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Benefit from the know-how of a climber pruner

We carry out tree felling, its removal as well as the crushing of tree stumps in St martin la garenne. We offer an emergency intervention service for all works concerning all tree species in St martin la garenne. We are certified, experienced, insured and have resources ready to be deployed immediately for any tree felling situation.

There are several reasons that lead to the felling or removal of a tree in St martin la garenne

For example, the tree may be dying, dead or sick, which damages it irreparably or more simply, some species have been planted in the wrong place. Tree removal in St martin la garenne allows you to have peace of mind that this tree will not break or fall on a structure such as a house, and will save you from potential liability.

Whatever the reason, the felling of trees in St martin la garenne must be done with the greatest care and the greatest safety. Attempting to cut down a tree yourself can lead to serious injury or damage. Indeed, it is difficult for a layman to assess the size of a tree and its potential for destruction when it falls. Our tree felling service in St martin la garenne can efficiently and safely remove trees that are in the most difficult places. Not only are our staff trained in tree removal in St martin la garenne, but we are also equipped with the appropriate and necessary equipment for all types of removal, including work requiring a crane. Our services also include cleaning and cutting for personal use such as the hearth of a fireplace.

Appropriate tree removal services in St martin la garenne

Tree removal services in St martin la garenne can sometimes be very dangerous for people and property, and, hiring an experienced and insured tree removal company is essential to ensure that your next tree removal goes smoothly. When our team embarks on a tree felling project in St martin la garenne, we always take all the appropriate precautions before starting our work.

We start by evaluating the position of the trees in relation to structures, cars, power lines and any other object that may become a danger during our work, once the surrounding area has been fully evaluated, our team will establish a process that will ensure that the entire area is free of potential danger.

How do you know when you need to cut down a tree in St martin la garenne on your property?

If you have noticed any of the following signs in your trees in St martin la garenne, call us today :


Trees that have become too big or tall pose a danger to safety and property.


Only an expert can determine whether the fungus is an indicator of internal rot.

Leaning Over

A leaning tree can be an indicator of root problems.

Hollow trees

Although many tree species can live for a long time once the trunk has become hollow, a hollow trunk means that the structure of the tree is compromised.

Dead branches

Many dead branches, especially dead branches concentrated on one side of the tree, indicate damage to the trunk or injury to the roots.

Other reasons may require the felling of a tree in St martin la garenne :

  • The tree is an obstacle to a planned event such as the installation of a garden, the creation of a sports field
  • The tree hinders the construction of a house or another building
  • The tree begins to die and poses a safety risk if the tree falls and collapses.
  • The roots of the tree become a nuisance by creating cracks on your terrace or other paved places.
  • The tree hinders the view and the sunshine, although we prefer to cut rather than remove to promote a magnificent view, unfortunately it happens that removal is the only option.

Any of these problems, and many others, requires the help of an expert to diagnose and set up a tree felling process in St martin la garenne. Our experts will determine how your tree should be removed and will work carefully to ensure that your tree is removed without endangering your safety, your structures or any other landscape on your property.

Why remove tree stumps in St martin la garenne?

Tree stumps may seem like an innocent feature. However, here are some of the many good reasons to remove a tree stump in St martin la garenne from your yard or property :

  • Root Protection: Although the trunk may be missing, the roots can continue to grow from a stump, which can cause problems with pipes, driveways and foundations.
  • Protection against pests: A tree stump can be a welcoming home for pests such as termites, rodents and beetles, ants, to name just a few. Protect your home by denying these pests a sanctuary.
  • Injuries: Tree stumps can pose a danger of injury.

To completely eliminate the threat of these dangers, and many others, and to ensure that a dangerous strain is completely removed, you need the help of experienced and highly qualified professionals to perform desiccation in St martin la garenne.

Grinding of stumps in St martin la garenne

When we cut a tree, at ground level to facilitate the grinding process in St martin la garenne, we reduce the tree stump into pieces that can be used as ground cover or mulch thanks to a professional stump grinder. Once the stump is completely crushed below ground level, the few remaining roots will eventually completely decompose over time.

If you have cut a tree yourself, with another service, or if a tree has fallen on your property for natural reasons, it is likely that the tree stump in St martin la garenne is still buried on your land. A tree stump in St martin la garenne can be a real headache and we invite you to contact us to get an evaluation and a free no obligation quote.

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