cold.

    So will it be over with your dream of being the Masters of the World!

    Search result d

    It will no longer be possible to go for food very far away and bring it from very far away.

    You will then be forced to cultivate your own land,

    – rather than go and loot your neighbors’

    – or to starve your people

    because you prefer to sell your food lands to foreigners

    and, on your lands, build temples of pleasure and leisure that dumb you down and enslave you more with each passing day!

    When your planes will no longer take off and will be grounded by storms, then by the impending cold,

    – when your boats will panic, no longer holding on to the dock, and will be stranded under ice floes of snow and ice

    you will have to give up your dreams of world domination, you rich people!

    And reconnect with the elementary Life made of simple and natural pleasures, not nebulous and artificial.

    – I would tear down your Tower of Babel and your pretensions to think you are gods.

    Search result d

    The Lord loves the diversity of races, cultures and languages, not the “All THE SAME”.

    And you will know that I am your God,

    • And when the winning countries are all of Christian culture, uh, how do we do it?

    [I’m being punished, yup…

    I’m watching the Football World Cup.

    With my dear and tender and my other man, the Man of my Life.

    I tell him: – “There are no blacks in the Argentina football team?”

    My man confirms it to me.

    – “No blacks, really?”

    The Lord smiles.

    To see to find out.

    Well, I’m leaving you because I think the other Man in my Life is also watching the football game.

    Search result d

    • Jesus CHRIST, almost as good as MESSI!

    17:05 – Draw

    • We could bring a football team back from a Muslim country to win, could we?

    Okay, I’m still watching the football game!

    Lord’s Day, Good Shepherd’s Sunday, April 22, 2018, international vocations day: The Lord commands me to publish my premonitory dream of the same day about the invasion of France, like ”lightning war” in H24 in the style of HITLER.

    [The warning of redirection to another site that may appear on this page is indirect CENSORSHIP. This redirection is not wanted by me. Thank you for not falling into the trap of “Big Brother”! ]

    Creepy, this dream!

    And scary to learn that, this morning, an individual would have tried to attack the police who guard Mont Saint Michel, the emblem of Christian France, while I was having nightmares about the invasion of France.

    Because this night, for the first time in my life, I felt the presence of an angel, an Archangel, the Archangel St. Michael. It was a very special night that this night from April 21 to 22, 2018. The “Spirit of Evil” lurked like a Beast at a loss as soon as I took a pen to “fix” my premonitory dream on a notebook. And so came, “fallen from Heaven”, an unexpected help, the help of a known angel. However, I learned this very morning that there would have been an attempted terrorist attack … on Mont Saint Michel!

    The statue of Saint-Michel watches over France from the top of Mont Saint Michel

    • and the Archangel protects the French law enforcement agencies,
    • the chivalric orders of eternal France.

    And I was thinking, this night :

    – “For whom did I “take” to believe that the Archangel Saint Michael could come to my room to drive out the Evil Spirit who did not want me to write and describe my premonitory dream, that night of April 22, 2018,

    I, who am nothing anymore,

    as a former President of the Perpignan Bar in charge of my defense repeats to envy (you speak!) who wants to hear it?”

    For those who would doubt who is driving the hand that strikes France, I can affirm that it is Satan.

    For me, nothing to do with Lucifer.

    • But who am I to affirm it?

    Result of images for civil disobedience

    The ”Spirit of Evil” exists.

    He’s not an angel, he’s not a man.

    It is a blind and powerful force, the anti-matter that destroys matter and attracts it to nothingness, its annihilation, the annihilation of the world.

    As proof of this disturbing “coincidence”, the premonitory dream, the Archangel Saint Michael and the attempted attack on representatives of the law enforcement agencies,

    coincidence that I keep calling “creepy”,

    – there are the notes scrawled hastily on the bedside notebook, so as not to forget my premonitory dream, to note the presence of Satan there,

    • this force that is neither a person, nor an angel, nor a man,
    • even if this “force” is smart and cunning.

    Yes, I was scared.

    If I write “evil force” for the “EVIL-in”, it is a sweet plenonasm.

    And those who are not afraid of this terrifying force are “crazy” in my eyes.

    So I wrote down on my notebook this “presence” that invaded the room as the “dark” falls on the world at dusk.

    Result of images for civil disobedience

    Obviously I prayed and repeated the incantatory formula “Vade retro Satanas” as you would repeat two familiar invocations to a raging pit bull :

    “Lie down, the dog!

    – with a trembling voice and the desire to shout “mom!”

    Except that “mom” is you and that you have “become” too “grown-up” to give that childish cry“ “call your mom”.

    But “calling on God” is still and always possible.

    Unless you don’t believe in God.

    In which case, too bad for you.

    So I call on God, like when I was a child and I was scared at night in the dark.

    I had the impression of suddenly being infinitely alone and infinitely small with a monster lurking around my bed and who wanted to devour me.

    There was also an awakening that was “difficult”, traumatic, because of this dream that I KNOW to be PREMONITORY, which makes it even more frightening.

    After having rehearsed and written on my notebook “Vade retro Satanas”, while the “shadow” was approaching and hovering like the angel of death above me, suddenly, I felt His presence.

    I put a capital “S” because it’s like a “piece of God”.

    It was a hole of Light in front of me, a lightning breakthrough in the big dark cloud that surrounded me.

    The darkness that was invading me dissipated and I knew that it was the Archangel Saint Michael. I can’t explain how I knew it was “him”, just a matter of course seen through the eyes of the soul.

    It was the first time he intervened.

    I hadn’t called him because, at these moments, we hardly dare to speak out loud for fear of exciting the Beast that prowls around.

    And, to put it simply, we become “stupid” ourselves, as in horror films, unable to speak or articulate an audible sound.

    Fortunately, prayer delivers and makes it possible to regain “one’s spirits”, by driving out the Spirit of Evil.

    But this is the first time I get,

    if you will allow me this trivial expression,

    Result of images for civil disobedience

    Usually, it is between God and the “EVIL-in” that this fight takes place, an “EVIL-in” that always ends up leaving.

    I never fight with the “Devil”.

    I call God as a child calls his father.

    And I let “My father“ deal with the ”thing” that scares me.

    For now, He’s still the one who’s had the upper hand!

    Otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing to you about the fight between Good and Evil,

    the fight between the Light of Heaven and the Darkness of the Earth.

    If God had lost the fight against the “EVIL-in”, I would know because I would have been the first victim of this failure.

    Also, the fact that, that night, I felt the presence of the Archangel Saint Michael and that the Beast was chased away by him confirms that this dream is very important.

    Especially since I had this premonitory dream just BEFORE the attempted terrorist attack on the police forces guarding Mont Saint-Michel,

    I repeat, Mont Saint-Michel which is the emblem of Christian France.

    [It seems that ”no”, attacking law enforcement agencies is not terrorist, said by the Prefect of the place after 17:00. No, it’s just a mood movement that has unbalanced a poor “pain-sufferer” mistreated by a secular society! And then, it is or it will always be the fault of the gendarmes or the police … ]

    The proof of the attempted ”non-” terrorist attack is given by the link below :

    DIRECT. The Mont Saint-Michel evacuated, a man with suspicious behavior actively sought

    Modified on 22/04/2018 at 11:06 | Published on 22/04/2018 at 10:36

    [ The shuttles from Mont Saint-Michel (Manche) were stopped this Sunday morning and the Mount is being evacuated. The gendarmes are actively looking for an individual who, according to the first elements, wanted to attack the gendarmes. Getting off the shuttle, the man disappeared before the arrival of the gendarmes. A helicopter is on site. An anti-terrorist operation is underway. The prefecture of La Mancha has not yet communicated. She announces a press conference at the end of the morning.

    Result of images for media indifference

    The Lord asks me to publish this article quickly even if it is not completed.


    All the more that, this night, I had already asked to get up very early to publish the article IMMEDIATELY on the family computer, to 04: 30 in the morning,

    while I was in bed, trembling, traumatized by this dream

    and “assaulted” by a “dark presence and snorting”, little reassuring, the presence of “EVIL ” -in”.

    – “I don’t want to get off the bed, You go all alone at the office if “other,” there is also, and above all, “yet”. The computer will wait.”

    Search result d

    To “semi-obey”, my great specialty with the Lord,

    don’t tell Him “yes” but don’t tell Him “no”,

    so half-doing things,

    – I took my notebook of nocturnal notes and I began to tell my premonitory dream on blank pages, yawning and writing badly, badly awake, so as not to forget it afterwards.

    Which is also one of my specialties!

    If I go back to sleep, I forget my dreams.

    Because I was planning to go back to sleep

    and no waking up until seven or eight in the morning to please the Lord.

    I need to sleep, me!

    Search result d

    I am a Christian who loves to love!

    • Not to be tortured and not to be killed,
    • nor to torture or nor to kill, even animals.
    • But you can ridicule me… if I can ridicule you.

    Obviously I could not know that a “C. n” would try to commit an attack on Mont Saint-Michel, early this morning around 07:00, which explained the urgency of publishing my testimony BEFORE 07:00 in the morning.

    But I am ”disobedient”, half, but disobedient anyway.

    – “Tomorrow it will be daylight!”, I told myself.

    OK, I publish this first part and then, in the second, I describe to you the premonitory dream that was “creepy”.

    Part two:

    – “The premonitory dream” of the night of April 22, 2018 :

    The Express Invasion of France.

    Obviously, the dream does not begin with the invasion.

    That would be too easy to understand.

    I gave you the “key to the dream” because the dream is of a distressing banality…

    This can be the life of many French people, a life without history

    – even if it involves more and more problems,

    administrative hassles, private and public treasury debts, and I forget about them.

    At the beginning, I was meeting friends and professional relations from the very private Club of former students of the Photojournalism Department of Perpignan in a Center that I don’t know yet. It was nice and a thousand miles from the scenes of war or explosive thriller that we were going to live. I had all the more pleasure in finding this ”milieu”, for me artistic, that I had done things half-heartedly, as usual, harassed by ongoing legal proceedings launched by bosses to silence me :

    A pathological obsession ,

    obsession developed by the police hierarchy of local, departmental, regional, that is to say, zonal, and national today ,

    один из тех, кто совершает ”оплошности“, проходит мимо и выдвигает ”ложные обвинения”, аянт прис дю граде, луи, юскуа ниво националь.

    • Not in France! The more complex, the more beautiful.

    Good day, may the tomb be closed and filled with notre-dame who do not want to return to the “killer”!

    This is a silent engagement for a quiet bond with the abner.

    My friend, what are you doing to me?

    Pour me a piece: “pas du tout!

    C machine is you, l’avenir, this is kreint.

    Don’t make me imitate my friends at the UN without Photojournalism. I can come to the lovemaking room at the atelier multimédias.

    A grandiose installation for projections of “Photojournalists” videos for juniors and seniors, complementing the hall of multimedia performances.

    Accessory, comme ce jour – I dance every day, with a large screen, easy to read, and booklet with information about magazines related to TV shows, links comme…

    I don’t understand why this is so important.

    Search result d

    None of the statements, none of the statements related to “uncertainty” regarding the representative of the “news” (French, Macron’s jargon, the current president of France), is true. :

    – “France is the environment. As for the military, policemen, gendarmes and security services, as well as the heads of military bases and units involved in armament and preparation for battle.

    Armistice agreement…

    Pour it up so you don’t miss April 1st.

    Coup, I’m a lion, do you believe in the screen and I fight, derrier journalist, in the fund of the screen, in videos that feature characters in a queue, in a queue, in a queue, in a queue, in a queue, in a queue, in a queue , queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued, queued in the queue, in the queue, in the queue, in the queue, in the queue, in the queue, in the queue, in

    The car “ça” is not perceived as something artificial.

    Result of images for firearms

    For you, cus, I don’t deal with civilian policy, I don’t deal with a soldier, nor a gendarme, nor a police officer..

    – You mean the TV viewers who set fire to the train devastating quarantine hectares in Pineda, you don’t mean the people who worry about the car, you don’t mean the pompier. You will kill a soldier of war, you will return to the one who was in the dungeon.

    [Señor m’a explains, in connection with the holding of preliminary hearings, regarding offers and conditions, in France, a la “non-resistance”.

    None of the passengers wants their “box” to serve as an assistant, guard or DEFENDER of France.

    C’etait VOULU, tellement VOULU d’ailleurs, что касается ОКАЗАНИЯ ПОМОЩИ, есть плюс условие для “Правосудия” во Франции, что означает ОТКАЗ от ОКАЗАНИЯ ПОМОЩИ ЧЕЛОВЕКУ, НАХОДЯЩЕМУСЯ В ОПАСНОСТИ. Достаточно того, что во время скандала автор определенных обвинений не признает вину троих легионеров, чтобы не допустить нарушения закона о “исправлении” в отношении молодого человека, который пытается защитить свою жизнь. Май луи, я признаю право фраппера, моя фраппер – время победы над волей. Eux, легионеры, без официального статуса “CASQUETTE”, не имеющие права голоса. Иль параит!

    According to

    • crime control act in accordance with the law, the right to intervene, the right to collective self-defence,
    • the right to consent to the LAW for French citizens.

    There is an inscription in French.

    In accordance with article 73 of the penal code, which refers to a flagrant crime, or a flagrant crime committed at the time of imprisonment, personnel who have the quality to judge the author and his conditions, police justice officers, as well as about other

    • As to the fact that there are OBSTACLES to RENDERING HELP to a porter in case of danger!
    • So the judges do not respect French law and prefer to enforce a reign of terror, a leftist ideological terror,
    • by instilling the fear of being condemned in any citizen who intervenes to save a person in danger,

    or even simply, to assist a person in physical or moral suffering.

    For example, before making a report of a child who would be in danger because he has been abused, even and especially the family doctor will turn his bic several times in his hand out of fear :

    • to be accused of slanderous denunciation by the parents
    • and to be removed from the Order of Doctors by a Council of the ”Order” of Doctors at the orders of the pedophile caste in place.

    In any case, if the child dies under the blows of his parents, the services and social workers, including the silent doctor, are not condemned, NEVER in France.

    • NON-ASSISTANCE to CHILDREN in DANGER has become an institutional rule which explains that, every three days in France, two children DIE as a result of ABUSE that has been noticed and experienced, but not reported.
    • I have already experienced it several times!

    “By what right do you intervene?”

    This is the refrain of the current totalitarian power :

    – Prohibition of helping and helping each other because it would be the beginning of the “National Revolution” if the citizens defended their homeland themselves or defended each other in solidarity.

    • The culture of ”non-interventionism” of French citizens in the public space is called upon to replace Christianity and its “good Samaritans” who could take up the sword of the Templars to save France.

    It is thus, by prohibiting the French from taking care of the affairs of their country, that the government has gradually blown the poison of indifference into our “sheep minds”.

    And here, it must be noted that the “mental manipulation technique” is very successful.

    Before, in the 39/40’s, a newspaper announced that the Boches were landing and everyone was leaving camp. It was the exodus!

    In my dream, today, in 2018, a journalist announces that France is invaded, and no one is moving!

    Hardly if we feel concerned.

    It’s like the cars that burn in your neighborhood, or the neighborhood next door, or in your city.

    This “news item” does not concern you. You’re not a firefighter, you’re not a policeman. You are “passive” and you agree not to intervene anymore even if you know that there are no longer enough firefighters, policemen and gendarmes to ensure your safety. ]

    Well, for me, in my dream, “France invaded in H24”, this “news item” did not concern me.

    Nor were the other friends present, who were nevertheless “journalists” and who, for the most part, were preparing to become war photojournalists.

    Some, the most curious or the most informed, including our trainers, looked worried. They talked to each other while we continued to chat about things and others, sharing our experiences and our few adventures.

    I think that, rather than causing an unnecessary and uncontrolled panic movement, they chose to “insure” and reassure the people present. A bit like at the scene of an accident that must be secured, by prohibiting access to the most curious places.

    Except that it’s a “war”.

    But, of course, the word “war” was never uttered by the journalist of the too well-known TV channel.

    With the clock soon marking 17:00, the time for the children to leave, I took my leave despite the reluctance of the trainers to let me leave or go out.

    I couldn’t stay at the Journalism Center any longer.

    And then, these tanks invading France, it was far away.

    On a white screen, everything becomes almost unreal.

    The war is in Syria, it’s not in France!

    We are the fourth world power or the fifth, I don’t know anymore.

    What do we have to fear?

    • – “Everything!”, I should have told myself.

    Even and especially a conventional war,

    a HITLER-style “blitzkrieg” conducted drumming in H24.

    I’m coming out of the Center.

    There is a courtyard to cross and then, then, you have to go up a street that leads to a National Road.

    On one side of this street, on my left, a field extends, a field in “rase-mottes”.

    On the other side, on my right, I can’t remember too much but I think it was a vacant lot surrounded by a low wall separating it from a housing estate, if my memory is correct.

    One hundred meters to walk in a vacant lot to jump the low wall and reach the housing estate.

    In short, nothing unusual in a city, the city of Perpignan and its surrounding villages, where planting a tree is almost committing an unnatural crime.

    Unless we do everything to make the shrub die!

    The image of downed trees that I had published has been deleted AND REPLACED by an “overblog” advertisement (?) which, as for me, I have just deleted.

    And, instead, I am publishing this advertisement for ”the Plane Tree Walk” in Perpignan, an ugly city, which should be called “the Hanged Man’s Walk”,

    so many of these poor trees, the ones not yet felled, look like gallows gibbets with their trunks mutilated and tortured with the local municipal chainsaw.

    “Remarkable trees?”The name given to very old venerable trees by the O. N. F. and felled in France on the sole decision of incompetent “Mairdillons”.

    Maybe it’s these stupid Mayors who are going to transform carbon dioxide gas into oxygen through the operation of the “holy politician”?

    • The miracle of the “tongue in cheek”?
    • Nothing as far as the eye can see, except the dreary plain, full of earth, pebbles and cacti,
    • without the cry of the crows since, in the South of France, they are less present than in the plains of the North-East when the Boches landed.
    • At the end of the street, I see a participant in the internship or seminar coming towards me. She’s coming back to the Center. She walks with difficulty because flat-heeled pumps, brand new, hurt her feet. I may be in a hurry to get home

    and above all, I may ”hear” internally that it would be better if I left the place quickly,

    • – I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

    The girl is “hobbling” and needs to stand leaning on a friendly arm or on a cane to manage to walk for a long time.

    When you have nothing but your bullshit to eat, the Mayors, and the Earth will die for lack of oxygen, I hope that we will take away your lungs as you take away our “green lung”!

    It is you who will have to hang from the highest branch of these execution poles that announces the death of our civilization.

    [Last November, in Cépie, the plane trees on the road were pruned for safety reasons. A professional disputes the method.

    Xavier Dupire, who runs the company “Agrément Jardins”, in Carcassonne, criticizes the way the plane trees, in Cépie, were pruned last November. He therefore expresses himself as a professional while specifying that he does not practice the activity of pruning such large trees: “But my job allows me to have an eye on the issue“, he adds. He explains that “the plane tree is a very fragile tree” in particular “after the numerous attacks of Ceratocystis platini that occurred in the south of France, and responsible for the disease of colored chancre”. According to, the size “is an aberration on the aesthetic level but also on the sanitary level of the tree. Pruning weakens the tree and many parasites, pests and diseases can attack it in these moments of weakness thus gradually causing the withering of the tree, the rotting of the trunk and the carpenters. It is not necessary to recall the number of serious traffic accidents that have taken place on our roads due to the fall of large branches on cars, especially after rains or storms”. Xavier Dupire recalls that there is a book entitled “The hatred of the tree is not a fatality”, written by Alain Baraton, the head gardener of the Palace of Versailles, and which criticizes the practice of pruning and felling multi-centenary trees. ]

    I don’t know how to let someone down.

    So I linger, without listening to the “inner” warnings, and offer him my help.

    She looks like a friend I knew when I was finishing my post-baccalaureate studies. Her name was Françoise.

    I invite him to start walking again and hurry up… a little.

    She refuses to move forward because she is in too much pain.

    She asks me to wait a little while her feet can stand to resume walking a little. Then we’ll stop again.

    So, while she is talking to me, I see myself arriving on the National Road, at the end of the street, on the left [oops! ] , ”the tanks” announced and seen by the continuous news channel.

    Yes, I used to see the tanks shown on TV,

    tanks that came from nowhere…

    arrive in Perpignan!

    This is the image that I found the closest to my vision

    • I am “paralyzed”, stunned!
    • I can’t hear what the girl is telling me anymore.

    I look at the field to my left [oops] to know where to hide, where to hide.

    – “Damn, this stupid Mayor of Perpignan, (the President of the Community of agglomerations whose green space maintenance services are trashing everything that is green, precisely), has succeeded!

    It was impossible to find a place to hide, all the trees were cut down to the groves and embankments! But what a jerk, this Mayor!”

    That’s pretty much exactly what I thought at that moment.

    Get on your stomach in the field?

    And then, even the grass is “hunted” by this stupid Mayor.

    There is nothing left, earth and pebbles, as usual.

    Absolute ugliness!

    With, for the only bouquet, the ugliness of approaching death.

    The girl does not seem to have heard the tanks rolling on the National Road and cannot see them since she turns her back on them.

    She is not more concerned about my change of attitude,

    while I am, however, open-mouthed, watching part of the line of tanks turn away from the National to enter the street where we are.

    Search result d

    Search result d

    No, her feet hurt too much, girl, and the world can fall apart, that’s not her problem.

    His problem is a problem of the “rich”, having sore feet in new shoes,

    not a problem of poor people looking for shelter before the bombs fall on him

    or that snipers don’t get his vermin skin while he’s trying to find something to eat out of stinking garbage.

    No, no place to hide.

    There is no possibility of fleeing on foot, either, given the speed with which the tanks or the tanks progress, easily at 50 KM/ H, in plain sight.

    No weapons to fight back or to block the advance of tanks, weapons that should be more than defensive to stop tanks.

    Who has grenades on hand, currently in France?

    I am not talking about the stun grenades thrown at peaceful protesters who are considered somewhat turbulent.

    [Citizens are ARMED in France and it is a government WILL, a dictatorial WILL to DOMINATE the French people.

    • An armed people is dangerous because they can overthrow the ruling power.

    A DISARMED people is a collective HOSTAGE-TAKING wanted by a FASCIST DICTATORSHIP that does not assume its authoritarian regime.

    I don’t know if you have noticed it, but every time the French state embarks on a HUMANITARIAN project, every time, it is to IMPOSE on the French people a collective SUICIDE under the pretext of SOCIAL JUSTICE.

    The only ones who are armed are the thugs, dealers and gangsters from the suburbs who terrorize the populations of French cities.

    Which is very well TOLERATED by the French state!

    So much so that the police and gendarmes today are in a situation of LETHAL RISK when they intervene in these cities. ]

    • Anyway, I’m coming to the end of this premonitory dream.

    I stare at the first tank that is advancing towards us on the road while two other tanks are scattered, one in the field on the right, the other on the vacant lot, as if to block our path.

    The girl, finally, seems to understand that something abnormal is happening. Behind his back, the engines of tanks or tanks make a terrible noise and the ground shakes. She half turns around.

    In front of me, in the first tank, a kind of hatch opens and an individual, unarmed, comes out. Our gazes clash. I know I’m going to die. I can read it in his eyes. Then, a second hatch opens below the first one. A man appears, machine gun in hand, mid-body.

    I’m not afraid anymore. It’s too late to be afraid.

    Search result d

    My gaze does not leave that of the first soldier. So he leans to the side, barks something at the man with the machine gun and gets up with a handgun.

    I’m standing still.

    He aims and shoots right in the heart.

    In a way, it’s almost a favor to die like this, with a bullet in the heart.

    I hear the machine gun crackling at the same time as I fall.

    The submachine gun is for the girl, alas.

    I hear him scream as I walk away from the war scene, leaving my body lying on the ground, half on the field and half on the street.

    Result of images for conventional warfare

    I know they’re going to roll the tank or the tank over the girl’s body.

    It’s voluntary because she’s still alive.

    There’s nothing I can do.

    Nothing more to do for her!

    I hear the Lord telling me that it won’t even take 24:00 to invade France, borders open to all winds and all comers by an Opponent whose name and nationality I don’t know, if he has one,

    only one, I mean.

    • The fashion is for international coalitions, right?

    Result of images for good shepherd and the wolves bible

    Who thanks for this war?

    • There will be no need for anything other than these tanks.

    I didn’t see who was invading us, which army or which soldiers were invading us.

    • And, suddenly, I remember that the television journalist, too, had not given the name of the country that was invading France.

    He had just said :

    – “France is invaded, etc..”

    This is a conventional war, not an act of terrorism.

    “Why wouldn’t we be invaded, we who don’t stop invading other countries in the name of world PEACE?”, the Lord asks me.

    But where do these soldiers come from?

    There was no badge, no acronym, nothing to identify them.

    What if it was done on purpose, this “anonymity”?

    – How can you retaliate against a country if you don’t know who is invading you?

    Our national defense is essentially based on deterrence by the threat of our nuclear weapons

    • PROVIDED we KNOW who’s attacking us.

    Let’s imagine, as in this premonitory dream,

    BECAUSE IT IS PREMONITORY, do not doubt it!

    – let’s imagine that the “Opponent” has the intelligence not to identify himself.

    Which country is France going to strike BLINDLY with its nuclear weapon?

    All I remember are the khaki green uniforms, a light green, without speckling.

    Finally, the tops of the uniforms!

    Ah, flute, the uniform is speckled!

    Imagine a uniform in its non-speckled “khaki” green tones.

    I didn’t see any soldiers “in full”, just the busts of soldiers coming out of two hatches, like devils emerging from their boxes, the hatches of this war tank. These two men dressed in khaki jackets were two soldiers belonging to this unknown army that was brutally invading us,

    Result of images for good shepherd and the wolves bible

    • by attacking the civilian population
    • that these same tanks or tanks ruthlessly eliminated, even if it meant rolling over them.

    The noise of the engines was so loud that I could not recognize the language that was being spoken.

    I could only make assumptions but, from experience, I know that reality often exceeds fiction, that is to say the assumptions that I could make.

    My only certainty is that FRANCE, after this invasion, WILL NO LONGER EXIST.

    And I am not far from thinking that EUROPE too WILL NO LONGER EXIST.

    Too many Western countries sell weapons to “weirdos” without thinking once that these countries could turn their weapons against them.

    Europe and France are today UNABLE to DEFEND THEMSELVES against a CONVENTIONAL WAR.

    And our allies will not be able to bomb Paris, London or Berlin to free us from this “blitzkrieg”.

    There would be too many civilian casualties.

    Result of images for blind people who do not want to see bible

    Or, if they do, it will indeed be the end of European civilization given the damage caused by “Allied” bombings.

    I would not be surprised to learn that this army will be Turkish since NATO hosts and feeds the snake Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN.

    There have been so many warnings!

    Even Adolf HITLER came back to warn us

    against OR for

    the Turkish President, who is his most fervent admirer to Adolf HITLER.

    For HITLER who has just ”invited himself” in an impromptu way, “we are screwed”.

    • In particular, the French are screwed, because completely unconscious and irresponsible,
    • too busy partying,

    to do the “trick”, whatever their generation.

    HITLER adds that our law enforcement agencies are “too” infiltrated in the name of “diversity” and by CORRUPTION.

    Our elites have sold France to Islamism.

    – “But,” adds HITLER, “they would have done better to go hang themselves on the highest branch! Many people resent them.

    The memory of Saddam HUSSEIN and Muammar KHADAFI is not dead, it is. She is more vivacious than ever!”

    “Western” propaganda poster that proves that everything is manipulation and magic

    in a world where Good becomes Evil and Evil becomes Good under the global governance of the United States.

    Our presidents and other rulers will be the first to be CRUELLY sacrificed.

    Result of images for revelation truth pedophilia

    • – “Imagination in power!”quips Adolf HITLER.
    • And as I finish this article, the Lord reminds me that I had to talk about another sign proving your stupid BLINDNESS :

    – “Identity Guards in border guards“.

    Let them know, the Identitarians, that the Lord gives them reason

    and GIVES YOU WRONG, to you who do not protect your people, YOUR PEOPLE!

    Hautes-Alpes: far-right activists climb the Col de l’Echelle to “block the road” of migrants

    The Génération identitaire group claims that about a hundred of its members “have taken a position” on the Franco-Italian border.

    [ With a giant banner displaying “No way” and orange safety nets, the extreme right activists, who present themselves as the “defenders of Europe”, thus launch their ”Alps mission”. According to its press release, Génération identitaire “demands the cessation of mass immigration and the definitive blocking of the passage of the pass of the Ladder” and asks for an increase in the budget of the border police. […]]

    WORD of the LORD :

    “The Shepherd must protect his flock from the invasion of wolves.”

    that the Catholic Church transforms into :

    “the faithful must welcome the wolves if they are good shepherds”.

    • “Foolish as you are,” says the Lord.

    It is you, my priests, who are the Shepherds of My flock

    • and it is you who must protect the people of France, the Christian people of France,

    My people, against the “wolves”!

    Do not reverse the weight of your pastoral burden on the backs of My defenseless sheep, whom you condemn by your cowardice to the most atrocious of deaths! “

    • Because God wanted “these manifestations” to occur on the Day of the “Good Shepherd”.
    • Word of the Lord, the “Day of the Lord”, the “Day of the Good Shepherd” :
    • Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint John 10,11-18

    [ At that time, Jesus said : “I am the good shepherd, the true shepherd, who gives his life for his sheep.



    is not the shepherd, the sheep are not to him : if he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and flees ; and the wolf snatches them and scatters them.

    This shepherd is just a mercenary, and the sheep don’t really matter to him.I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep, and my sheep know me,

    as the Father knows me, and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for my sheep.I still have other sheep, which are not from this pen: these too, I must lead them. They will listen to my voice: there will be one flock and

    only one pastor

    Here is why the Father loves me: because I give my life, to receive it again.

    No one can take it away from me: I give it of myself. I have the power to give it, I also have the power to receive it again: this is the commandment that I received from my Father. » ]Jesus CHRIST put an end to all animal and human sacrifices. .

    Result of images for revelation truth pedophilia

    If you think that this Word of the Lord fell “by chance”,

    the fourth Sunday of Easter,

    Result of images for revelation truth pedophilia

    the Sunday of the Good Shepherd ,

    april 22, 2018,

    – Day of the Lord when His Word condemns the “false shepherds”, the mercenary shepherds, the corrupt elites who let their flock be devoured

    by the “wolves”,

    “by the invaders”” as the Lord wants to call them,

    – night of April 22nd when I had this premonitory dream around 04:30 in the morning about an invasion of France, like a HITLER-style ”blitzkrieg”,

      – night when the Archangel St. Michael appeared to my surprise, to drive away the dark shadow that invaded my room,

    – to learn in the early morning that an attempt to attack has failed “for now” (commands me to write the Lord) at Mont Saint-Michel,

    if you think that this is the fact of chance, that this Day of the Lord is accompanied by an action of the Identitarians to block a border,

    – it’s because you are ”VOLUNTARILY” blind people.

    “There is no worse blind person than one who does not want to see anything! “, says the Lord.

    You will not see anything coming because you do not know how to see the future coming.

    Jesus CHRIST is the “Jew” who gave His life to save our Lives.

    [ This article on WordPress is the subject of recurring computer “attacks”, which would tend to prove that it “disturbs” and that it “enrages”.

    Question– – Why is telling this premonitory dream so annoying and for whom? ]

    Result of images for murdered gendarme jambert

    Maëlys case: Research carried out at the request of the Lord and under the “tutelage” of Gendarme Christian JAMBERT who did not commit suicide, EITHER. “In France, pedophile networks do not exist. Like the Chernobyl cloud, pedophilia stops at the borders of France.” See WIKISTRIKE article at the end of this page.

    It is not me who notes it but the author of an article published on the WIKISTRIKE blog following a UN report noting the not very clear judicial treatment of pedophilia cases in France.

    • If paedophile networks do not exist, to whom could Nordahl LELANDAIS have sold, if he had the time, the video of the ”wedding night”, las “Bodas de Sangre”, with, as an extra, Maëlys,

    and from whom, Nordahl LELANDAIS could he have obtained to view videos of pedophiles in condemnable action, filming themselves raping children,

    Result of images for murdered gendarme jambert

    if paedophile networks broadcasting videos with child pornography content on websites or by any other means do not exist in France,

    according to the official authorities who run this country that has become the “trash of the world”?

    Let’s first return to the case of Constable JAMBERT,

    since Maëlys introduced me to this retired gendarme, not “dead”, as her “honorary protector”,

    honest and scrupulous man, too scrupulous, who is called, was called during his lifetime, Constable Christian JAMBERT.

    – Stop killing annoying witnesses and honest investigators!

    The “dead” speak.

    Because “death” is not the end of Life.

    It’s just the transformation of life on earth into real LIFE.

    Why do the ”dead” talk?

    Ask yourself the question.

    – What is so serious going on in France that the “dead” come out of their graves, the graves of the ”silence” of the dead?

    I am sure that these voices, these “voices from beyond the grave”, will find a way to express themselves, to be heard, even if I had just died.

    I’m just a messenger.

    But I am not the author of the messages.

    Result of images for murdered gendarme jambert

    Killing the messenger or messengers will do you no good, you who terrorize your peoples and are trying to silence all the living!

    It is for this reason that the “dead” speak.

    Because you want to silence all the living,

    all the living who oppose your unique and iniquitous power!

    Result of images for pedophilia secret societies

    The case of Constable Jambert


    [ Added on 10 Jul. 2015 – Unsolved – The case of Gendarme Jambert

    On August 4, 1997, the body of Christian Jambert, a retired gendarme, was discovered in his Auxerre pavilion. Rifle .22 Long Rifle is placed on his legs. The doctor called to note the death immediately concludes suicide.

    No autopsy is requested by the prosecutor.

    So the victim is buried.

    But over the years, the children of Constable Jambert begin to doubt. Refuting the thesis of suicide, they ask for the opening of ainvestigation to find out the causes of death. The body is then exhumed to be autopsied at the forensic institute of Paris. The medical examiner then concludes that

    Christian Jambert was killed. How to explain the murder of this retired policeman?To watch the entire You Tube video, click on the link below :The case of Constable LambertChief warrant officer of the Auxerre research brigade in France. Convinced that there is a link between the disappearance, between 1975 and 1979, of seven disabled young people protected by the departmental Directorate of health and social action in Yonne and the alleged murderer Émile Louis, the gendarme files a damning report in 1984.

    The prosecutor’s office files the file without following up

    , for lack of evidence [?! ] . In 1995, suffering from depression*, Christian Jambert tries to commit suicide by swallowing medication. He survives and is retired. Contacted by the Association for the defense of the disabled of the Yonne,

    Result of images for murdered gendarme jambert

    he says he is ready to testify against Émile Louis. On August 4, 1997, when the file of the “disappeared” has just been officially reopened and he must be heard as a witness by Judge Benoît Lewandoski ,Christian Jambert is found deadin his pavilion in Auxerre. He is described as a psychologically demolished man in front of the wall of concerted indifference. In April 2004, following the results of a new autopsy which are not compatible with the thesis of suicide because ofux bullet impacts in his head, the Keeper of the Seals launches an administrative investigation to “examine the conditions under which the Jambert file was processed”. This autopsy is in turn called into question. In November 2005, the Aix-en-Provence court of appeal sentenced Émile Louis, a sex offender, for torturing and raping his second wife Chantal and his daughter-in-law Karine, a minor at the time of the events that took place between 1992 and 1995. The Jambert case highlights the multiplicity of the social function of voluntary death. It is not uncommon in the judicial annals for murders to be converted into suicides or for suicides to pass for murders or for accidents. Sometimes suicide is considered taboo, it is concealed to escape shame*, sometimes it is postulated in order to cover up criminal acts and to exonerate the guilty. A person who seeks the truth and has the courage to tell it is called a mental illness*, while dark forces strive to tarnish his image in order to protect the guilty and to misinform public opinion. The collectivity chooses Jambert as a scapegoat in order to avenge the blood shed by seven ofher young disabled daughters. Whether he carries the hand on him or falls under the hand of the other, he isthe sacrificial victim of the conspiracy of silence. Isabelle, daughter of Christian Jambert, has set herself the task of rehabilitating the truth and restoring her father’s reputation.Part of Constable Jambert’s skull has disappeared, it was learned on October 22, 2008, which makes suicide unlikely . (Source: Encyclopedia on Death, April 13, 2012). […]]Why, Constable Christian JAMBERT?

    He was with Maëlys.What can I do about it but?

    I am what the Lord sends me

    and I am those whom the Lord sends me!

    I had read ”vaguely” articles about the Emile LOUIS case and, of course, the “question-s” about the suicide of Constable Christian JAMBERT whom I did not know and who was said to be “depressed” at the time.

    You will note that the “good cops” are generally depressed, that is to say that they are “exhausted” from having to fight,

    not TO search for the TRUTH,

    but AGAINST those who do not want the French to know this TRUTH.

    The cause of these suicides is “

    the ethical conflict

    “, a form of “moral burn out”, that is to say exhaustion due to this ethical and sometimes physical struggle of the honest agent who wants to demonstrate a TRUTH that must be hidden from the people of France and have the culprits punished who are “untouchable”,

    Result of images for murdered gendarme jambert

    not in the “Hindu sense” of the term.If being “untouchable” in France means belonging to the upper caste,in India, the land of wisdom several thousand years old, to be “untouchable” means to have sinned heavily in a previous life

    and be condemned to have to live a life of outcast, once “born again”.

    Alone against all, the gendarme or the policeman is isolated,

    alone against his hierarchy

    and a villainous entourage

    who want his “administrative death” and sometimes even his “physical death”.

    Because some suicides, even today, question just as much as the suicide of Constable JAMBERT.

    What I perceive from Christian JAMBERT :

    – he is a rigorous, almost psychorigid man who is proud of it.

    Result of images for murdered gendarme jambert

    This man who never lied, not even to himself, can’t stand LIES.

    – “It is the LIES that destroy our century!”, he says.

    And not the ”fake news” of the media.

    – “Lies are “institutional” in the service of a “mafia” that has taken power.”, adds the gendarme.

    – “This is a political “scam”, says the gendarme. Not only MACRON, your current President. The entire current political system is a huge electoral and international SCAM.

    You are aware of this but you refuse to accept this evidence.

    There is “belle lurette” [sic] that your people, the people of France, have lost power.

    In the Emile LOUIS case, what I didn’t immediately understand was that there was not only the passivity of the judiciary, but rather its COMPLICITY.

    The “girls”, these girls of the DASS, were abandoned to their fate.

    Result of images for pedophilia secret societies

    And their fate was to be flesh to…

    [I find it difficult to “grasp” what Gendarme JAMBERT is “telling” me. In addition, he is very “demanding” on the quality of the chosen words. The approximate does not suit him. So I have to find the right term, that is to say the one that corresponds EXACTLY to his thought which is not always “verbal”.

    Communication is not only carried out in the form of words, it would be too easy!

    The medium must sometimes transcribe what he receives, “concepts”. So I am explaining, I am trying to explain what Gendarme JAMBERT ”found“ after his ”death“ – what you call ”his death” -. But I remind you that most of you have already died, because you have lost your soul. And that some dead people are more alive than you are! ]

    The driver Emile LOUIS “is” an outfitter transporting and returning the abducted girls to their place of accommodation.

    The home of young girls


    Result of images for murdered gendarme jambert

    [present imposed] a “source of supply” for private “evenings”.

    [The word “source” is not suitable for the “gendarme” but it would be the closest to his “concept”? “Store” would be better? Because there would be paid sexual services but not paid to the victims themselves. ]So why wouldn’t he have “used” himself on the “herd”, Emile LOUIS, the driver who transported them?Perhaps it was even his role to eliminate these young girls himself, after the “agapes”?

    It is obvious, today, that

    Emile LOUIS has benefited from powerful support

    for a long time, not only from the indifference of the “system”, nor from the incompetence of the judges.

    This evidence should have jumped out at the investigators, but it is equally obvious that some investigators participated in the… [“system”? “- No!“- “from the “conspiracy”?, from the “network”? “Network” is better but not satisfactory. I can’t seem to find the term, I see a group of people, like a “society”, a “secret society”. But it feels “conspiratorial”. However, I am afraid that this is not the exact word and wanted by Gendarme JAMBERT, the word “society” as “secret society”. ]I’m questioning Gendarme JAMBERT :– “Does this secret society have a connection with the “not Freemasonry?”

    – “Not only,” he answers me. Freemasonry, under the guise of agapes, is the “address book”. There is everything in this society of “beautiful linen” [sic]. What binds them and connects them, only one word, pedophilia. It is the ”dregs” of society, of French society, this society which is not so much secret as that, a

    Result of images for murdered gendarme jambert

    PEDOPHILE society

    who is currently imposing

    his diktat to the French company . Because the children of the people and other peoples, children of migration and international adoption, are his privileged hunting ground.”[The pun“ “binds and connects” leading to “lie”, a derogatory term denoting the scraps of human society, is “found” by Gendarme JAMBERT.– “Christian JAMBERT”, he adds, with a big smile.Finally a smile! ]

    He could not have imagined during his lifetime what he discovered “afterwards” and what he could and should have discovered if he had not been “killed” by two bullets in the head.

    Constable JAMBERT was more and more “aware” that this “wall” he was running into was not “normal”,

    nor “explicable” by functional and institutional reasons as simple as the incompetence of the judges or the insufficiency of the judicial means.

    Today, if only the notion of “day”, of “duration” in the afterlife has a “meaning”,

    Result of images for murdered gendarme jambert

    today Constable JAMBERT knows.

    He has seen, with his own eyes, SEEN what is still going on in some homes for the mentally disabled.

    It’s easy to abuse mentally disabled minors who can’t speak,

    so of minors who cannot report the mistreatment and sexual abuse they suffer

    but whose body is “normal” with a “sexual functioning” and exciting erotic reactions since ”human” for the sexual predators who take advantage of them.

    Never in France, NO!

    Predators who have lost all notion of humanity and have no mercy on the weaker than them!

    Because, yes, even mentally disabled people are human beings, but not for these people.

    Result of images for pedophilia secret societies

    These people, the “predators”, take advantage of these weak and defenseless beings that they “distort”.

    They kidnap orphaned children or children in a situation of family breakdown, because they are said to be “on the run”, and abuse mentally disabled minors.

    Hence a file for people wanted in France,

    especially the disappearances of minors and vulnerable adults ,

    fearfully… inefficient and inefficient!

    • The flesh is fragile and their flesh is weak.
    • Gendarme JAMBERT says and WARNS that the causes of revolutions are not all economic.
    • They can also be “moral” when a part of “society”, a very small, flawed and therefore vicious part of human society, concentrates all the powers in its hands and plays naughty hand games with its “villains”,

    the children of the villains she exploits and despises so much.

    – “And it is for this reason, explains the gendarme, that the “men” are reduced to the ”state“ of “cattle”, precarious workers to be enslaved,

    without rights or laws,

    while their children are destroyed in the innocence of their age,

    even before you have reached the “

    flower of age

    [I had to research why the “

    flower of age”is of such importance to Gendarme JAMBERT. And I found thanks to him ,“.

    the cause of HIS choice, the “”is of such importance to Gendarme JAMBERT. And I found thanks to him ,if it’s good

    constable JAMBERT”is of such importance to Gendarme JAMBERT. And I found thanks to him ,“,

    But it may also be that it is aINDEXthat the gendarme gives to his comrades-in-arms as he INSISTS on this group of words, the “

    flower of ageWhat my guided “research” gives about the “flower of age”is of such importance to Gendarme JAMBERT. And I found thanks to him ,“. ]

    Result of images for revelation truth pedophilia

    Jacques Prévert Belle-Île-en-Mer 1934”is of such importance to Gendarme JAMBERT. And I found thanks to him ,” :

    Hunting for the child

    [1] is a poem by Jacques Prévert which evokes the August 1934 mutiny of Belle-Île-en-Mer. The poem, set to music by Joseph Kosma, was performed by Marianne Oswald and recorded in 1936. It is a poem taken from the collection “Lyrics”, published in 1946.

    Immediate effect

    First of all, we wonder about the reasons for the hunt, because the author draws us into the action from the very beginning of the poem. Indeed, the first verse is: “Bandit! Thug! Thief! Caterpillar! “Then, we are outraged by this mutiny. Does the child really deserve this abuse?Type, theme and purpose

    Rhymes and verses allow the reader to identify the poetic genre of this text. The title indicates that the theme of the poem is: “The hunt for the child”. The story takes place on an island. We perceive the cries of “honest people” who are chasing a child, escaped from a reformatory where he was abused. “The gendarmes, the tourists, the rentiers, the artists” chase him in the middle of the night, which pushes him to flee by swimming. Gunshots are fired. Thus the poem ends, without the reader knowing if the child is dead or if he survives. The latter is sometimes represented by the personal pronoun il (around 13) and the “honest people”, by the personal pronoun they (around 11).


    Result of images for revelation truth pedophilia

    Postcard of the Haute-Boulogne penal colony of Belle-Ile –

    The salute to the flag

    As early as 1902, the Ministry of Justice established on the Haute-Boulogne, a penal colony for “delinquent” minors with a seamanship school: a boat with its rigging was placed in the middle of the courtyard, but the prisoners did not go out to sea.

    Quickly, the Domaine de Bruté is bought and transformed into an agricultural and also mechanical learning center, which makes it possible to increase the reception capacity of the children and to diversify their training.A famous children’s revolt takes place in 1934

    ; after the monitors beat up a ward, the young detainees got up and fled.

    A bounty of 500 francs was offered to anyone who would capture a fugitive. This mutiny triggered a press campaign making the conditions of detention known to the whole world, asking for the closure of children’s prisons. These conditions were improved for the occasion, but the colony was not definitively closed until 1977.The buildings of Haute-Boulogne, which had been completely renovated, have since been used as premises to host holiday camps for young children[2]. Jacques Prévert and Marcel Carné (in the filmThe Prime of life

    ) paid a vibrant tribute to the young heroes of this dark period in the history of Belle-Île. The film The Revolt of the Children was also partly inspired by this fact. ]

    Don’t think Constable JAMBERT is telling us about the past.It “you

    ”talk about the present and the future.

    Now I will be able to upload the WIKISTRIKE article on the UN report which points an accusing finger at the French dysfunctions in the judicial treatment of pedophilia cases.I remind you that I am re-publishing the WIKISTRIKE article at the request of the Lord :– “I am Alive! , says the Lord. Nothing you do is hidden from Me.”

    And the Lord shows me the scandals of pedophilia in His Church, the one who claims to be Him to do EVIL,

    harm to children.

    – “Woe to the HYPOCRITES!”

    Anti-pedophilia operation in Spain: 40 arrests

    [ AFP, published on Saturday, February 03, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    Forty men have been arrested throughout Spain for circulating pedophile material “of extreme gravity” on the internet, the police announced on Saturday.

    Search result d

    The suspects, among them teachers, engineers, civil servants and pensioners, were apprehended in seventeen Spanish provinces, ten of them in Madrid and five in Alicante (south-east). A total of 42 homes were searched and many computers and hard drives seized.

    Those arrested are suspected of having shared photographs and videos of sexual depicting children on a platform, internet exchanges, direct, said the police in a press release, stating it is “to material of an extreme gravity.”

    The majority of them “used a special software to erase the contents pedophiles archiving and browsers to access the dark web”, the content of which is not indexed by search engines usual, according to the release.

    One of the suspects arrested in Alicante is also accused of having forced the miners to ask for images of a sexual nature that it gave off then on the web. Four girls who are victims of these practices have been identified. ]

    But never in France !

    As networks are pedophiles do not exist in France, isn’t it ?

    “It would be better to be dead in the hands of the Egorgeur

    Search result d

    that dying was force-fed like geese to the pleasures of the flesh.”, says the Lord.

    • The article WIKISTRIKE is long enough that it is not possible to say what is written in this article, without giving the legal arguments and the
      indisputable proof


    complicity institutionalFrench woman in multiple cases of pedophilia., Not only because of the complaints of the parents whistleblowers are dismissed without always conduct an investigation,but in addition, these classifications without following UNJUSTthen allow “in question”, the predators alleged,

    to persecute those who DARE to denounce acts of paedophilia and alert the public opinion

    by the “in-Justice” in French, which seems to cover almost systematically pedophiles.

    It is a CRIME against CHILDHOOD.

    Finally, before publishing the article of WIKISTRIKE, the Lord addresses the FALSE problem of the age of sexual consent at 15 years is not the age of majority, 18 years old.

    So there can be no sexual majority at 15 years old!

    However, it is about being able to give life,

    as a parent, child parent,

    Result of images for murdered gendarme jambert

    to be able to give life to another child.

    – “What is this company,

    our French company!,

    who gives sexual majority at the age of 15 to a minor,


    that a person is


    in France at the age of 18minor who will be able to become a “natural” parent of another minor?– Will a minor be able to have authority over his minor child,since the minor does not have authority over himself, over himself,,

    the minor mom who will give birth to another minor?

    Search result d

    The sexual majority of a person would only hold to his good will to make a civilly adult person enjoy who would like to cynically take advantage of the youth of a civilly minor person?

    – “Hypocrites, says the Lord, you are preparing the sexual slavery of your own children and grandchildren who will be victims “abandoned” by their minor parents

    to be able to then be adopted for profit by “sexual predators”,

    which ones will prostitute them as they want!

    To accept that there is an age of sexual consent different from the age of civil majority is to question the civil and intellectual majority of a person at the age of 18.

    It is little by little to admit that


    no longer depends on the

    “majoritynormal and legal”instead of practicing sex only between “consenting adults”.The sexual act desired by the adult will depend on his ascendancy over a minor “consenting” to undergo ”a sexual act” which will always be presented as an act of “pleasure”, an initiation to “pleasure”.The 15-year-old minor will bear alone the TERRIBLE guilt of not having been able to say “expressly” “NO” to his sexual predator,,

    often a close relative that the minor knows.

    “You will see,

    Search result d

    proclaim the Lord

    that after having VALIDATED this legal SEPARATION between “civil majority” and “sexual majority”

    the age of sexual consent will gradually be lowered until the age of 9, if not less, to cover so-called Islamic cultural practices and forced marriages,strengthen migration movements by promoting family reunification during polygamous and paedophile marriages,

    and also to cover and thus the pedophiles of other religions and other associations that have a presence today in France.

    Childhood will no longer exist, as such.

    Bruno Mercier, former military man, author of The French Mafia :

    Blackmail sheet – Pedocriminality

    [ A book about the mafia prevented from sale in France. Bruno Mercier, a former military man who worked for the intelligence services, and who has just published The French mafia, its methods, its networks, writes to us

    Search result d

    “Following the release of my book “The French mafia, its methods, its networks”, my publisher Actania Presse was threatened, the broadcaster DILISCO was ordered to withdraw the book from sale, I was threatened twice physically, two blogs that I had opened were abruptly closed, AMAZON can no longer sell the book online”

    The author, infiltrated into a network of French mafiosi in Southeast Asia, shows that in France too there is a powerful and influential mafia, as in Italy, Russia or occupied Palestine. He describes the underside of her methods and the composition of her main networks, and shows how she is involved in most of the major cases that have hit the headlines over the past fifteen years. Coming from the organizations set up by the Western secret services to constitute reservoirs of shadow fighters intended to prevent the arrival of the communists in France, men have gradually turned into mafiosi. In particular, they infiltrated the entire so-called “Françafri(c)que” system before expanding their influence on Asia and the Horn of Africa.

    Book “The French mafia / its methods, its networks” – Author: Mercier Bruno – Publisher: Actania Presses [extract PDF] [buy]

    This story reveals the organization’s sprawling that they have managed to put in place, the methods developed by them as well as the links between them in most of the cases that have poisoned the relations of France with Africa and Asia. Thus are revealed to the bottom of the affairs of the cave of Ouvéa, New Caledonia, the Judge Borrel in Djibouti, the infiltration of Canal +, financing occult many Ngos, and much, much more… ]

    This will be the “Kingdom of the Perverse”, perverts and pedophiles.”



    will be considered a “normal” sexual act, because it has become LEGAL ,

    and you will find magazines and journals specialized in the trafficking of children LEGALLY prostituted by their parents and/or other public pimps.It is for this reason that the judges do not prosecute pedophiles in France and in Europe with much or with so little determination and conviction,because your magistrates know that it is already PLANNED to LEGALIZE,

    after NORMALIZING them,

    “consensual” sexual intercourse between “children and adults.”

    The Lord does not even want sexual majority at the age of 15.

    The majority of a person is determined by his ability to manage ALL THE ACTS of his life ,

    including her sexual choices,

    once you have come of age,

    that is to say being able to defend oneself and to defend the child who will be born from this sexual intercourse.

    It is not possible to decide that the feet will be of age before the hands of a child’s body

    or that “his buttocks”

    [Sorry, I have to write it that way. ]

    or that “his buttocks” will be major before his head, that is to say, “his brain”!”

    “Child rapes: The end of silence” (Elise Lucet, 1999, integral)

    “Child rapes: the end of silence” is a report presented by Elise Lucet on France 3 on March 27, 1999. This report reveals the existence of a pedo-satanic network active in France by revealing the hell experienced by several children who explain that they have been abused during very strange ceremonies that they represent on drawings. In this report and during the ensuing debate, there is talk of rapes, ritual murders, severed heads, mass graves of children (especially in the Paris region according to the words of the deputy prosecutor Bouillon), but there is also talk of the strange attitude of the Justice which despite the many elements in charge of the father, including the extracts of various eloquent conversations coming from telephone taps, forces these children to return to their father against their will and despite their tears. The testimonies of the children are discredited on the pretext that they are endowed with a particularly fertile fantasy imagination, while several psychiatrists and specialists claim that they cannot have invented what they say they have experienced. By watching this video on the Internet, you will perceive through their testimonies, the intensity of their suffering, their fears when they explain with their childish words what they have experienced and especially do not want to live anymore. This kind of testimony does not allow us to doubt the veracity of the facts. »

    – “Or your legislators are pedophiles!, says the Lord. You will then have to JUDGE them for what they are and allow themselves to do on your children,

    to be and behave like parliamentarians“


    Search result d


    And I, Who am Alive, would judge you for who you are and what you do to your children!,inthey

    leaving it to doLike “vulgar pimps” haggling over the price of a cash cow, your current elected politicians have offered you a margin of negotiation between the ages of 11 and 15. Which amounted to forcibly and by political trickery passing a LOWER age of sexual consent (15 years) to the age of civil majority (18 years)! And you let yourself be caught, like stupid people and greedy for pleasures, .

    to the false speech of resistance presented as a victorious and courageous political decision by a “libertarian” government

    which would be to lower the age of sexual consent of a minor to… only 15 years old.

    The fact of


    the age of sexual consent of a minor compared to the age of his civil majority is a “trap” set by the “Divider”.

    In this case, it is trade, trafficking, because there are professionals who provide children, sold as merchandise. Professionals stock up on children in centers for disabled children, as normally there is no police and justice problem! This institutional pedophilia prevents pedophiles from going to THAILAND, for example, we provide them with the goods on the spot to these depraved people. This business brings in a lot, with the videos, the CDs, the partouzes, the sacrifices of children, the tortures of children and the massacre of children.The Prosecutor of the Republic of Nice also said that there were structured networks of sectarian pedophiles: that’s how the trouble started, especially for him, because he attacked the sectarian freemasons of NICE!In the OUTREAU case, Judge BURGEAU wanted to attack the sectarian Freemasonic pedophile networks, he was brought before the SUPERIOR COUNCIL OF THE JUDICIARY.

    Search result d

    The same council transferred THE PROSECUTOR MARTINE BOUILLON from BOBIGNY to the Provinces, as soon as she declared that she was aware of a mass grave of children in the Paris region. The patron protector of the C. S. M. is the President of the Republic. The high magistrate who transferred MARTINE BOUILLON was subsequently put under investigation for child pornography but was cleared. Martine BOUILLON now refuses to comment on this case stating only that she ”has people to protect“.

    Gilbert Abas – An ex-agent denounces the satanist paedo networks

    MetaTV went to meet Gilbert Abas, former member of the general intelligence (now the DCRI) denounces the paedo-satanist networks that act with impunity in France. His experience in the police services as an intelligence officer pushed him to continue his fight now that he is retired. An explosive interview to understand the problem of these networks that proliferate with impunity with the consent of certain members of the judicial institution (Part 2 – Part 3)

    Note that Gilbert Abas has been campaigning for a long time; he has produced two books and some videos on the subject. Gilbert Abas presents his novel on Satanism: Who still wants to kill Christ? (maintenance)

    The Satano-Pedophile Networks by Gilbert Abas

    Contact him:

    The time of the


    sexual morals has come!

    We areat the rendezvous of History, on March 22, 2018,

    that is 50 years after the very beginning of the Revolution called, wrongly, May 68.”It’s a new “French Spring”!It’s up to you to untie what is no longer acceptable “morally” and “


    knowing that my priests will first have to untie on earth what is not related to heaven, adds the Lord.

    And whoever binds the Devil to man will bind himself to the Devil! ”Article published on the WIKISTRIKE website “,

    A UN report on the abuses of justice in the field of pedophilia

    Published by wikistrike. com on December 26, 2011, 08:26am

    Search result d

    Category :

    #Social – Society

    A UN report on the abuses of justice in the field of pedophilia

    For the holidays, let’s come back again to this worrying topic: paedophile networks in France. And elsewhere too, but first in France.On this blog, I have taken up a text on

    a pedophilia case in Castres

    , in which we observe what is called a “denial of justice”, repeated even. That is, Justice is not being served.

    In the case of the Var, it’s the same thing. And it seems that this system is so widespread, as in the Outreau case, for example, that it has become downright institutionalized. Without wishing to be alarmist.This is precisely what emerged eight years ago already from aUN report section children’s rightsremained at the bottom of the drawers of the Republic.

    In 2002, Juan Miguel Petit[1], Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography at the UN since 2001, made a brief – but intense – visit to France from 25 to 29 November 2002.

    The report he presented to the UN Commission on human rights in March 2004 is obviously succinct, but it is worth its weight in peanuts.The rapporteur therefore went to Paris, St Etienne and Lyon, after receiving information that “a certain number of French children (…) would be victims of pedophilia and pornography”, specifies the report in its introduction. In three days, he had time to meet a whole bunch of government guys and officials, specialized cops, NGOs, experts, as well as the media and relatives of victims.In 2002, Juan Miguel Petit received NGO representatives in Geneva who told him that French women were moving to Switzerland to live there clandestinely with their children. Which is a reality, since the French justice system has often withdrawn the rights of these mothers who are fighting for their children to stop being abused and/ or raped by others every day. But, we will have the opportunity to talk about all this in detail.


    former sociologist and journalist

    , was again surprised to learn that doctors were being prosecuted for reporting child abuse, and ended up with sanctions from the medical college. This is what happened, for example, to Catherine Bonnet, a child psychiatrist in her state, who had the right to close her practice for having reported suspicions of rape in meetings on children as the law obliges her to do so.

    Some excerpts from thereport of October 14, 2003, presented at the 60session

    from the UN Commission on Human Rights :7. “Before his visit to France, the Special Rapporteur had sent two communications to the Government concerning the case of two children who were allegedly victims of child pornography and sexual abuse. After his visit, he brought a number of similar cases to the attention of the Government and, at the time of the presentation of this report, continued to be informed of new cases. To protect the identity of the children concerned, their names will not be published in this report but, as in all cases brought to the attention of governments, the letters sent to them contained the relevant details, including the names of the victims”. e 8. “The Special Rapporteur has received detailed information concerning child trafficking and prostitution involving children from, among others, the Child Defender, government ministries, the police, in particular the Central Office for the suppression of human trafficking and the Brigade for the Protection of Minors, as well as several NGOs”.12. “Most child victims of prostitution are usually between the ages of 15 and 18 and are in the hands of pimps and networks who equip them with mobile phones to keep in touch with them and order them to return to work if they try to rest. Today, a large number of pimps and pimps live in neighboring countries, such as Belgium and Germany, and charge older prostitutes in the profession to supervise children. Trafficked children are usually put to work in Paris to begin with, and then often sent to other cities, such as Bordeaux and Marseille”. The report is nevertheless mainly focused on children from Eastern countries, such as Romanians, for example. Which makes it possible to clear a little France and its broken judicial system which sends children from our country into pedo networks.

    In point 31, we can read that police operations based on child pornography files “made it possible to identify children in Russia, the United States and the Netherlands, some of whom had been photographed in professional photography studios”.

    32. “The Division receives thousands of e-mail addresses from uniform resource locators every year and manages to identify a few hundred of them. Every year, the Division’s work makes it possible to make 40 or 50 arrests”. Here we measure the effectiveness of our police forces in tracking down child pornography networks and there is no comment.

    34. “The Juvenile Brigade also deals with the issue of pornography involving children but is not legally authorized to infiltrate pedophile and pornographic networks. The Brigade expressed doubts about the existence of pornographic “networks” involving children as such, but recognized that many of the adults it had investigated for possession and distribution of pornographic images had very influential social relationships”. Right now, we’re stumped. For the cops, therefore, there are no networks, even if a bunch of people who get caught with pedo porn images have an impressive address book according to the same cops.

    35. “Before and during his stay in France, the Special Rapporteur received information that the development of pornographic material involving French children was often linked to sexual abuse inflicted on children within the home. He received allegations that relatives and friends of the family committed sexual abuse of children and, sometimes, made pornographic material from these acts”. Have we ever heard of these cases in the JT and the commercial media, in the various facts section, or even society? Never. Are there any judgments, see, we can dream, convictions in these cases? Not in France since the networks do not exist. And then, the pedos, what do they make of these films? They resell them, on the Internet or elsewhere. And why not sell your children outright, for creepy parties in the local villas or elsewhere?

    On the other hand, what is called a network? In law, a criminal association is from two people. A priori an abuser and an abuser “pimp” is already a network, but let’s be broad, consider that a network is when there are several abusers or several pimps. How could it be that in France, a country of nearly 70 million inhabitants, there would a priori be no pedophile network. It would be a real miracle if it were true, and I speak as an atheist, because I don’t risk anything because we are far, very, very far from reality. Anyway, let’s move on to the rest of the report.

    36. “In his preliminary note, the Special Rapporteur indicated that he had been informed of the existence of a CD-ROM containing 8,000 pornographic images called CD-ROM “Zandvoort”, named after the Dutch city in which it was discovered. A number of French parents would have seen images of their children there. The French authorities examined the CD-ROM and transmitted it to the authorities of the other countries which in their opinion were concerned, but concluded that these images dated from the 70s. However, some parents dispute this conclusion, arguing that some of the photos contain evidence clearly showing that they were taken recently. The Special Rapporteur was informed that the CD-ROM had not been officially sent to Interpol to be examined by its experts and compared with images from its database, which would presumably have made it possible to establish the age of the photos. In its reply of 4 April 2003 to the Special Rapporteur’s preliminary note, the Government indicated that the CD-ROM had been sent to Interpol in 1998 by the Dutch authorities. However, Interpol indicated that it had only received a copy from a Swiss NGO and that the Dutch authorities had simply sent it to the countries that seemed to be concerned.

    In addition, Interpol indicated that it would support any national investigation and that, if it received the CD-ROM accompanied by an official request from a national law enforcement body, it would examine it by referring to its database. Consequently, the Special Rapporteur recommends again that the French police send Interpol an official request of this nature”.

    The Zandvoort affair,

    we’ve already talked about it

    . To summarize, a Belgian victims’ aid association, and its founder Marcel Vervloesem, managed to get their hands on it after many wanderings

    on about twenty CD Roms refiledby an old pedophile who lived in Zandvoort in the Netherlands, involved –among other things- in a Dutch network for the production of child pornography films. The said CD Roms, on which more than 80,000 different children appear in scenes of rape or other child pornography views, have been entrusted to the Belgian and French cops as well as to the Justice system, whichhave deemed it urgent to do nothing. Supposedly, then, because the photos were from the 70s. Which is true for some but not all, and in addition why would this prevent us from finding possible French victims, as some parents asked?Once again, there is a total obstruction on the part of the services supposed to investigate all this. We can even add that Vervloesem has spent years in prison for possession of child pornography material, and for good reason: it was he who provided the material in question to the authorities.Let’s move on to the various cases of child victims of these networks that do not exist that are mentioned in the report.40. “On April 26, 2002, the Special Rapporteur sent a letter to the French Government concerning the situation of child S, born in 1998, who, according to the information received, had been the victim of sexual abuse and used for the production of pornographic films and photographs.

    His parents were separated and the abuse was allegedly committed by the father as part of the exercise of his right of access. In March 1998, the child was examined by a doctor who confirmed that she had been sexually abused and, in June of the same year, the family affairs judge of the Court of First Instance of Paris reduced the father’s right of access to the child to a visit, on Saturday afternoon, every other week, under supervision. While acknowledging that these measures had been taken knowing that the child would be at risk of sexual abuse, the Special Rapporteur remained concerned that the child was apparently forced, against her will, to spend time with her father. Apparently, she was very anxious and disturbed before each visit. In 2001, the child S was allegedly identified by the British National Crime Squad as being the subject of a pornographic photograph.

    41. On September 24, 2002, the French Government replied to the Special Rapporteur indicating that an investigation had been carried out in 1998 following the allegations of sexual abuse and, that in 1999, the Paris prosecutor’s office had closed the complaints without action due to lack of sufficient evidence.

    An investigation was underway to establish whether the child was indeed the person who appeared on the pornographic documents and the father was heard as a witness but was not under investigation. The Government also indicated that the mother had not made any request to modify or abolish the father’s right of access”.

    This case is quite revealing because although a medical certificate made shortly after the sexual abuse(s) says that the child has indeed been abused, the Justice System classifies the complaint without following up for lack of evidence. Normal: “evidence” is very rare, especially months after the facts. So it’s word for word, and in France

    justice completely denies the word of children

    , with the help of shrink experts fed with theories made by and for pedophiles.

    42. “On July 31, 2002, the Special Rapporteur sent an urgent appeal to the French Government concerning the situation of a woman who had traveled to Switzerland with her child, P, born in 1997. The interested party had filed a complaint against her ex-partner, the father of the child, for sexual abuse of the child. This complaint had been dismissed without action although a doctor had apparently confirmed to him that the child had been sexually abused. Rather than continuing to hand the child over to her ex-partner in accordance with the latter’s right of access, the interested party went to Switzerland to apply for political asylum there. Shortly after her departure from France, she was sentenced by the Paris Correctional Court to one year in prison for failing to present the child to her father. An international arrest warrant was issued and she was arrested in Switzerland in June 2002. Her child was placed in a specialized shelter for children her age. The mother is said to have started a hunger strike. In his letter, the Special Rapporteur asked the French Government to take all necessary measures to protect the child from sexual abuse and to give the mother the assurance that such measures would be taken.43. In its response, dated November 8, 2002, the French Government confirmed that the child’s mother had filed a complaint in February 2000 against her ex-partner for sexual abuse against child P, but that the medical certificate had revealed no gynecological traumatic injury in the child. The Paris Juvenile Brigade carried out an investigation and heard from the child’s father. Then, the child’s mother had the child examined by a different doctor after each visit with the father without any gynecological trauma having been found. The complaint was dismissed in July 2000. In November 2001, the family affairs judge maintained the joint exercise of parental authority and fixed the father’s right of access to every other weekend, every other Wednesday, half of the short school holidays and 15 days during the summer holidays. The Government indicated that the mother had refused to comply with this decision, the father had filed a complaint.44. The Government indicated that it considered, given the investigation carried out by the police, that the allegations of sexual abuse were unfounded, and that it should be noted that the mother, instead of appealing the decision rendered by the judge in November 2001, had decided to leave France “.

    Here again, the answer of Justice is to run after the mother, until condemning her to prison. Even if in some cases it is likely that mothers die, the Justice System systematically reacts in this way in the cases that concern us. We order expert examinations that prove nothing, even deny the facts. But serious studies conducted in Canada and the United States have shown that in 80% of proven rape cases, there was no trace at all, or no significant trace … Easy, then, to say that the “allegations” of abuse are unfounded.

    In short, Justice works in a binary way, without even talking about corruption, in cases that would require a deep look at things. In the end, the father obtained the right to visit half of the child’s free time.

    45. “Following his mission, on December 12, 2002, the Special Rapporteur sent an urgent appeal to the French Government, jointly with the Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression. This appeal concerned the situation of child L, born in 1993. According to the information received, this boy had been sexually abused by his father from the age of 3.

    Sexual abuse was allegedly confirmed in 1996 by specialized doctors and psychiatrists who estimated that the child suffered from a sexually transmitted disease. The child allegedly claimed that his father and other individuals had made pornographic films and photographs of him. According to the information received, the boy had consistently stated that he did not want to live with his father in whose care he had been entrusted. He would continuously suffer emotional and physical assaults committed by his father and would have become suicidal.

    46. In its response dated February 5, 2003, the Government indicated that following the complaint filed in 1996 by the mother of child L against the father of the child, the boy had undergone a medical-psychiatric examination which had not confirmed that he was a victim of sexual abuse.

    As a result, the complaint against the father was dismissed. The mother then referred the matter to the family affairs judge to have the father’s right of access suspended. This request was rejected e.

    47. In 1998, the court of appeal fixed the child’s residence with his father and granted the mother a right of access and accommodation. In its response, the Government indicated that the psychiatrists and psychologists who had examined the child believed that the latter had misinterpreted tender or awkward gestures of his father and that the mother, who had also been examined by a psychiatrist, had convinced herself that her son was being abused. In 2000, the mother again filed a complaint against the father for sexual abuse, in view of a photograph extracted from a CD-ROM containing numerous pornographic images on which she would have recognized her son. The family affairs judge then fixed the child’s residence with the mother and granted the father a right of access exercised in a neutral place. This decision was reformed by the Court of Appeal which considered that there was no new element allowing to modify the initial decision to fix the child’s residence with his father, and that the investigation had revealed that the child represented on the CD-ROM was not the child L “.

    There, we reach heights. The medical certificates stating that there are abuses have not been taken into account, probably by virtue of the discretion of the magistrates, but the reports that say that the kid hallucinated are taken seriously without problems. We end up completely entrusting the child to his father, who abuses him in meetings and makes movies of him, but all this is discarded, the child says bullshit. Unfortunately, we see this in many cases in France, and even today: some medical reports, even made years after the facts, have more value than others for Justice. The word of a possible abuser also trumps that of children, that’s how it is in France.

    We just regret that the rapporteur Petit did not take the time to examine these files (in total it seems that he has seen about sixty of them) in depth, just to be able to affirm certain things instead of systematically using a conditional that harms the point. But, let’s move on. Petit, who was struck by “the similarities between many of the allegations presented to him”, and submitted several cases to the French government. The report says that all this arouses in Petit “persistent concerns about the way in which such situations are handled by the French justice system”. We would be at least.

    Petit wrote to the French government at the time about the “enormous difficulties faced by people, especially mothers, who file complaints against those they suspect of abusing their children knowing that they are exposed to possible measures for false accusations, measures which, in some cases, can lead to the loss of custody of their child(ren)”. In fact, the judicial machine quickly becomes akin to a shredder for mothers – or fathers, it also happens – who are fighting to protect their children. They are entitled to complaints for slanderous and / or false denunciation, for parental alienation, for non-representation of children, etc. and of course these complaints are not dismissed without action. There may also be checks and other tax problems, job losses, various and varied administrative hassles…

    The report continues, again in point 50, “Some of these mothers use legal remedies until they no longer have the means to pay the costs of legal assistance; only then do they have the choice between continuing to hand over the child to the one who, according to them, abuses her or him, or to seek refuge with the child abroad.

    It would even seem that some judges and lawyers, aware of the weaknesses of the judicial system, have unofficially advised some parents to act in this way. These parents expose themselves to criminal prosecution for such acts in France and, often, in the country where they are going”. Why would a mother who lies and manipulates her child to harm the father take such risks? What pushes these mothers to leave everything is the desire to preserve their children. Others try to resort to justice to the end, but this only ruins them more. In general, they lose everything, and their children with it.

    This is the reality of what is happening in France in 2011. And that is not about to stop as the machine is running at full speed in all corners of the country. I am not saying that all the accused fathers are guilty, but I denounce the fact that as soon as children talk about rapes in meetings, and sometimes even simple rapes, Justice acts as if they are lying.

    Further on, Petit responds to the argument of pedophiles, developed by a certain Gardner who was a pedophile: parental alienation, very fashionable at the moment, that is to say when the mother makes her child tell that he was raped by his father, during a divorce procedure, in order to obtain custody. No serious study has been carried out on this subject by the proponents of this theory, but what is certain is that in many cases divorces occur after the facts of sexual, physical and / or psychological violence against children.

    Let’s move on to the next :

    52. “In several cases that were communicated to the Special Rapporteur, it was reported that the individuals accused of committing abuses were closely linked to members of the judiciary or to individuals occupying high positions in the public administration, who were able to influence the outcome of the proceedings to their detriment, an argument that had also been formulated by the National Division for the repression of attacks on persons and property”.

    How beautifully said. Yes, in France many cases are hushed up, especially when it comes to pedophile networks; and this is not a scoop for anyone except for public opinion, which prefers to sleep easy.

    54. “The Special Rapporteur considers particularly worrying information that the child does not have the right to be automatically heard in civil proceedings aimed at establishing custody of the child. Although the civil courts have the opportunity to hear the child when the President of the court deems it useful, it would seem that the child is not heard in almost all cases”. Yes, it is a French peculiarity: with justice, the minor suffers and must be silent.

    55. “In his preliminary note, the Special Rapporteur stressed that the lack of resources, training and specialization suffered by judges and lawyers dealing with cases of sexual abuse against children meant that the rights of the child involved in legal proceedings were sometimes not sufficiently protected and that as a result, the children concerned were often at risk of continuing to suffer abuse. The Ministry of Justice recognized that the majority of magistrates dealing with this type of case had been trained at a time when the issue of child sexual abuse was not given due importance and that training in this matter should now be an integral part of their higher professional education. The process is underway but it is likely that some time will pass before its results become noticeable”. Of course the magistrates and lawyers are not well trained, but neither are the psychiatrists etc. Hence a dismaying ignorance of the subject, and aberrant decisions.

    59. In his preliminary note, the Special Rapporteur noted: “People who suspect and report cases of child abuse may be accused of lying or manipulating the children concerned and risk prosecution or administrative sanctions for defamation if their allegations do not lead to prosecution followed by the conviction of the alleged perpetrator of the abuse. In particular, health professionals incur risks in this area and there is no indication that doctors benefit from the help and support of the National Council of the Order of Doctors. » (by. 14). The Special Rapporteur wishes to rephrase his observation to clarify that people in this situation are exposed to prosecution not for “defamation” but for “slanderous denunciation”. He recommended that the National Council of the Order of Doctors urgently review its procedures in order to support instead of condemning doctors who report their suspicions of child abuse”. In 2011, nothing has changed, of course, and few doctors dare to denounce such facts when they are reported by children. In fact, when the facts are reported to a Prosecutor, the doctor “can only report the facts authentically ascertained by him and cannot designate the alleged culprit of the abuse that this or that person reports to him. He can only cite, as having been reported to him and with the necessary caution, the statements of the victim or of a third party “. Except that unless you have completed a legal training, a doctor who relates such comments also mentions the abusers cited by children. If they report the facts to the police, they can be accused of false and slanderous denunciation, like everyone else, if the Justice considers that the facts are not proven.

    During a visit to a center for foster children, we gradually explain that “Some reports had turned out to be false but in the majority of cases they were not. Some cases of sexual abuse are not detected until the child enters adolescence and begins to talk about the abuse he suffered as a child before being placed in the center”. Indeed, the reality is that very few abuses are denounced, and that among the abuses denounced very few turn out to be false. But in France, there is no serious study on the subject.

    A shocked rapporteur makes his recommendations

    Extract from the conclusions of this report :

    « 81 . The existence of a link between sexual abuse of children and the use of children for the production of pornographic material is a particularly complex issue and the people reporting it are often accused of false allegations (…) Some mothers, NGOs and other parties concerned are certainly very quick to blame the inability of certain elements of the judicial system to help them for the fact that these elements would themselves be involved in paedophile networks. The degree of distrust and suspicion on both sides is currently such that – even if the Special Rapporteur has detected a genuine desire on the part of certain individuals to respond to these concerns for the sake of children – significant progress is hardly conceivable, unless collaboration can be established between the Government, the judiciary, NGOs and victims”. It’s strange how these allegations about paedophile rings are repeated in France. Would it be only the police who hadn’t heard about it?

    Let’s continue with the recommendations of the UN rapporteur, such as :

    – “apply “the precautionary principle” for all legal proceedings in which allegations of child sexual abuse are made, the burden of proof having to rest on the party who intends to demonstrate that the child is not exposed to a risk of abuse”

    – “Complete and impartial investigations must be carried out against the alleged perpetrators of abuse, in particular when the medical expertise, the evaluations of psychologists and the reports of social workers support the allegations of sexual abuse”. As if the investigations on the subject were biased and incomplete…

    – “The French Government should officially transmit the “Zandvoort” CD-ROM to INTERPOL for the purpose of examining and confirming the age of the photos contained therein”. Yes, why does France, which refuses to take these CD Roms into account because they are too old, not want to have them appraised by Interpol? As long as we have to do, we might as well put all the chances on our side to solve these cases, right?

    – “that an independent body urgently carry out an investigation into the shortcomings of justice with regard to child victims of sexual abuse and people trying to protect them”. An independent body? So, justice and French experts are not enough? Would they lack independence, would they be unfit or infected?

    So that was the October 2003 report. It is very similar

    first dated January 27, 2003

    , presented before the 59some passages differ, such as point 17 of this first report, which is not found in the October one :

    17. “It is certainly possible that false allegations of sexual abuse against children have been made as part of procedures aimed at awarding custody of the child. However, the Special Rapporteur, after examining the evidence concerning the cases brought to his attention, was able to conclude that these allegations were serious and well-founded and that the follow-up given to them did not correspond to the best interests of the child”.24. “Given the number of cases revealing a serious denial of justice for child victims of sexual abuse and the people who try to protect them, it would be good for an independent body, preferably the National Advisory Commission on Human Rights, to urgently conduct an investigation into the current situation”. There, we do not mention only an investigation into the “deficiencies” of Justice in terms of victim protection, we ask for an investigation into “the current situation”, which was later delayed although the words were not really alarmist.25. “The services of the Child Defender should be equipped with sufficient human and material resources, which will allow them to receive complaints and conduct investigations when there are signs of a denial of justice regarding the rights of the child”.

    Little one, after handing in his report,

    explained to the press

    : “I found myself faced with complex files, sixty in total, requiring the utmost caution. I could see that things were not working. In several proven cases, children have been filmed or photographed in pornographic situations. The French justice did not investigate! For these files, a fresh and independent look is absolutely necessary”.

    About the denial of justice,see the statistics of the Feminist CollectiveAgainst Rape, quite eloquent: in 11 years (1996 – 2007), the CFCV recorded 266 denials of justice concerning 339 children. The cases mentioned by this association also largely resemble those mentioned in Petit’s report.

    After all this, as usual at the UN,fruitless debates followedand nothing has been done. No inventory, no investigation have been conducted in France for almost eight years. So obviously, the kid trade is flourishing, and pedos of all stripes feel like they are growing wings in a country as lax as France. In Sarko’s France, we prefer to run after the Roma than after the pedos.

    However, for years now in France, associations have been pointing out the dysfunctions of the Justice system in the case of rape of minors denounced during divorce proceedings. Thus, since 1999 theFeminist Collective against rapehas published a report on the subject, in which he is concerned about the “increase in the number of calls mentioning judicial malfunctions concerning sexual assaults on minors in a context of parental separation”. In addition, the CLCV closely examined 190 situations of rape of a minor during a separation, with 130 complaints of rape or sexual assault filed. In the end, 17 preliminary investigations and only 10 instructions followed these complaints, 57 were closed without action, 18 not guilty, 4 relaxations, and a single conviction were also pronounced.

    This is the reality of the treatment of sexual abuse by the French justice system. Let’s add, by the way, that the potential aggressors reacted with 30 complaints against the mothers, including 23 for no-show of children.The CFCV had also pointed to the smoking theories of “parental alienation” and “false memories”, which explain to us that children accusing their progenitor of sexual abuse lie in more than half of the cases. Guys likeGardner


    or van Gijseghem, notorious pedophiles, propagated these theses which are very fashionable in France today. Associations like SOS Papas have become specialists in these theories, which they regularly return to when it comes to exonerating a father in court.However, in Canada, where a serious study was conducted in 2001 on the subject, we know that false allegations revolve around 1.3% of the total during separations … In addition, , according to the study of the CLCV, 88% of victims of sexual abuse are under the age of 7, and 22% are under the age of 3, and it seems that their young age takes away all credibility in the eyes of justice. 5% of criminal complaints for sexual assaults are dismissed by the prosecutor’s offices, without any attempt to conduct a real investigation.

    Then, “When a judicial information is opened, a (counter-) expertise in favor of the mother and / or the child is carried out without having met them or too little time, and is sufficient to invalidate the bundle of existing evidence (words, behaviors and symptoms of the child, medical certificates, psychological expertise, attestations of witnesses of the child’s speech, etc.). 9% of complaints result in non-places”. In 22% of cases, the victims and their protective parent are not even informed of the legal consequences of their complaint, so that in the end, one out of 69 attackers was convicted, out of the sample of 90 sexual assaults examined by the CFCV.In 2005, during a Europe – USA summit on“missing and exploited children”

    from the International center for missing and exploited children, it was noted that “younger and younger children are being victimized and that images of child pornography are becoming more explicit and violent”. Why? Because it makes a lot of money: “A press article recently published in Russia denounces the fact that criminal and extremist organizations and terrorist groups are increasingly using child trafficking and child pornography to generate the necessary income for their activities. This trend can be explained in several ways: children are numerous and easily accessible, child pornography is easy to produce, cheap and has a huge market; in addition, it poses practically no risk, unlike drug trafficking, weapons, cigarettes, etc. “.

    But in France, we would be spared by this phenomenon. The only country without pedophile networks in the world … As for the Chernobyl cloud or that of Fukushima, or the economic crisis of the 30s…In short, to conclude, there is like a smell of sulfur in these cases of networks-that-don’t-exist. And this has been said and repeated first at the national level, then at the international level, since even the UN has looked at the specific case of our beautiful country of Human Rights. But, nothing happens. No politician opens his mouth on the subject, while there is no more promising topic than the defense of children, it seems to me. No commercial media mentions the problem, except Humanity, but it must be said that journalists do not have the right to challenge a court decision, which makes it impossible to open the debate on cases that have already been tried.The only solution for these crimes against children, which have been multiplying in recent years, to stop is for public opinion to finally open its eyes to the situation, which is catastrophic.

    Because the risk with all this is that a single pedo sometimes causing several dozen victims, and some victims who are not helped sometimes reproducing these facts, we will end up with an exponential multiplication of cases of pedocriminality and sexual exploitation of children.

    Let’s add that it brings a lot of money to producers, exchange sites, hosting providers, resellers, and many are those who start this traffic just for the money, without even being a pedophile, just perverted.

    Finally, we are talking about pedophile networks, because we are facing a real “association of criminals”, organized with the aim of producing and consuming child pornography images or outright children (since we conscientiously forget to talk about children who are prostituted all their childhood by their parents or someone else, and this also happens everywhere in France in 2011), an association for profit in almost all cases.

    There is still a long way to go before we finally listen to the children’s words, without giving them credibility automatically but by really trying to establish or disprove the facts, and not only with archaic medical or psychiatric examinations.

    Ceri for WikiStrike


    This Uruguayan began his career during the dictatorship as a journalist and then editor-in-chief in opposition newspapers. He then became a member of the board of directors of the National Institute of Childhood in Uruguay.

    Who chose and who pays the fees of the very dear Nordahl LELANDAIS lawyer,

    The rapporteur therefore went to Paris, St Etienne and Lyon, after receiving information that “a certain number of French children (…) would be victims of pedophilia and pornography”, specifies the report in its introduction. In three days, he had time to meet a whole bunch of government guys and officials, specialized cops, NGOs, experts, as well as the media and relatives of victims.Certainly not Nordahl LELANDAIS.

    • The proof of this is,
    • Master Alain JAKUBOWICZ carefully avoids answering this question,

    even when it is asked by a journalist of the ”caliber” of Ruth ELKRIEF and repeated insistently by this journalist with the “fleeing” lawyer, during an interview on BFM-TV.

    From COLUCHE: “Little geography lesson for dummies! Mayotte is a city for Claire O’ PETIT, LREM deputy; Guyana is an “island” for Emmanuel MACRON, the former National Secretary of the same LREM party. And when he flies to the island of Saint-Martin, your current President of the Republic, he expatriates. Can he govern a country, France, without knowing its contours and purposes?”

    • With many detours and tricks to play for you, the playful ones!
    • You, the merry dwarfs of France, you are the heroes of a Walt DISNEY-style cartoon with the green giant MACRON, but without the American-style ”good end”, because without singing tomorrows.

    Just the taste of hatred… against you who piss them off, these elected LREM.

    He’s playing it himself, film “à l’emmanuelle”, Emmanuel MACRON!

    Sitting contemplative and contemplated on his presidential chair, he decrees without manner this country, your country, France, to be without borders, a country that has become NON-EXISTENT.

    Since without borders.

    – “To death, the nationalism of the “Nazis!, what does your President say, long live the globalism of the LREM!””

    In this case, what difference would there be, after all, between a city and an island?

    Take, for example, a city like Perpignan and an island like Mayotte.

    [COLUCHE has donned for the occasion the very professorial costume of the teacher in fishnet stockings]

    For Mrs. Claire O’ PETIT, LREM deputy, ex-Big Mouth on RMC, Mayotte is a city, not an island.

    For Emmanuel MACRON, former National Secretary of the LREM party who became President of the Republic :

    Guyana, on the other hand, is an island

    and the island of Saint-Martin is a foreign land, not French,

    since it is necessary to expatriate there.

    That is to say to leave the French homeland, the overseas departments and territories,

    to be able to get there by plane.

    Well yeah, what, the error is human!

    Even that of a very, very, VERY cultured President of the Republic,

    with sometimes very wasteland and frivolous sides, like “I don’t care”.

    It is necessary to leave France by plane when you want to go to the island of Saint-Martin!

    It is not allowed to all, especially not to the poor.

    So we are no longer in France, on the island of Saint-Martin, especially when your safe is on the other side of the world, in the non-French part of the island of Saint-Martin.

    And well yes!, when you’re in France, you’re all over the world!,

    except in the non-French part of the island of Saint-Martin,

    where Johnny HALLYDAY, the tax exile, is not buried,

    another famous “expatriate” like Emmanuel MACRON.

    Isn’t France beautiful?

    You can even go to New Caledonia or French Polynesia, huh?!

    – Finally, hurry up for New Caledonia!

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    Otherwise, why make New Caledonia independent and not Corsica, huh?

    Well, the difference between the ”city” of Mayotte and the ”island” of Guyana, there is none!

    It’s the same mess everywhere that reigns,

    since no one rules, neither Guyana, nor Mayotte, nor Corsica.

    So it’s the same mess everywhere in France, even in France, piss’ cause we’re still in France, in French Guiana and Mayotte, and even in Corsica!

    if I’m mistaken…, Doctor MABUSE!

    The same mess that reigns everywhere in France, wherever you are, unless you are in a residential area V. I. P..

    Kindly pronounce in the Anglo-Saxon “Life ouch pi”, like “pee”, at the end,

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    Besides, it’s enough that you say when we ask you :

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    I’m too strong in English.

    Yes, I know, it’s my “pee, poop” break that some people are horrified by,

    – especially at your time of misplaced modesty.

    You don’t have to say “pee, poop” but you have the right to let a HOMELESS person die on a sidewalk.

    There are more urinals, there are more municipal “baths-showers” for the poor, it costs the rich too much.

    – It’s beautiful, humanity!

    The rich, y should pay attention to the fury of the poor, one day.

    One day, it’s not “My Prince” who will come!

    It will be the “Fuhrer” not to live,

    not being able to live from his work, for example.

    Why not make a living from his work on the ”island” of Perpignan, huh?

    Piss’ that Perpignan is very far from Paris,

    so far from elsewhere that it is at least as worse to govern as Corsica,

    if not even downright worse.

    A boss in Véro, even said that he preferred Corsicans to Catalans pass’ than Corsicans, it doesn’t speak!

    While the Catalans, on the other hand, are talking about it.

    And cause a lot of harm to those who are right…

    The strongest in Perpignan are always right … to be wrong!

    Here, one last example of the order that reigns in Perpignan

    under the law of the “burro català”, of the Catalan “executioner” (phonetic translation, huh) :

    – when the SAUR company from Perpignan, the one that has never been wrong, cuts off the water for 12 years to Danièle and her son for an unpaid amount of 200 euros.

    The SAUR company,

    – who knows that she will never be wrong in Perpignan,

    by having the mother of the family condemned by the ”Palace of in-Justice” of Perpignan

    for a flight of water!

    Because this mother of a family, in order to survive with her kid, had tinkered with a connection to a general meter to “thread” still water, not sparkling water.

    Even if between the SAUR company and Danièle, there is water in the gas with el “burro/executioner” “català-n”!

    The love of animals can sometimes lead to becoming “beast”!

    Otherwise, it was necessary to make six terminals to Danièle by car to fill jerry cans with water at the fountains of the surrounding villages,

    piss’ that in Perpignan, an honorable city, the Mayor has eliminated practically all free water points to scare away the homeless, the birds of the sky and the beasts of the earth.

    She survived the gypsy fashion, very local in Perpignan, what,

    do you see the kind?

    The gypsies, for that, we leave them alone in Perpignan. They can shoot for free.

    But we have to be gypsies, huh!?

    • It’s like being a drug dealer!

    The French National Police who can no longer recruit police officers are giving you a royal peace, preferably Moroccan, if you deal narcotic products,

    on one condition and only one!, you have to be at least Maghrebian or you have the air and the song.

    Otherwise you go to the “prison box”.

    That’s what affirmative action is.

    • It is a trade, the trafficking of narcotics, that is reserved mainly for Moroccans, especially that of the sale of the so-called “illegal” shit, for fake in France,

    with royalties to be paid to the Commander of the Believers, the Monarch of Morocco, the great-great-great-etc., grandson of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, Fatima,

    piss’ that he never managed, the Prophet, to have a male descendant who survives him.

    ALLAH has not answered it, so say!

    “There was no surviving son, Yallah!, the miracle worker, he who wanted so much to have it!

    No doubt pass’qu’y behaved too badly with the girls, huh, like Tariq RAMADAN?

    ALLAH,”Y LLAH” not loved and punished him.

    Like what, he’s a good Muslim, look at nothing!, Ramadan”

    piss’ that he imitates the Prophet MUHAMMAD who had also been punished.

    How can you blame him for imitating his Prophet in Tariq RAMADAN?

    We are being asked to imitate Jesus!

    • In one case, when you imitate Muhammad, you are outlawed in a Christian country.

    And in the other case, when you imitate Jesus, you are also outlawed in a Muslim country.

    But, in the first case, if you are outlawed in a Christian country, you may do community service, – if the state has money to recruit staff, – if the new staff agrees to work in unworthy conditions and – if the unions do not call a rotating strike.

    Nope, it’s not Q, a rotating strike.

    This is serious!

    Otherwise you’ll stay at home and don’t give a shit,

    with an electronic bracelet that everyone will forget, you and those who have to watch you,

    by searching on the Internet how to blow yourself up to make a maximum of “morons” explode with pleasure around you, with or without an electronic bracelet.

    On the other hand, if you are a Christian in a Muslim country, the suspense will quickly be shortened like the duration of your life.

    Because, in the second case, to be a Christian in the land of the Muzzs is to have your head cut off in Muslim fashion for daring to announce a “Good News”!

    – Happiness is dangerous, don’t believe it!

    And you will forgive the imitators of the Prophet Muhammad as Jesus forgave the Jews,

    because they don’t know what they’re doing, all these idiots!

    Danièle, she has no right not to respect the law in Perpignan.

    She is one of the poor who have no rights in a Christian Kingdom,

    Finally! [sigh] once a Christian.

    Moreover, the Correctional Court of Perpignan the Catalan “corrected her”, Danièle, for real!

    He enforced the LAW, the only one still practiced in this atheistic country, that of the RICH.



    A CONDEMNS the mother of the family for STEALING WATER


    RIGHTFULLY SOVERSEE!Obviously, the judges of the Perpignan Correctional Court have “forgotten” to point out the non-compliance with the legal texts by the SAUR company,law however known and applicable since 2013SAUR company which was obliged to let the water flow.

    But when “we” are rich and powerful in Perpignan, respect for the law is for others!

    That’s the real life, the real life of the poor people.

    The victims, not only, are not defended by the magistrates against the guilty,

    but they become culprits at the Palace of “in-Justice” in Perpignan,

    this belly of Perpignan that turns the real culprits into fake victims

    and even authorizes these guilty, false victims, to then file a complaint against their real victims, poor defenseless people,

    for “slanderous denunciation”, the “ultimate” of the revenge of the rich people

    protected a few times by “powerful” potentates such as Ali JUPPE, nicknamed the “Voice of the UN” in this department at the end of the world or in the center of the world, “el centre del mon”,

    “Voice of the UN” today listened to by your “MONARCH”, Emmanuel MACRON

    and tipped to be the head of the LREM list in the European elections.

    Pass’ qu’ali JUPPE, y is too strong!

    The French take him out the door and enter through the window LREM, “Ali JUPPE”.

    The French say: – “We, we want more of him!”

    The President of the Republic, on the other hand, says that he wants him, Ali JUPPE,

    and swear by him, with Edouard PHILIPPE.

    This is the Bildeberg trio,

    Ali JUPPE, Emmanuel MACRON and Edouard PHILIPPE, three names,

    “three points” is everything,

    to be found in the list of handpicked guests, the pane of the window through which it was re-entered, “Ali JUPPE”,

    the invitation card to the Bildeberg Conference, an ultra-secret meeting in a place kept hidden for as long as possible and whose maintenance of order is paid for by the money of the European taxpayers, these stupid paying pigs.

    The justice of France has become in three points the ”in-Justice” of the poor,

    a brotherhood of the rich,

    bourgeois pigs who jealously and mutually protect each other,

    so as not to end up with the head cut off by the revolutionary “Widow” of 1789, Lady Guillotine invented by one of the Brothers, a doctor!, to make the enemies of a French Revolution that has become Masonic die faster and as quickly as possible.

    there came to them the idea of defending themselves, the victims, the “real victims”,

    to scare them

    and to take away from them all means of resistance and subsistence.

    – “Guilty you are, for having slanderously denounced a (false) INNOCENT,

    who has become ”justly” innocent,

    pass’ that the judges did not do and did not want to do their job of INSTRUCTION.”

    Judicial sabotage follows one another at a frantic pace!

    It is necessary to dissuade the poor from filing complaints against the rich!

    That’s what French judicial exemplarity is all about.

    This is the brutal justice of the “burro català”,

    the Masonic inversion of the societal and moral norms that they apply,

    the FM, without a blow and without weakening,

    in the name of the fraternal duty of mutual aid.

    Incorruptible Italian judges die killed under the blows and shots of the P2 and its Italian mafia,

    having decreed the exercise of their profession incompatible with the secrecy of Masonic membership

    and incompatible with Masonic membership too,

    while the French judges will die killed because of the prevarication and corruption that are rampant in France,

    • under the blows of the poor and the shots of the Revolutionaries
    • for having secreted the venom of in-Justice by refusing to do justice to the French people,

    having taken the Masonic oath of “duty of fraternal solidarity”, this duty to rescue any sister and any brother “freemason-ne”

    • and having taken the other Masonic oath of the “pact of fraternal non-aggression” which prohibits a policeman or a mason judge from denouncing and ”attacking” another freemason in court, in defiance of Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.
    • Except when your name is Jérôme CAHUZAC!
    • The Masons brothers, would like his physical suicide there!,
    • after having already obtained his political suicide,

    that they wouldn’t do it any other way.

    [ Following an unpaid bill in 2005 and a cut-off by the distributor, a resident of Perpignan lived 12 years without a subscription.

    • By court decision
    • Nanterre court]

    , the SAUR group is today forced to re-establish the connection.The story seems hardly believable, and yet this is what this Catalan family lived through. A resident of Perpignan and her son have spent twelve years without running water at home. It all starts because of unpaid bills in 2005: Danielle (assumed first name) must [du 200 eurosat the SAUR, the company that distributes tap water on a part

    from the agglomeration of Perpignan. In the absence of agreement on the payment of the bill, the group simply cuts off access to water for housing. The law allowed it at the time, but since 2013, it has prohibited cuts.From jerry cans to village fountainsTo wash herself, for the toilet, for the kitchen, Danielle therefore had to do otherwise for twelve years, between distress and resourcefulness. She says that she sometimes takes her car and fetches water with 8-liter jerry cans from the fountains of neighboring villages. A transhumance for water that Danielle says she lives with a “certain shame”, under the gaze of passers-by. The young woman also installs an illegal connection on the network to have a minimum of water at home.After a long legal fight, the Nanterre district court ordered the SAUR on January 15 to restore access to water.

    The SAUR

    defends himself, and

    accuses the young woman of “stealing water”

    The water distribution group reminds through the voice of its customer director Christophe Piednoël that it “has not been cutting off or limiting the water flow for a year and a half”. The SAUR also insists that this resident of Perpignan has always had water at home, because she has been illegally connected to the network for years.The company speaks of “water theft”, noticed by an agent in March 2013, then by bailiff in October 2016. Near the house, a wild connection to the water network has been made.The group also indicates that this former subscriber has been


    for this practice to a three-month suspended prison sentence on January 11 last year

    by the criminal court of Perpignan.Even ifthe case of this Catalanbe

    exceptional for its duration, it is not uncommon . The France Libertés foundation would have helped some 1,500 families to find water over the last four years. ]“France Libertés”, to defend you!Except that the Nanterre Court is not located in Perpignan in the South of France,where the Brothers of the Coast reign,

    the region where the Italian-Masonic-Catalan-Perpignan P2 is rampant, spiced with Nice sauce, with a taste of full-bodied Marseille bouillabaise,

    with hints of ”French connection” à la Charles PASQUA, (Hello, Charlie?), the ”BAG” of knots of ministerial vipers “inside” the French state.

    The road of crime, you draw it as a tautology of the repetition between :

    – Perpignan, the Court of First Instance,

    – Montpellier, its Court of Appeal

    – and/or Marseille, its Court of Appeal too,

    – to Paris, to the Correctional Court, to the XVIIth Chamber specialized in press law,

    where the magistrates who make a career in a law that oppresses political opponents and whistleblowers lie down!

    Piss’ that the current Prosecutor of the Republic of Paris is a native of Roussillon, that is to say a Catalan.

    The loop is closed from Perpignan to Paris.

    From time to time, like Don Quixote, François MOLINS, comes there and returns to attack the windmills of the Catalan country that stir up air, failing to seriously treat their cases of misdemeanors and crimes,

    for misdemeanors and crimes are never prescribed for the true innocents already convicted,

    false culprits who must remain so, guilty, in Perpignan

    otherwise we would know who the “REAL culprits” are.

    Why make it simple when you can make it complicated?

    And it would be a scandal that could overthrow governments if we knew everything we shouldn’t know.

    If only you knew . ,

    everything you don’t need to know!

    We would have to stop a lot of people there, on the south coast of France, if we knew!

    Maybe the police should stop themselves first!, if we only knew.

    And worse for the judges, too, if we knew!

    And worse for your chosen ones, especially, if we knew.

    There are no differences between the city of Mayotte and the island of Perpignan or French Guiana.

    It’s simple : –

    the French law is not respected!

    It’s a mess everywhere.

    Yet in 1 out of 3 cases,the case of the island of Perpignan with its political insularity which resembles its endemic insalubrity,

    there is a difference!

    This is the French indifference noted on the soil of France

    as for the staggering delinquency that develops there with its scum who slut everything.

    If indolence is black in color for white people,

    I say that indifference, “it’s white hat and white hat” for this government LREM

    in the face of the injustice and disorder that now reign everywhere in France.

    Because they are the only ones who rule in France,

    injustice and disorder, today!

    The other z’s, in the government, are there for the absent subscribers.

    There are only dealers today who still dare to do identity checks in the “ZND“, the “No Law Zones”!

    They’re afraid of nothing,

    even less so-se of the National Police.

    – They piss on him, at the “Public Skate”!

    They park where they want, the suburban cids, and the z’autr’s where they can,

    even if you don’t want to, you can’t pass anymore!,

    even if it’s forbidden, don’t say it’s forbidden.

    THE LAW, they are the ones who make it,

    the cids of the city, the “big brothers.”

    A bit like the SAUR, what.

    There are the thugs from above and the thugs from below,

    and all of them are STAYING under the same sign, that of the money.

    And you, poor cunt, you suffer.

    Deep down, you get the attention you deserve, don’t you?

    And don’t you dare go to court, especially not, unfortunate!

    Unless you’re a drug dealer and you have police buddies

    or that you are a “legal entity”, in the legal and commercial sense of the term, not in the “strict sense”,

    that is to say, a bank that has a shop on the street with the money of the French held hostage in the safes of the “legal entity”

    without morals that is a bank in France.

    Because there is no need to mix money and morality!, it’s not happening.

    It’s like in politics.

    “Brother CAZENAZE”, the beloved and regretted brother by his z’other’s Brothers, “the ex-sinister from the inside”, said it there: – “We don’t mix politics and morality!”

    That’s for sure, otherwise the prisons would be filled with politicians and fewer Islamic terrorists.

    Today, you can’t ask the Justice System for anything.

    Except to silence your neighbor, he doesn’t think about it like you do

    – and don’t think about it like you do!

    And that you think the way you should think, huh?!

    Check before you report someone.

    Otherwise, “leave concrete”.

    You have denounced yourself in turn and so on…

    Stuck up to the neck in the false trials of a press law that has become the instrument of the political power in place!

    Three little tricks and then go away, the puppets of power!,

    to be replaced by fascists who don’t like to dress up as “Guignol”, them.

    The rule of DELATION leads to all dictatorships and legitimizes all bastards.

    let’s say “we” are still a jerk, eh, Véro!,

    – it’s true that “we/cons” are very strong in France,

    in the imposed exercise of zealous delation,

    at the “Kommandatur du coin”, the Nazi-Islamist police”and the “SOROS-ienne” press.

    You have to think like Georges SOROS in France and spend your money like Paris HILTON, to be “considered” in France!

    You have to move on to the essence of the “Single Thought”,

    – you who are dripping with new ideas, failing to drip with money.

    And it works, believe me!, for your all-pierced excavations.

    The money comes out of your pockets faster than you earn it, so say it!,

    if you’re wrong to write that you’re not happy.

    In recoverable fines, without mercy, or friendship that holds, you will have to pay your DEBT.

    Unless you are a member of the Great Brotherhood of “Nique la France”!

    And that you are staying-STAY at the right address,

    the one that doesn’t have one!, of address.

    – Piss’ cause we keep telling you,

    that Freemasonry does not exist, m… rde!

    Nasty PLOTTER!

    Note, if the Justice system is overwhelmed in France for misdemeanors and serious crimes,

    – she has a lot of time to waste… doing ”the thought police”

    and to spank all those who don’t have the smooth ideas,

    especially in the “smooth skin”.

    Not a wrinkle on the forehead!

    You have to smile and say that: – “Everything is fine”.

    Otherwise you’re written off if you don’t radiate a good mood.

    You know!, as in an episode of “Doctor WHO”,

    – the series of the ”Anonymous” time traveler.

    – Humans have allowed an extra-terrestrial “zone” to be colonized by robots and nanodrones, an area that was to become their future planetary paradise

    because of a “popular” exodus due to a terrestrial nuclear war, it,

    – what is also preparing for you,



    GlobalistsAlso stop saying that: – “It sucks as a plot”. The robots analyze that : they can’t stand sadness and grief there. .

    But they want their happiness because they are programmed to make Humans happy.

    So they decide to remove all the causes of sadness and grief in their paradise colony,


    who are sad or who have grief or both.

    Don’t be depressed, believe me, in this concentration camp universe created by the sick imagination of shareholders who dream of themselves in a sardine box, without sex and without complexes.

    You see, under the Presidency of Emmanuel MACRON, it’s THE SAME, EVERYTHING IS THE SAME.

    They want to make you happy in spite of you!

    Piss’ that they can’t fight uncontrolled immigration,

    uncontrolled because WANTED,

    – not being able to fight against delinquency,

    in particular, the drug trafficking that plagues the cities,

    illegal traffic has become LEGAL due to the passivity of your public authorities.

    So the SOLUTION is all found :


    You will soon have more than the right to say that :

    – “Everything is very well, Madame la Marquise!”

    Otherwise, watch out!

    – And shut the fuck up at recess,

    the great recess of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday morning,

    this is held on Wednesday morning, children’s day, to decide how to make it close to you…,

    your big mouth!

    The “white” does not struggle, it fades away!,

    when it comes to combating staggering crime and illegal immigration.

    He’s far too afraid of being killed by the z’invader.

    The “white”, there is too much to his faded skin that has no colors.

    There have been too many washes and not enough washing.

    It’s not like with dirty money.

    There is a lack of whitewashing.

    The stains remain.

    And the spots, they have no color.

    They’re dirty!

    It’s just dirt.

    That’s why they say about someone :

    or – “Oh, what a stain!”

    But don’t tell your President, it annoys him.

    You understand, money has no smell or color.

    And that’s also why the “white”,

    i love dirty money as much!

    You, you all say :

    – “Oh Africa and its banana Republics!”

    First of all, to be a banana Republic, you have to have bananas.

    And the manners that go with it.

    It’s not given to everyone to have bananas and bananas for breakfast..

    France is not a banana Republic.

    She doesn’t sell bananas first, piss off she imports some.

    Except the bananas from the West Indies, but not those from the “city of Mayotte”.

    However“ ”we” also eat local bananas in Mayotte.

    But hey, since the French have been there, alcohol has replaced many of their food needs for the precarious Mahorais.

    Because France knows how to export the best of its culture, alcoholism!

    Then you are surprised that the whites, in France, are a little degenerate there and generated by chance, at the chance of a cooked, between two vomits after-cooked.

    The children, they love them!

    – But on condition that they are other people’s children!, huh, Johnny?!

    It’s easier.

    We don’t see his reality in the face.

    Even when she is pretty like melancholy, her reality, and her name is Laura!

    Or even when he is talented and adventurous like his father and his name is David,

    the ideality of Johnny, the stepson of “Joy”, the ideal son!

    After, here too, it all depends on the degree of impregnation of the paternal sponge when y signed it, what y says he didn’t sign,

    his umpteenth will to escape the taxman,

    – “Trust me!”, which she told him.

    In English, it’s called “Trust me”,

    or just like, like “Trust”.

    Would have to and there would have had to have a breathalyzer test to find out,

    a test that kills or prevents someone from being killed,

    especially your children or those of the others on the road when you take your car.

    Let’s say it’s more an abuse of poirot than an abuse of weakness for Johnny!

    Do you want me to tell you?

    Well, we should invent the anti-signature breathalyzer, when you’re drunk

    – rather than the immobilizer breathalyzer!

    A car accident is less serious than a denial of offspring.

    Well, anyway, Jojo, y wants to explain himself, now and right away,

    he who can no longer fornicate with Laeticia, “his joy”,

    this allows him to understand better suddenly that he was fucked there.

    Because, even with caresses, a woman, she can be damned a holy man.

    It is enough that she has two hands!

    No need to be in a state of weakness.

    And you, you find yourself condemned to perpetuate,

    on the other side, no longer of the Ocean, but of nothingness,

    pass’you thought it was emptiness, death,

    that it wasn’t matter first

    and so there was no matter to write on it, not even an epitaph.

    Johnny, besides, he wasn’t a saint,

    he was a man.

    And it’s enough just to be a man to be fooled by a woman!, CQFD.

    The more ripe you are, the faster the fruit falls from the tree.

    Even her two youngest daughters are not sure they have the inheritance!

    Everything will depend on the widow :

    – if she has the joyful and spendthrift widowhood, with the French drinks that excuse everything, all the errors of behavior and blindness,

    – or if she has the eyebrow-raising and industrious widowhood to preserve the inheritance of the “adoptive father”,

    which would be wiser, life being only a brief passage on this earth,

    with “Jojo” waiting for him on the other side to welcome him.

    I say “father” because, even for her, Jojo, it was more becoming a second father to take care of than a man to love.

    What an admirable dedication!

    And what a lot of deviations in this story and barking for nothing!, according to me.

    Because of the “Rapetout taxman”, the French taxman.

    [ Véro, she didn’t know I was going to give my opinion on this case too, did she?

    ”We’ll” see together, Johnny and I, if she keeps this aside or not in this article.

    For now, y must be busy taking his anger out on himself, Jojo, who is leaving this way, next to Vero who doesn’t spend all his time with him, which makes him grumble. ]

    So let’s go back to our lesson of things, that is to say to our lesson of French geography.

    I really like her, Mrs. Claire O’ PETIT, with her outspokenness, which denotes in a political class that dares not even express itself anymore.

    But which could expire, by dint of wanting to make us believe that :

    – “Everything is very well, Madame la Marquise!”,

    song from 1935, just before the Second World War.

    For LREM, the only continent that matters is Germany!

    But now, I admit that she needs to revise her geography!

    And that she keep herself a little abreast of the news of the world, Madame O’ PETIT, that is to say of the place of France in the world, unless she has the excuse of having the current, which would prevent her from being able to listen and see the news in her current life.

    – Even though you’re in the shit, nothing forbids you from reading the newspapers, wiping your ass with it and then flushing the toilet on all the bullshit written on it.

    If you’re tired of being taken for a jerk!

    At least now you have your revenge!

    The madness of this world, your world!

    On the one hand, the LE PEN girl who is accused of disseminating violent images

    media that bombard you every day with shocking videos about what is happening in Syria,

    but not anywhere else in the world, huh?!

    In Yemen, nothing is happening!

    Move around, there’s nothing to see.

    The admirable and unstoppable Emirs have already paid THE PRICE to have PEACE,

    and well paid your local aediles and your national elite

    they who are waging war all over the world.

    – “Leave them alone, to the Arab Emirs!, what do they tell you. It is a protected species.”

    Because endangered?

    Would there be a threat of extinction on the Salafi Muslim species?

    And wouldn’t we know?

    However, to see the figures of the reproduction rate, it is still a “FAKE NEW”.

    No, don’t worry!, there will be more and more numerous, the Bastard’s sons” of whores, thanks to the control of women’s bellies and Muslim polygamy.

    And the gag is that it’s signed by “PLACIDE”!

    So back to our Christian sheep,

    these “morons” who like to be insulted, spit in the face, humiliate, cripple and slaughter

    just because it makes their invaders happy.

    Question dissemination of violent images inciting hatred, to say the least,

    it’s because the Egyptian Copts don’t often go on television there, they do!

    And yet it has been years that there are really threatened with extinction.

    There is no risk of traumatizing you, the Egyptian Copts, on television!

    Even if, for them, it’s been a long time since they’ve gone beyond the simple stage of the violent image.

    There are more than threatened today, the Egyptian Copts,

    are REALLY and MERCILESSLY KILLED THERE, by those who arrived after them and who colonized all of Egypt.

    For the other Christians of the Middle East,

    the genocide is still not recognized by the UN

    pissthat he is not known to the UN, the fault is with the media!

    We must understand them too!

    where more and more luxury sedans are ostensibly and publicly circulating,

    those of dealers, the only “honest” profession that pays well in the Pyrénées-Orientales,

    with its institutional “tax exemption” which guarantees maximum tax optimization!

    I wonder why the French justice system condemned Jérôme CAHUZAC?!

    Pass’ that he is white of skin and that, he, had to pay his taxes there?

    In the city of Mayotte, there could not have been!, the Daesh lodger is staying.

    The black Muzzs, ”Submissives”, it seems,

    they would have fucked him up on the plane for a direct return to France.

    “Return to sender”!, return to sender.

    On the island of Guyana, the native Indians and the animist mestizos would have left him in the Amazon jungle to deal with piranhas.

    As for going back to the bled, the white Muzzs of the Maghreb, y z’ would have told the “Cefrancs” that they have no balls :

    – “You can keep them for yourself, your scum! If you don’t know how to make yourself respected, it’s not our problem, it’s yours, the soft balls!”

    And I’m not proving them wrong.

    That’s why Mohammed MERAH is buried there in France and not in Algeria.

    Even dead, the Algerians did not recognize him for one of their own.

    – Kill a defenseless Jewish girl in a schoolyard and kill two Maghreb soldiers of the French army, the “Loyal”, the disloyal, by surprise and unarmed,

    what is the feat?

    It’s only in France that Mohammed MERAH is a hero for the scum.

    In Algeria, they are less stupid.

    The scum, they don’t even bury him in their Muslim cemeteries, or anywhere else at home in Algeria.


    So, they know where to send him to get rid of him, the Algerian scum :

    rather than keep her at their house.

    The Algerians, y z’ found the flush for the evacuation of their scum :

    and the toilet bowl is the Mediterranean.

    Anyway, when, in France, Algerians come to defend YOUR FREEDOMS which are also their freedoms against Islamic terrorism,

    – it is you, French of m… rde, who ask them to submit to the ”bastards of sons” of whores in order to respect their “Islam”, your Islam of the “Submissive”,

    while these French-speaking and FRANCOPHILE Algerians keep WARNING you about the danger of Islamism,

    they who have already known in Algeria the dark years of Islamic terrorism,

    a villainous terrorism that struck their country of birth in all its horror and almost caused a civil war.

    These Algerian resistance fighters, apostates, atheists or ”secularists” in their religious practice have FREELY chosen to be reborn in France, their country of heart and to have their children born there.

    But, in France, they suffer, like the Harkis, the hatred of both camps :

    – the stupid racist hatred of some ethnic French people who risk nothing, they,

    because they are the first to “submit” to the unbearable religious diktat of “Living together” to please the institutional “Bisounours”,

    while taking revenge on everything that is “tanned”,

    – and the hatred of fascist Muslims who are at the boot of the Nazi Islamists,

    which ones consider the Maghreb Francophile resistance fighters as traitors to their own cause,

    the cause of the Salafi-style ”Jihad”.

    The Mohammed MERAH case, idolized adored by idle young people and a burial honored in France by crazy people, is a good example of this French blindness that condones totalitarian deviances

    but do not support being called “a cat”, “a cat”; “an Islamist”, “an Islamist”.

    The purists of the French language who are ready for ethnic cleansing, by hunting the “white skin”, are hardly better.

    They obey with petrodollars and denounce any reasoning contrary to theirs on the air of :

    – “He dared to criticize Islam! “

    It is so true that erasing words on a computer screen is so much easier than effacing evils in a society CORRUPTED by Islamist petrodollars and narcotics trafficking!

    Terrorism not REALLY fought is the cache of all trafficking

    which flood all the channels of global crime with abundant cash,

    dirty money from bastards who have only one religion, human exploitation.

    To complete your lesson today, you will read me the very well documented WIKIPEDIA article on the Islamist Mohammed MERAH, a young asshole from the suburbs, educated under too lenient French skies.

    Every sensible citizen who is sensitive to human suffering can only wonder about this cumulation,

    not from circumstances, but from incompetence

    between the police distractions

    and judicial subtractions.

    As proof, I invite you to “sit down at the table” too, while reading– – I insist heavily! -, this edifying article that can only ALERT about what is happening today in France.

    Yes, I’m “re-farting”!, prout, prout…

    And this is where “we” say to ourselves,

    if “we” think about it,

    – that the FREE encyclopedia called WIKIPEDIA makes it possible to bring to the knowledge of the “Tartuffe of the tuft” everything that some would like to forget too often,

    the “incredible” misses of the Mohammed MERAH case, a kid from the suburbs of France intelligent but refractory to work, a rather resourceful bitch with artistic dispositions,

    what has gone WRONG with his life, with or without a camera,

    pass’ that in France, today, it is forbidden to say what is right and what is wrong,

    under penalty of being called a RACIST or an ISLAMOPHOBE.

    On the other hand, that many Muslims are homophobic,

    nobody bothers, eh, the “LG-Dazed”!

    In this fratricidal and deadly war, Mohammed MERAH killed two religious brothers, of his own religion, two Maghreb soldiers :

    the first was also called ”Mohamed”, Farah CHAMSE-DINE LEGOUADN of the 17th Parachute Engineer Regiment, killed because he turned his back on a coward while he was dialing his bank code

    and the second, a non-commissioned officer of the 1st Parachute train Regiment, Imad IBN ZIATENN,

    • by telling him proudly and stupidly :

    “This is Islam, my brother: you kill my brothers, I kill you. He joined the angel of death, I am not afraid of death. »

    If Islam is to kill one’s own religious brothers,

    then there is no hope for Islam

    to become that vaunted religion of peace and love that would be able to pacify the world,

    even if there were only Muslims left in the world.

    Muslims would kill each other as stupidly as Sunnis and Shiites kill each other today,

    – in the name of ALLAH and the Prophet MUHAMMAD,

    the Koran in one hand

    and the sword in the other.

    But, in France, what is certain for the moment is that the French youth,

    OUR French youth,

    the one that becomes the majority in the suburbs

    and who succeeds so well in making a living in the trafficking of narcotics and human beings,

    to stupidly lose her, her life, in villainous settlements of accounts,

    – this FRENCH youth respects only one rule, the “MACRONIAN rule” :

    At the conclusion of his intervention, and while his services informed him with great gestures that it was now more than time to leave the stage to move on to the next stage of his trip, Emmanuel Macron still lingered to answer some last questions. “You see? One last advice: never respect the rules . ” “You see? One last piece of advice:

    never play by the rules

    Is it not Saudi Arabia that gives the best example of non-compliance with humanitarian rules,

    under the blissful congratulations of a Europe criticized for its “racism”

    by intolerant Muslim states that tickle the disbelievers?I have often wondered why Fiona’s mother, Cécile BUD, the alleged killer of her own daughter, had found refuge in Perpignan in the Pyrénées-Orientales, . »

    after his infanticide in Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne.

    • September 2013, Cécile Bud leaves her mother’s Perpignan home surrounded by police officers
    • Updated on 12/28/2016 16:54 26 comments Share News

    “Fiona affair”, the “releasable” mother wishes to settle in Perpignan

    Cécile Bouton’s request for release will finally be examined on January 10th. Little Fiona’s mother expressed the wish to live in Perpignan.

    The wish to live in Perpignan

    After serving 39 months of pre-trial detention, little Fiona’s mother,

    dead under the blows

    three and a half years ago

    and whose body has still not been found

    , is “releasable”. She therefore expressed the wish to settle in Perpignan where her mother lives and where she and her ex-partner cameto “take refugeafter what was still only the “disappearance” of the girl. It was also in Perpignan that the couple was taken into custody and that Cécile Bud finally confessed “that her daughter had died accidentally under the blows and that her body was buried in the Clermont-Ferrand region” (The Independent of September 25 and 26, 2013). Perpignan where Cécile Bud therefore still intends to settle if her request for release is accepted next month.The release of Cécile BOUTON was “a joke”.No, you really haven’t asked yourself the question, all of you who read me?, COLUCHE asks.– Not once? » Pass’ that she is originally from Perpignan, her mother living in this “charming” city?

    – “Ah, let’s say it’s Perpignan!”, you say.

    Here, for once, we all agree.

    But not only.

    Cécile BUD and her ex-partner, Berkane MAKHLOUF, were immersed in the world of drugs.

    Fiona’s death: the mother sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment and her ex-partner to 20 years of criminal imprisonment

    [The ex-cohabitants had made it seem like a kidnapping for months, before confessing to the death of Fiona whose body has never been found. Due to the lack of an autopsy, the cause of Fiona’s death has not been clarified – beatings, absorption of drugs, even drugs, the couple being drug addicts. The defense has not stopped pleading the domestic accident, urging the court not to give in to “emotion” and “anger” in their conviction. The court had withdrawn around 15:30 to deliberate. ]

    Fiona’s death: “

    the drugs were everywhere

    ” before the drama

    “If we hadn’t consumed all this, we wouldn’t be here.”The ex-partner of Fiona’s mother, both arrested in Perpignan and accused of having killed the little girl, described a daily newspaper

    under the influence of drugson the first day of their trial, Monday, before the assizes of Puy-de-Dôme.The drugs were everywhere

    Then this 35-year-old man tells about his life, marked by violence, the absence of his father, drugs, school failure and the trauma of the street. Around the age of 20, he started “in the business” by selling “shit”. “To get out of that life, I didn’t do much, I was an addict.”With Cécile, they tried everything: heroin, hallucinogenic mushrooms, cocaine, crack cocaine. But “we were just sniffing”, never an injection, he emphasizes.The photos of Fiona and Eva in front of cannabis plants? “I know, it was stupid (…) Maybe, if we hadn’t consumed all this, we wouldn’t be here,” he blurts out, once again without emotion. At home,“the drugs were everywhere

    , on the kitchen table, in the bedroom. The children saw how to do it. We were careless”” admits Berkane Makhlouf, dressed in a shirt under a gray sweater. At the beginning of the hearing, he and Cécile Bud had listened without batting an eye to the President of the court explain the macabre course of the facts – as the investigation was able to enlighten him in any case.

    In Perpignan, and maybe even everywhere in France, we get into the business by selling shit?

    And no one takes up this “obvious”.It’s just import/export, huh?Meanwhile, honest and respectable merchants put the key under the door, burdened with debts and shaken by the persecutory lawsuits of the Perpignan taxman,

    if ”you’re not” from the local business

    and if “you’re not” of the ”well-LODGES” in Perpignan!

    How long will the French accept “this double standard” of a French justice system that spends its time defending the privileges of the same social caste?

    A single procedural error is enough to destroy all the work of investigators specializing in drug trafficking,

    because the fastidious Justice on the forms, and less on the substance, frequently allows the local “cids” to benefit from relaxation,

    which then make an arm of honor to the honest policemen, leaving the Correctional Court.

    He tells himself in Perpignan that the procedural error is monetized and that it can be paid up to ten thousand euros!,

    if a policeman agrees to “make a mistake”.

    On the other hand, you, the honest citizen who is unjustly prosecuted for having denounced “indelicacies”,

    and for having suspected of the prevarication within a traffic of influences notoriously known to all

    and also for having launched health and safety ALERTS at work,

    but it’s your whole arbitrary procedure that is an ERROR!

    And a judicial HORROR.

    And there, you see the judges, with or without dressing gowns, redoubling their rudeness in the instruction, juggling :

    on procedural errors that are no more than “pen errors”,

    on false documents that are not excluded from the investigation despite proven deceptions due to impertinence towards the investigating judge who takes himself for your ”head of abuse” or your boss.,

    on all the possible reasons for classification without further to invent and many other reasons just as crazy, invoked as we invoke the name of the devil to kill his best enemy!,

    on the conflicts of interest not recognized, but known to all those magistrates who authorize defendants to investigate against the victims, such as, for example, guardianship judges against their former “protected adults” when they are no longer, precisely, “protected”! Investigating judges, ex-guardianship judges then REVEALING the entire guardianship file to the opposing party, without recognition of the abuse of weakness that could result for the “victims” of these judicial abuses, who were adults protected at the date of the facts that are accused of them by d e p i t, facts so distant that they could not remember, being medicated for depression or other mental illness at the time of the facts.

    on the rejections by the investigating judges of victims’ requests for acts, without ever the defendants who harassed and persecuted the victims being concerned in these instructions carried out step by step against defenseless victims, instructions where everything is communicated to the opposing parties, sometimes without even going through lawyers, since some opposing parties do not appear “officially” in the instruction, opposing parties very protected by these investigating judges, on the contrary victims who are only wrong to have DARED to seek JUSTICE,

    and finally on the Masonic system of laundering scoundrels and blackening victims, with the help of specious schemes proven by the addition of documents whose origin always remains opportunely anonymous at the time of their discovery in the files of instruction.

    As if that were not enough, you can add external complicities with other state agencies, illegal agreements allowing the non-notification of orders or judgments sent under “incorrect” or non-existent postal numbers,

    which simply makes the recommended mails UNTRACEABLE

    and does not allow victims to be able to appeal against their predators.

    Because, in France, even if you have not received notification of the order of an investigating judge or notification of the judgment of a court, it is enough for the magistrates and their clerks to “say” and to have written in the letters not received that these documents have been “sent” for the procedure to be deemed to have been respected and you, deemed to have received them.

    – Who can ORGANIZE such a judicial disorder in France to this extent?

    • Or rather, who can ORGANIZE such a DENIAL of JUSTICE against the people of France?
    • Stop being honest and paying your taxes!

    Peasants from France, grow Moroccan cannabis and Afghan poppies :

    – You will thus be able to benefit from all the indulgence of the French judges and the tax authorities will turn a blind eye to your “business”.

    However, do not forget to take dual Moroccan or Afghan citizenship,

    without which you will be banned from being able to exercise this “traditional” business.

    Because this cultural and cultual exception, the amazing ”business” with its unique squats in the world, cannot benefit ethnic French, unless they are policemen like Jonathan GUYOT…

    – Who lived where?

    In Perpignan, his hometown.

    • Cocaine theft at 36 Quai des Orfèvres: ten years in prison for the ex-policeman

    Jonathan Guyot was sentenced to ten years in prison, the maximum sentence, for the theft of 50 kg of cocaine from the headquarters of the narcotics brigade in Paris.

    Ethnic French people are prohibited from selling shit and other freely redeemable drugs in our French cities and countryside.

    But they can convert, huh. the ethnic French!

    to no longer have to pay taxes

    and earn per day between 10,000 and 30,000 euros, turnover of some of these so-called “illicit” street shops,

    without having to pay a commercial lease either.

    And if it is the Commander of the Believers who asks you to convert to Islam, remember that a certain Henry IV already said :

    • – “Paris is well worth a mass!”
    • France is well worth a “conversion”, isn’t it?
    • Then you will also just have to convert the Euro into dinar or Moroccan dirham, as you want!

    Finally, my dear brothers of religion, you will be able to LIE as you breathe, practicing the Islamic taqiya “upside down” so that you can continue to eat pork and drink wine.

    This is what is called vulgarly :

    • – “Do it to them upside down!”

    Incidentally, you will be able to go to your church, so deserted that you will have taken care to transform it into a “mosque”, to make it seem that … – “you are there”, you too!

    After all, it’s a good war, isn’t it?

    When the French will all be dealers and thieves,

    perhaps the French state will finally ask itself the right question,


    Are the retreats of the judges and the rogue policemen?

    You will then respond to the French State :

    – “Not me, the MONARCH!”

    From General De GAULLE: – “All my best wishes for success for the year 2018 to President Laurent WAUQUIEZ! It is time to found alliances, to build the bridge between the Republicans of the United States, Canada and France! The year 2018 will be the year of travel for a President on the move, not on the march.”

    [ Image chosen by General De GAULLE, very apropos, obviously ]

    We can walk and go for a walk.

    To be in motion is to move in order to move the whole world in this movement.

    The Republicans are going to win back the world.

    Search result d

    Not because they want to!

    But because they won’t have a choice.

    This choice will impose itself on them in front of the “brothel”

    – who will rule in Europe and elsewhere.

    The ”Unitarians” and other Libertarians who have become useless will get lost in front of and in such chaos, unable to distinguish who is who, what is who, who is what and above all, why!

    The “No Border” will become the big “Brothel”!

    It will also be the year of all the financial and banking uncertainties.

    Just when the Masters of the World thought they were holding the world, the world will escape them like a house of cards collapses, they who were sure to have all the cards in hand to dominate this world.

    That’s because the year 2018 will be the year of all the confusions,

    – as the “young lady” to whom I am dictating this article already wrote on her blog,

    Search result d

    that we will have to be clear and not deviate from the front line.

    While the others will be ready for all compromises smelling the wind and moistening their finger to know which direction they should take to always be in the wind,

    – the Republicans will have to stand firm,

    firm on their position,

    firm on dry land, without pitching or rolling, without dithering or any hesitation!

    The people will be grateful to them for not having deviated one iota from their path when the others will have lost themselves in the predictive mirages and the fugitive clouds of the great world government that exists only in their sick imagination.

    How do you rule the world when you already can’t manage your country, a small nation whose rank is constantly declining in the world, a world that is growing?

    The perils are piling up above your heads and never have the sounds of total, globalizing war been so close, but so distant for those who do not want to hear them.

    Even going so far as to sell your future enemy weapons.

    This is about the stupidity of your current President,

    Search result d

    this President whom you say is from the French Republic and who thinks he is a commercial and multi-card VRP,

    an arms dealer ready to sell weapons to the President of Turkey,

    his future and best enemy, Recep Tayyip ERGODAN,

    which one perfectly embodies the craziest Islamism,

    he, the Turkish admirer of Adolf HITLER and his Nazism, which he does not even hide from.

    In the name of debt, to bail out the coffers of the French state, Emmanuel MACRON will beg for money from the Turkish President, without shame or shame, by selling him weapons.

    To sell Turkey, this Islamist country, weapons to attack Christian Europe is to commit more than a mistake!

    That’s BETRAYING! , betraying the peoples of Europe.

    “Fake news?”, interrogates General De GAULLE. No!

    Your leaders have sold you out, oh peoples of Europe!

    They have sold you and your lands for petrodollars flowing freely, because these incapable people cannot manage your countries, your Nations.

    • On the other hand, they continue to PROUDLY claim to want to rule the world… among themselves!
    • Without you, of course, especially not with you, the European peoples who refuse the big “Mess” and the “No Borders”!

    [General De GAULLE addresses Laurent WAUQUIEZ, the President of the French Republicans: ]

    “You see, Laurent, your place is all found.

    She is at the side of the people of France.

    • First of all alongside the people of France,

    to be and APPEAR by his side, whenever you can.

    • Leave it to the dreamers to believe that they can manage the whole world, they who don’t even know how to repay France’s public Debt!

    France has enough resources in it to be able to face the food shortages, the famines that will arrive and live independently.

    Because, anyway, don’t dream, you who read me!

    • The world, that is to say the Earth, will put your head back on your shoulders, where it should stay rather than keeping it slumped, staring at a screen that tells you stories…

    Which even a four-year-old kid wouldn’t believe.

    Everything is a lie.

    Search result d

    Especially when these dream merchants pretend to attack the “fake news”, as they say in English.

    – I’m sorry about my “secretary”, but I would and will have to tell them :

    The broadcasters of “fake news”, they are first of all, they who peddle false information and tell you stories to sleep on your feet.

    Their sole purpose is to keep the people in ignorance.

    If, Laurent, you let the alternative press and social networks be muzzled, you will be able to say “goodbye” to all electoral mandates in the near and distant future.

    The Republicans will no longer exist in the media.

    So the Republicans will no longer exist publicly.

    The struggle for free expression and the duty to scrap in public, cards on tables and arguments against arguments, will have to be the NATIONAL fight of 2018 for all and with all Patriots.

    From General De GAULLE– – FREE EXPRESSION!

    – Will you let me have this article or not?

    Or will you dare to censor it because religious criticisms are formulated by a specialist in the Arab world, you who have never read a Koran in Arabic?

    Otherwise, in the future, you will no longer exist, neither one nor the other.

    Search result d

    This is, moreover, the thinly veiled goal of this enterprise of “muzzling” the French press.

    There are times when you need to know how to overcome political divides and get along with your opponents to counter A SINGLE OPPONENT,

    • the one who wants to overthrow the Republic in order to seize power and become a dictator himself.

    This project of muzzling the alternative press proves that the journalists at the orders of the power in place are currently intellectually deprived.

    Because they are wrong!

    But rather than admit their mistakes, the global oligarchy forces them to continue defending unsustainable positions.

    • And this is how they discredit themselves!

    Do not make the mistake that the National Front made when this party was in a position of strength.

    For obscure political reasons, this party has refused to openly tackle the reform of Press Law.

    Perhaps because the FN was so sure of itself, of gaining power, that it hoped to be able to use these liberticidal laws, once in power, against its opponents, its own political opponents.

    No, there is nothing to gain by letting France become like Germany and act like Germany which has just obtained “indirectly”, as in Canada, that it is no longer possible to criticize … a religion.

    Search result d

    Since January 1, Germany has imposed on social networks, within 24:00, to delete any information spreading HATRED.

    Without wishing to distinguish between what is a fair criticism and what is a hateful invective.

    From January 1, 2018, “the year of all confusions and all illusions”, this censorship is exercised directly by social networks and no longer by the German state.

    Good luck to the CENSORED citizens whose Twitter, Facebook, etc. accounts are blocked to find the legal means to protest to an unreachable and immaterial entity that controls all their writings!

    They will have to file lawsuits against their state, which will cover up and release all responsibility, leaving them alone, individuals without weight or collective strength, against Internet giants.

    It’s “diabolical”!, to use again the expression of “Mademoiselle” that I happen to follow in her writings and her multiple adventures.

    Blogs are subjected to the same UNFAIR and POLITICAL treatment, direct deletion of their content, blocking and impossibility of obtaining a PUBLIC trial against their broadcasters often established abroad.

    It is thus impossible to debate PUBLICLY the reasons for this CENSORSHIP in France, in Germany, in short in subjugated Europe and Canada already conquered.

    Not defending the right of foreign newspapers in France to be able to broadcast their content, whether your government currently in place likes it or not, is a SERIOUS MISTAKE, which you will pay dearly in the future.

    Search result d

    In particular because you thus endorse the dictatorial regimes that do the same with the French press.

    This is the end of the diffusion of the French press abroad and the expansion, already dead letter, of the French language.

    The added value of the Francophonie was precisely the DEFENSE of FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, the French language conveying revolutionary values, those of 1789 carried by our tricolor national flag.

    The rest is just a pipe.

    It is this type of short-term decisions taken for an electoral purpose only by a bunch of morons who condemn France to become a dictatorship of South America ruled by a General PINOCHET who has never fought anything else in his life but cabinet rats.

    And we know how the dictatorship of General PINOCHET ended!

    Western Europe, like Canada, are becoming the best global supports for the Islamism that it claims to fight!

    Search result d

    And Europe thus contravenes the reforms undertaken by democratic governments, elsewhere in the world, who would like to FREE THEMSELVES from “Islam-ism”.

    The Arab and Maghreb peoples can no longer get enough of this religious obscurantism.

    The Iranian people want to become this great country again, this great Nation, Persia, which once made the monyenager Europe dream.

    Unfortunately Zoroastrianism, like Christianity, has been swept away by the religious barbarism of Islam and women have become the enemies of men in Iran.

    And it is Europe, which pretentiously calls itself the “Europe of the Enlightenment”, that spreads the fastest, and with what flagrancy!, these antics of a medieval Islam, “the Islam of donkeys”.

    We are digging our own grave because the gravediggers paid by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and soon Turkey, are your political elected officials.

    After grabbing the shovel to dig your graves, all they need is the gun to shoot you at point blank range and bury you there, as soon as the signal is given by their new slave Masters.

    They think they can easily replace you with a more electorally “malleable” population who has always stupidly supported dictators.

    Islam does not agree with the word “Democracy”.

    But it is certain that it is easier to go crying misery and begging with the oil Kings, than to counter the selfish aims of the French bosses who have no more French than a National Identity Card which they are madly contradicting themselves.

    Those who are relocating by turns and are preparing to lay off massively are asking for reinforced control of the unemployed!

    These bosses of the CAC40 who cannot stand that the French ask them to account for the use, for example, of the CICE, ask their victims, the unemployed,

    these employees dismissed while their companies are beneficiaries!,

    Search result d

    that these unemployed people can provide proof that they have REALLY SOUGHT,


    These twisted brains, the technocrats of social idleness, have set up systems of “aigue control”, the great French specialty :

    – I want to name the administrative hassle, the “Red Paper“, as the Anglo-Saxons say so well.

    – “At least they will be busy, the unemployed”, think these “thinking heads”!

    That is to say that the unemployed will not be able to show their discontent on the streets. r

    Search result d

    Otherwise, their allowances will be abolished.

    It’s “MAL-in” as the “young lady” would write it.

    [The General is teasing and having fun. He is especially amused by the imbecility of the current elites]

    The string is big, very big.

    But the bigger the string, the more the people of France agree to take the package that they should refuse and return to the sender.

    RÃ © sultat de recherche d

    RÃ © sultat de recherche d

    RÃ © sultat de recherche d

    Jacket/Covers The Prophecy (Ghouls)

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