Felling of trees and pruning of bushes

Tree felling

Having trees cut down is a delicate job, it is usually advisable to entrust it to professionals or specialized garden companies. Especially when the trees are large in size, only experts will know :

  • Carry out the pruning and pruning of trees in complete safety
  • Take all the necessary precautions
  • Use the appropriate techniques and instruments

Are you looking for a professional gardener to prune, desiccate or cut down the trees in your garden? Gardeners Belgium puts at your disposal its network of gardeners and professional garden companies for all your garden maintenance work, pruning bushes, hedges and lawn mowing!

Fill out our online form and receive up to 5 free quotes in a few hours! You will be contacted by experts from your region who are available to carry out your project. Compare the rates and choose the offer that best suits your budget.

What is the price of tree felling in Belgium?

The average cost may vary depending on the type of tree to be cut. The overall price varies depending on certain factors, such as :

  • The size of the tree: The diameter of the trunk and the height of the tree are two aspects that professionals take into consideration when determining the price. Other determining factors can be the number of branches of the tree and its health can also influence the cost, because cutting a diseased tree usually involves greater risks.
  • Its ease of access: cutting down a tree in the middle of an agricultural land does not present the same degree of difficulty as doing the same work in an urban area with surrounding dwellings. In the second case, the process is usually more complex.
  • The cutting technique and its complexity: the position of the tree, its ease of access and its dimensions will be determining factors in the choice of the type of cut to be carried out. For example, small trees will not require much effort as far as cutting is concerned, however the desiccation of some shrubs will be more complicated. For medium and large trees, it will be necessary to opt for a felling with a chainsaw by carrying out a controlled pruning. In other cases, it will be necessary to carry out a preliminary pruning of the branches and for which it is sometimes necessary to work at height, which implies a higher risk and cost.
  • Waste removal: the felling of trees generates a certain amount of waste. Most garden companies take care of the removal of waste, but the price of these works can vary depending on the type of tree and the volume of waste to be collected.

Gardeners Belgium accompanies you in choosing the best gardening companies in your region! Do you want to quickly receive a personalized estimate for your tree pruning work? Entrust us with the details of your work and get several free and non-binding quotes, directly online!

Why carry out the felling of trees?

Trees generally tend to beautify all types of exteriors, whether in a garden, on the outskirts of streets or even if you have a large plot of land. Moreover, most garden creation plans include the planting of one or more trees and shrubs.

Sometimes, when some trees grow up despite periodic pruning, they become too large and can pose a problem not only for the owners but also for the neighborhood. The main reasons for deciding to have a tree pruned are:

  • Security
  • The problems of soil instability
  • The state of the trees

Unfortunately, in some cases the felling of trees becomes inevitable, in particular when :

  • They are planted too close to homes or public roads
  • They represent a danger to homes and people
  • Its roots begin to damage the foundations, private and public facilities
  • The tree hinders some garden landscaping work
  • They threaten the survival of the surrounding trees
  • The tree is sick or is a carrier of certain parasites or fungi
  • The tree threatens to fall due to bad weather, a storm or strong winds

Sometimes having a tree cut down requires preliminary pruning and desiccation to rid the planting site of dead roots. All these works must be carried out by specialized garden contractors according to professional techniques. Take advantage of personalized and free quotes and compare the offers of several professionals in your region! Fill out our online form and quickly receive several offers from the experts of the Gardeners Belgium network!

Is it mandatory to have a permit to cut down a tree in Belgium?

You should know that if you plan to cut a tree yourself in your garden or near your house, you will have to apply for a planning permit from the competent authorities of your city. This is valid if the tree is in good condition and if it does not represent any danger.

In Belgium, the felling of trees is subject to regulations specific to each region. Depending on the applicable legislation, you will be able to determine whether your project is subject to prior authorization or not. It is advisable to consult the cadastral registers of your municipality and to inform yourself about the applicable laws at the risk of having to pay a fine.

In Wallonia and the Brussels region, the pruning of small, dead, diseased or dangerous trees is not subject to authorization.

On the other hand, the felling of hedges and remarkable trees measuring more than 4 meters high and whose trunk has a diameter of more than 40 cm, is subject to the prior obtaining of a planning permit to be issued by the Municipal College. It will therefore be necessary to request an authorization from the competent authorities, namely the Division of Nature and Forests, indicating :

  • The reason for the cut or modification of its silhouette
  • The type of tree, the species, its age
  • The circumference of the tree measured at 1.5 m from the ground
  • Whether or not it is isolated from other trees
  • The details of the state of play after cutting the tree
  • If you are considering a replanting

In Flanders, the felling and pruning of trees are generally not subject to prior authorization or to obtaining a planning permit unless the diameter of the trunk is greater than 1 m.

For your pruning needs, tree removal, etc. Call on an expert gardener in your area! Entrust us with your needs and receive personalized quotes for the maintenance of your garden.


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