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Precise shaft alignment is essential Reduce machine failures while improving your availability It is a fact. The misalignment of shafts is a main cause of breakdowns of rotating machines. The reduction of costs and the optimization of equipment have become, today, a priority. That is why precise shaft alignment is essential because it makes it possible to reduce a large number of unplanned machine stops and, consequently, production losses. What is a shaft misalignment? Parallel misalignment (or offset).

What methods can be used to align trees? In general, it is clear that laser alignment systems are faster and easier to use than dial comparators. They are also more precise and do not require specific skills to obtain accurate results practically at any time. What type of laser alignment system should be considered? Before purchasing a system, identify the applications for which it will be used and make a list of requirements. The purchase of an expensive system that meets almost all of them.

Easier and more economical shaft alignment thanks to a new technology SKF TKSA Shaft alignment tool 11 Thanks to mobile devices, the user benefits from high-resolution graphics, intuitive operation and automatic software updates on the device of his choice. The SKF TKSA 11 is an innovative shaft alignment tool that, using a smartphone or tablet, guides the user intuitively through the alignment process. Intended for essential alignment tasks, the TKSA 11 is a very easy-to-use instrument.

The intuitive and competitive laser shaft alignment system SKF TKSA 31 shaft alignment tool The TKSA 31 is SKF’s most economical laser shaft alignment solution. The ergonomic touch screen makes it very easy to use the instrument, while the integrated machine database makes it possible to store alignment reports for several machines. The large laser detectors of the inclinometers reduce the need for pre-alignment and the incorporated soft foot tool ensures successful alignment. Additional functions such as visualization in.

The laser shaft alignment system with improved measurement capabilities and detailed report editing SKF TKSA 41 shaft alignment tool Hands-free measurement allows alignment measurements to be started at any angle while finalizing with a final angular scan of only 90°. The machine database gives an overview of all installations and all alignment reports. The TKSA 41 is a high-performance laser solution for aligning shafts with precision. This instrument makes precise measurements, even under the conditions. r

Complete and intuitive shaft alignment using tablets and smartphones SKF TKSA 51 shaft alignment tool The TKSA 51 shaft alignment tool offers high performance qualities and measurement flexibility and is ideal for simple or expert alignment tasks. Designed to work with the shaft alignment application for the TKSA 51 on tablet or smartphone, this intuitive tool is easy to use and requires no special training. The included accessories make it possible to use the TKSA 51 for a wide variety of alignment applications, for example.

The wireless shaft alignment laser tool with an integrated alignment expert. A state-of-the-art laser shaft alignment tool allowing you to deepen your alignment knowledge. The TKSA 60 is an extremely robust wireless laser shaft alignment tool that can be used in hostile environments. The system provides instant expertise with an integrated step-by-step alignment process, from preparation, inspection and evaluation to correction, report and analysis. The system integrates the most recent know-how in.

TKSA 11 User interface Entered via the screen. Measurement type The “9-12-3” measurement requires predefined measurement positions, while the “hands-free” measurement allows the user to select the measurement positions. Automatic measurement The alignment measurements can be carried out without hands and without intervention on the screen. Wireless inclinometers Measuring distance Maximum possible distance between the supports of the inclinometers. touch screen touch screen keyboard & touch screen Minimum shaft rotation Minimum total shaft rotation angle required for the.

Technical data Sensors & communication 2 inductive proximity sensors Inclinometer ±0.5°, Bluetooth 4.0 THE 29 mm CCD with class 2 red laser beam Inclinometer ±0.5°, wired, USB cables CCD 29 mm with class 2 laser beam Inclinometer ±0.5°; Bluetooth 4.0 THE and wired, USB cables System measurement distance 0.07 to 2 m Up to 4 m possibility with longer cables PC/ABS plastic 20% polycarbonate loaded with glass 20% polycarbonate loaded with glass Up to 18 hours of continuous operation, rechargeable lithium polymer battery of 1,900 mAh Up to.

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