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Pruning a mango tree in the garden

Often, it is necessary to prune a tree out of necessity, for reasons of safety or neighborhood. But whether by pure obligation or by choice, pruning has a price, and this is what we will discover through this file. Here is everything you need to know about tree pruning services, the prices charged and the quotes!

Why tree pruning? What does the law say?

Pruning consists above all in reducing the size of a tree that has become too bulky. Also, it consists in removing some branches from the tree so as to offer more visibility while keeping its natural shape. We speak of “pruning” when it comes to small trees, either shrubs or hedges, and of “uprooting” or “desalting” when it is necessary to remove everything.

Simple maintenance pruning of a shrub in the garden

Tree pruning is also regulated. Indeed, an article of the Civil Code explains the different regulations to be respected for plantations. These regulations speak of the heights and distances to be respected so as not to encroach and interfere with the neighborhood and neighboring properties.

In fact, as soon as some branches exceed the limit of your land, your neighbor may require you to maintain the plantations, in particular by pruning and pruning the trees.

When and why should trees be pruned?

Pruning season

Tree pruning is usually done in autumn. Pruning during this period is actually timely, because it allows you to intervene before the arrival of frost, but also after the fall of the leaves . Also, pruning a tree in the spring allows it to heal better after the cuts.


As for the frequency of pruning, it will depend on the tree in question. Some fast-growing trees will need to be pruned more often than slow- or medium-growing trees. Also, the regularity of pruning may depend on its age. In parallel with this, the price of a tree pruning will also depend on it.

Pruning a fruit tree in the garden

So here is a summary of the pruning frequency depending on the age of the tree :

Age of the tree Frequency of pruning
Less than 10 years old Every 2 years
Between 10 and 20 years old Every 4 to 5 years
More than 20 years Every 10 years

Tree pruning is all the more recommended than it is useful, because it allows the tree to develop properly while maintaining its natural shape. This operation then makes it possible to keep your plants in good health and gives your garden or plot a certain aesthetic. This also saves you from excessive shading. Also, pruning a tree helps to better preserve the quality of the wood and especially to contain fast-growing trees.

Pruning your tree: the tools

To be able to prune a tree correctly, it will be necessary to equip yourself with various tools such as: branch cutters, a ladder, a pruning saw, a pruner, a spatula, a chainsaw as well as safety equipment such as gloves and protective glasses.

Pruning a shrub using a pruner

The different tree pruning services

Pruning a tree is a more or less complex operation that involves various services. In fact, when we talk about pruning, it can not only be sawing a branch, but also cutting dry and diseased woods while making sure that no large branch falls and injures someone (using a rope to hold it for example), without forgetting to take care of the tree once the pruning is done.

In addition, a pruner can also intervene for supplements such as the removal of plants by using a shredder to remove them and a vehicle to evacuate them. Also, the pruner can take care of the disposal. This operation can be either free or paid, depending on the professional to whom you call. And finally, the dismantling of the various equipment such as the crane or the scaffolding.

Pruning an ornamental tree in the garden

These additional services also have an impact on the tree pruning rate.

Why call on a professional to prune your tree?

Tree pruning is a pro’s business. First, only a pruner can identify the characteristics of the tree and how to react to this. Each tree is different and each requires specific interventions. It is clear that an Italian poplar of columnar shape will never be pruned like a silk tree with a parasol port.

But still, tree pruning is established on strict regulations. By calling on a pro, you are certain that you are not breaking any laws regarding pruning. In addition, due to his skills and experience, the pruner is the only one able to judge the best technique to adopt. This will also save you from the risks of accidents and injuries.

Pruning an oak tree with a chainsaw | find a pruner in my municipality

In addition to his gardening knowledge, the pruner most often travels with his own tools, which no longer requires you to buy the equipment on your own account. In addition, pruning tools can be very expensive and are only useful once every two years at most.

Since this is a mandatory and complex maintenance operation, you should not hesitate to contact a pro for pruning a tree. The prices can vary from one pruner to another, since it depends on the tools and the technique used, but also on the distance he makes to the construction site. That is why the best way to find out the price of a tree pruning and find the best rates in your city is to request a quote online. You can do this for free by clicking on “request a quote”.

The different rates charged for tree pruning

In general, there is no fixed price for tree pruning. Indeed, each construction site is unique and the trees differ from one place to another. The price of a tree pruning depends not only on the type of tree and its height, but also on the different services to be performed and the distance of the construction site from the pruner. That is why it is important to choose a pruner who lives nearby.

Price of a tree pruning according to its height

Height of the tree Hourly rate (including VAT) Flat rate (including VAT)
Less than 5 meters Between 29 and 39 €/h Between 75 and 110 €/tree
5 to 10 meters Between 40 and 46 €/h Between 115 and 140 €/tree
10 to 15 meters Between 47 and 53 €/h Between 145 and 250 €/tree
15 to 20 meters Between 54 and 60 €/h Between 255 and 340 €/tree
20 to 25 meters Between 61 and 70 €/h Between 345 and 465 €/tree
Pruning of shrubs and hedges Between 20 and 28 €/h Between 50 and 74 €/shrub

Pruning a shrub

Pruning rate depending on the type of service

Type of pruning Detail Raison d’être Price (including VAT)
Pruning of dead wood Remove dead or damaged wood (following a storm or illness) Care 15 to 150 €/tree
Maintenance pruning Cutting of dead branches – pruning of young branches Maintenance: cleaning of the tree and shaping 35 to 300 €/tree
Adaptation pruning Cut branches in order to clear the view, the power lines and the adjoining parts Security and shared ownership 25 to 200 €/tree
Thinning pruning Cut the branches in order to reduce their span and the height of the tree, in order to clear the view Maintenance – thinning 35 to 300 €/tree
Finishing Shorten the crown of the tree Sick or dangerous tree 100 to 500 €/tree
Tree felling Bringing down a tree Dead, very damaged or dangerous tree 100 to 600 €/tree

Maintenance pruning – pruning of young branches in the garden

Price of a simple pruning, a thinning and a reduction

Type of pruning Price (including VAT)
Pruning of an isolated tree from 0 to 7 meters in height 40 to 200 €/tree
Pruning of an isolated tree from 7 to 10 meters in height 60 to 230 €/tree
Pruning of an isolated tree up to 15 meters in height 80 to 200 €/tree
Crown thinning on an uninsulated deciduous tree 150 to 650 €/tree
Crown thinning on an isolated deciduous tree 100 to 600 €/tree
Reduction of 1/3 of the crown on an isolated non-deciduous tree 100 to 450 €/tree
Reduction of 1/3 of the crown on an isolated deciduous tree 60 to 380 €/tree

Example of a quote for pruning a tree

To better situate yourself in relation to the prices, here is an example of a quote for pruning a tree 15 meters high with branches about 20 cm in diameter.

Designation Amount Unit VAT Total HT
Collection of gardening residues, pruning waste, including deposit in a green waste dumpster 5.00 M3 10.00 150.00 €
Tree pruning of ø 0.20 m and 15.00 m high, including signage and securing of the surroundings 8.00 H 10.00 250.00 €
Rental diesel boom lift less than 16 M 1.00 J 10.00 250.00 €
Discharge tax according to local use 5.00 M3 10.00 250.00 €
TOTAL HT 1 066.51 €
VAT (10%) 213.30 €

In summary, the price of a tree pruning can therefore vary depending on the :

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