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What is the price of pruning a tree or shrub? How to take advantage of the 50% tax cuts? How is the pruning rate set by the company? What are the obligations and authorizations necessary before pruning? How can I save on a pruning quote? Who to call to prune a tree?

Pruning rate: average prices 2022

Pruning is one of the most common garden maintenance jobs, but not the simplest for that matter. So who should I call to prune a tree? It is recommended to use a climber pruner or a pruning company in order to ensure the proper growth of trees and shrubs (due to the appropriate equipment, the dangers of pruning, the time spent pruning, as well as due to the knowledge of the plant).

Pruning price: hourly and flat-rate pruning price (per task)

How much does it cost to prune a tree? The price of pruning will vary depending on the height of the tree to be pruned and the type of pruning desired :

  • Maintenance and foliage reduction pruning: maintaining the shape of the tree, pruning dead wood…
  • Thinning pruning: remove branches and clear the view
  • Adaptation size: modify the shape and volume of the tree
Pruning rate (TTC) Hourly rate Flat rate
Price pruning tree less than 5 meters 28€ – 38€ 75€ – 110€
Price tree pruning from 5 to 10 meters 38€ – 45€ 110€ – 145€
Price tree pruning from 10 to 15 meters 45€ – 52€ 145€ – 250€
Price tree pruning from 15 to 20 meters 52€ – 60€ 250€ – 345€
Price tree pruning from 20 to 25 meters 60€ – 70€ 345€ – 460€

These rates do not include the removal of waste, travel costs, or additional costs in the case of pruning very large trees (aerial platform, crane, proximity signage …).

Depending on your situation and your needs for pruning shrubs and trees, you may also be able to take advantage of a 50% tax reduction (CESU).


Consult the hedge trimming rates if you think that your request consists more of pruning shrubs and hedges.

The pruner will also be able to accompany you on other types of more specific sizes :

  • Formation pruning: on young trees, this consists in orienting the development of the tree according to its environment.
  • Restructuring pruning: it allows to restore damaged trees.
  • Fruit pruning: this type of pruning is specially dedicated to fruit trees to ensure the development of fruits (improvement of fruiting and optimization of light exposure).
  • Safe pruning: when the tree presents a danger to the neighbors, for his own house or on the road; this pruning consists of removing dead wood and checking the condition of the tree.

Other additional costs to pruning

Pruning and tax reduction 2022

pruning branch

For pruning work, it is possible to take advantage of a 50% tax reduction with an annual expenditure limit of € 5,000 per tax household. On the other hand, it is only possible to take advantage of this advantage if it is a common pruning carried out at human height, without the need for specific equipment, nor the need to climb the tree (not possible therefore for a tree of 10 or 15 meters for example).

The same applies to felling, which only benefits from this advantage for trees up to 3.5m high.

Regarding the VAT charged, you can take advantage of a reduced rate of 10% (instead of the standard rate of 20%) in the event that you involve the company in a garden where the house was built more than 2 years ago.

To find out everything, consult our guide dedicated to personal assistants for garden work.

pruning shrubs

Price for pruning a particular tree: price criteria

Many criteria are taken into account and justify the significant deviations that can be observed on your pruning quotes for individuals. Here are the main factors that explain the variations in the pruning rate :

Price criteria Description
The type of tree and its condition Pine, plane tree, poplar, oak, linden, olive, birch or fir … There are hundreds of different tree species in all the different French regions. Also, most of the time, it is necessary for the gardener to make a preliminary visit to take into account all the specificities of your tree. The condition of the tree to be pruned (for example rot in the heart of the tree) is also important insofar as it can make the intervention of the pruner more risky.
The dimensions of the tree The dimensions, the span, the shape, as well as the number of branches to be pruned are the elements that can double the cost of pruning your tree. It takes, for example, more or less time for a climbing pruner to reach the top of a tree. Likewise, if the shaft is too high and requires an intervention by nacelle, the quote also logically increases. As well as it will be necessary to use additional tools for pruning a large tree.
The environment of the tree Some pruning jobs are more complicated than others due to a specific environment around the tree to be pruned :
  • the presence of dangerous insects around the tree
  • the proximity of a stream of water or a ravine
  • the inconvenience of a power line
  • the difficulty of access to the intervention area
  • the evacuation and removal of waste made difficult

Tips before pruning

  • Do not hesitate to check the work of the pruning company on previous interventions. This remains the most effective guarantee to verify the seriousness and skills of the teams to intervene.
  • When the pruning company intervenes with machines, remember to add on the quote that the company will have to take care of restoring your garden.
  • If you have the choice between an hourly rate and a flat rate or a task rate, opt for the flat rate to avoid unpleasant budget surprises.
  • Quotes for the pruning of several trees are often more advantageous than for a single tree. Take the opportunity to request a quote for all your trees to benefit from better prices.
  • Check that the company is registered via the SIRET number, and that it has professional civil liability insurance (RC PRO).

pruning pruning

Why prune with professionals?

company pruning

Pruning requires very advanced knowledge of arboriculture. It is essential to go through a professional to take care of it, and to avoid pruning likely to cause trauma to the tree.

Pruning is a difficult job and recognized as a dangerous profession. Whether it is the risks of climbing very high trees or difficult weather conditions, the climber pruner must maintain a good physical condition to be able to climb safely, and also carrying the weight of his tools.

Working with a qualified climber pruner is the additional assurance that your trees will be pruned intelligently while respecting the physiological state of your trees as well as the constraints of the environment. Most often, the pruners intervene in teams of 2 in order to be able on the one hand to secure the area and evacuate the cuts, and on the other hand to carry out pruning.

Climber pruners have the necessary and adapted equipment to do the pruning work with maximum safety: rope, pruning harness, chainsaw, hydraulic aerial platform or even branch shredders…

Why is it necessary to prune?

pruning shrub

Pruning is essential for the health and development of your trees. The tree is alive, it evolves and develops in an environment that itself is changing. Pruning is the action of pruning the branches (density, length) of your trees and shrubs in order to ensure the development of the tree or the safety around the tree. So why is it so important to prune?

  • Tree growth: Prune to ensure the growth of the tree.
  • Out of necessity: for a security problem or due to an overrun of the branches at the neighbor’s house for example.
  • Aesthetics: take care of the visual appearance of your tree or shrub in your garden.

Pruning is mandatory: keeping your garden in good condition and continuing to maintain it well is an obligation imposed by French law.

How often should I prune? The recommended pruning frequency varies depending on the condition of the tree and its age :

  • Tree less than 10 years old: every 2 years on average.
  • Tree between 10 and 20 years old: every 3 years on average.
  • Tree 20 years old and older: every 8 years on average.

pruning company

Pruning quotes with a company

A good knowledge of trees is necessary to prune at the right time and with a certain technique. We don’t improvise as a pruner, it’s a profession practiced by professionals with the knowledge to successfully maintain your trees.

Resorting to a pruning company is to ensure that you have a neat and fast job.

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