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Desiccating a tree is far from an easy task, especially if the tree was particularly imposing. Therefore, it is common to call on a construction company or a garden maintenance company for tree desiccation. Are you wondering about the price of such an operation? Thanks to this article, calculate your desalting budget precisely and discover everything you need to know about this type of work.

Desiccating a tree: a difficult task

First of all, and before talking about the price of desiccating a tree, it seems useful to remember that removing a stump is a task that is far from easy :

  • As soon as a tree is quite substantial in size, there are chances that its roots will sink deep into the ground.
  • Even if it is possible to remove the outside of the stump, landscaping work may require destroying its roots as well.
  • In most cases, it is necessary to have construction equipment or specific equipment to remove a tree stump.

However, the presence of a stump can quickly pose a problem when it comes to landscaping a plot of land. A tree stump can indeed weaken the foundations of a house, or even damage your pipes.

It is therefore strongly advisable to remove the stumps from the trees when you want to develop a plot of land.

Naturally, it is quite possible to desiccate a tree yourself, but this requires many precautions, and a minimum of know-how. That is why it is often preferable to entrust this operation to professionals.

What is the price for tree desiccation?

If you are planning to hire a gardener to remove a tree stump, it is useful to first find out about the cost of such an operation.

It is important, to begin with, to clearly distinguish the price of felling a tree and the price of desalting. These are indeed two very distinct operations.

What is the price for cutting down a tree?

If you want to have a tree cut down, you must at all costs be informed about the price of felling a tree.

When calling on a lumberjack to cut down a tree, the latter may include the cost of desiccation in a total package, but the price of desiccation alone never includes the cutting of the tree.

As we have already studied together, it is necessary to plan on average between 200 and 800 euros to cut a tree, depending on its size and the difficulty of the work.(Compare the rates in your region for this job for free!)

This budget includes most of the time desalting, but it is not automatic! Therefore, always remember to specify the mention of desiccation when making a tree felling estimate.

What is the price for removing a stump?

If you have inherited a plot of land on which a tree stump is located, or if you have cut a tree yourself, you can find out about the price of desiccating the tree. This price will only concern the removal of the stump, but not the cutting of the tree.

On average, having a tree desiccated will cost between 50 and 500 euros. This budget includes the desalting (removal of the stump), the cutting with a chainsaw, the removal of debris and the preparation of the land (backfill).

Naturally, the cost of desiccating a tree will essentially depend on the diameter of the stump, as shown in the following table :

Diameter of the trunk Desoldering price
Less than 15 cm Between 50 and 70 €
Between 15 and 25 cm Between 60 and 80 €
Between 25 and 35 cm Between 70 and 110 €
Between 35 and 45 cm Between 90 and 150 €
Between 45 and 55 cm Between 140 and 200 €
Between 55 and 65 cm Between 190 and 250 €
Between 65 and 75 cm Between 240 and 300 €
Between 75 and 85 cm Between 290 and 350 €
Between 85 and 95 cm Between 350 and 400 €
More than 95 cm Between 390 and 500 €

Of course, these are general estimates. Your budget for removing a tree stump will depend on different criteria.

In some cases, quite rare, it is possible to see untouchings for more than 500 euros (plan up to 1000 euros for the most delicate strains).

To know a 100% accurate price, the ideal remains to request several desalting quotes. If you wish, Travaux Avenue allows you to request your own stump removal quotes, all for free and without obligation. All you have to do is fill out the form below.

What does the cost of a desalting depend on?

You will have understood that the price to remove a stump can vary at all. Of course, the budget established for this type of work is not at the client’s head, but will clearly depend on very specific criteria.

As a general rule, a climbing arborist will determine his rates based on the following elements :

  • The diameter of the trunk: the more imposing a tree is, the more delicate its desiccation will be.
  • The type of desalting: the price applied will necessarily depend on the way of desalting. A manual desalting (for example on a ground not accessible by a machine) will necessarily be more expensive than a mechanical desalting, with a shovel.
  • The professional contacted: calling on a climbing arborist or a gardener equipped with a trimmer can be more expensive than entrusting the desiccation to an outdoor landscaping company equipped with a mechanical shovel … but the result will also be cleaner.
  • The accessibility of the premises: if the land is easily accessible to construction equipment, the desalting will necessarily be facilitated, and therefore less expensive.
  • The finishes: always make sure that your desalting service includes the removal of debris and backfilling. If your craftsman does not take care of filling the hole or removing the remains of wood, it is obvious that his service will be less expensive!
  • Services included: the cost of a desalting will be higher or lower depending on the circumstances of the work. If you include this service as part of a land development site or in a site that has many trees to be cut down, the price of desiccation will necessarily be lower than if the company travels specially to remove the stump.

As always when it comes to work, your budget may directly depend on the company you call on. Hence the interest of comparing several tree felling or stump removal quotes before making your choice.

The different methods to remove a stump

To finish on the subject, it seems useful to remind you that there are different solutions to remove a tree stump.

When opting for this type of services, you will thus have the choice between :

  • Manual desalting: the latter is carried out with a pickaxe and manual tools. It is only suitable for small diameter trunks, or failing that in places not accessible by a construction machine. This is an expensive desiccation, because it takes extremely long.
  • Mechanical desiccation: the trunk is then removed with a mechanical shovel. It is a quick and economical desiccation, but which damages the ground quite a lot.
  • Stump trimming: this desiccation is carried out thanks to a trimmer, which attacks only the stump and preserves the ground all around. It is an extremely precise and effective solution, especially if you do not want to disfigure your garden.
  • Chemical desiccation: finally, there remains the chemical solution, which is very environmentally friendly and quite limited for a large trunk. It has the disadvantage of being able to harm the plants located around the trunk.

The choice of this or that desoldering method may depend on your preferences, the craftsman you contact, but also the specifics of the site.

You now know everything about the price of a desalting. Need more tips for garden maintenance? Keep visiting Travaux Avenue for more information! For example, you can click here to discover our article dedicated to hedge trimming.

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