Pruning and clearing of trees

Pruning and brushcutting

When you have a house with land and this plot is endowed with trees, shrubs or hedges, the tranquility and serenity brought by these plants have a price :that of regular maintenance.

Pruning and brushcutting: freeing yourself from obligations

If a good pruning – that is to say cutting the branches of a tree methodically – can allow a certain tranquility for three years, the pruning of the hedges and the clearing of the brush must be carried out at least once a year, the best being to carry it out at least twice. In a deep way at the end of winter or early spring and a lighter pruning in the fall, to regulate everything.

Attention: these time markers are given generally, but the experts have precise knowledge of the periods suitable for pruning or pruning for each type of tree, shrub or hedge.

These tasks are very tedious, time-consuming and especially very dangerous when we talk about pruning trees. It is necessary to know how to handle machines such as the chainsaw and to be able to work at height.

The best idea to avoid toil and danger: have recourse to a professional. The rates of a pruner or a gardener are not exorbitant.

A legal obligation

It should be known that in some cases, and initially for the purpose of good neighborliness, it is mandatory to prune or cut hedges that would encroach on a neighbor’s plot in width or that would prevent the view or the breakthrough of the sun beyond a certain height.The reference text is Article 673 of the Civil Code.

A neighbor may quite demand to have you cut the branches of an annoying tree, or even the tree itself.

However, be careful: if it is you who are in the case of the overgrown neighbor, you can in no case cut the branches yourself (or even have it done by a professional). In this case, it is you who could be attacked and condemned.

The approach to make reason heard: a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt asking to cut its branches. And if the approach is insufficient, it is enough to contact the district courts of the jurisdiction.

It is still more pleasant to find an amicable arrangement, thinking that generally, a tree or hedges, it grows back!

A benefit for the vegetation

Without thinking about whether or not to annoy your neighbor, vegetation can also embarrass your own land. A laurel or thuja hedge can quickly grow very large, reach an inordinate diameter and largely encroach on your space. They are also plants with strong roots: the more the hedge will grow, the more the basement of your garden will be invaded, to the detriment of your flowers or plants, or even the lawn. The cutting is therefore mandatory before being submerged and having to climb to 3 meters high to prune.

Pruning and brushcutting such as hedge trimming are also necessary for the plant itself. It makes it possible to restructure it and restore it to strength, a new youth. Regular pruning offers a denser branching, new branches and a dynamization of its growth.

A nice cut for a nice shape (English garden) can also be your goal.

Which professional to contact for your garden?

To avoid a considerable loss of time, in particular without having the appropriate techniques,the recourse to the professional is essential.There are quite a few of them today who practice these professions, and as in all fields, the skills and knowledge vary from one craftsman to another.

Do not hesitate to request quotes from our partner companies located near your home.

A professional pruner is used to different contexts. He will also be able to give the right advice for your maintenance, especially if you want to continue pruning trees after his passage. Its pruning and clearing will be carried out according to the rules of the art, respecting the times, the shoots, the temperatures and a whole bunch of criteria that escape the uninitiated (some even take into consideration the moons to decide to cut on this or that date).

Another strong point of the pruner, the gardener or the landscaper: they have the appropriate tools, and know how to use them. Using a chainsaw, even a small one, at a height of 5 meters, is quite a challenge.

The prices for pruning and brushcutting work?

Depending on the geographical area and the competition present, the rates may vary from one city to another. The work can also take place as part of a global development, and the estimate will then be proposed accordingly.


Task Difficulty level Price*
pruning of trees Very difficult Package to the tree, from 300 euros HT
felling a tree alone Very very difficult Depending on its size and access: in general, from 400 euros HT.
tree felling AND desalting Request the expertise of a pro Package: from 600 euros
desiccation Impossible without a method From 300 euros, can go much higher depending on the size of the stump
hedge trimming Medium difficulty, hard work Hourly rate, adapted to the dimensions, from 30 euros excluding VAT per hour
brushcutting Easy provided you have the right machine Hourly rate, adapted to the context, from 30 euros HT

* These prices do not include evacuations of branches and trunks.

Very often, professionals offer to grind your wood or hedge residues on the spot and evacuate these elements for you, at the price of an additional package: do not hesitate! The evacuation of branches, leaves

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