Pruning and felling of terre haute trees

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We can offer you all the services related to horticulture: – All outdoor landscaping – Creation and maintenance of green areas – Paving and paving – Installation of fences, grids, gates – Supply of plants – Earthworks, drainage – Delivery and installation of turf in Rolls – Realization of lawns – Delivery of compost. We are at your disposal for further information

Company Arborom

The Arborom company located in Bernissart is active in the provinces of Hainaut, Walloon Brabant and Namur, but also in the northern region of France.

For 10 years, the company has been operating under the management of Romain Coutiez, arborist climber pruner graduated from the Horticultural Technical Institute of Gembloux.

Contact us at 0479/75.93.53. We meet you at the workplace in order to establish a detailed free quote adapted to your needs.

Discover our services for which we are equipped with adequate equipment and standards :

Maintenance and felling of trees

  • Pruning and pruning of your trees
  • Guying
  • Felling of trees
  • Felling by dismantling dangerous trees
  • Securing your trees
  • Firewood cutting

Creation and maintenance of green spaces

  • Installation of fences
  • Creation and development of gardens
  • Creation and maintenance of lawns
  • Pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Hedge trimming
  • Plantation
  • Land supply and disposal
  • Trimming of stumps
  • Gyro-drilling and clearing

Green waste management

  • Crushing of branches
  • Disposal of green waste and wood

Forestry operations

  • Slaughter
  • Skidding
  • Plantation
  • Gyro-spinning

Forestry company Florins C&C

Located in Tertre (Saint-Ghislain) in the Province of Hainaut, the Florins C&C forestry company is your specialist in tree pruning and felling, shaping and hedge trimming. We sell & deliver to your home quality firewood, PEFC certified which ensures its traceability. For more information, do not hesitate to call us at 065/62.05.13, 0475/76.48.74 or 0476/56.42.99. We are at your disposal all week from 15:00 to 21:00. We work on a radius of 25 km, from Mons to Leuze-en-Hainaut via Ath, up to the Hauts-Pays Natural Park.

So close to my tree

The tree is a living being that must be taken care of. In humans, inadequate treatment can lead to serious consequences. The same applies to plants. In Hainaut or Walloon Brabant, entrust your pruning and felling to Si Près de mon Arbre: only a professional treats your trees as they deserve.

Unfortunately, in some cases, slaughter is inevitable. A dead tree, in poor condition or suffering from a cryptogamic disease endangers people and buildings. I carry out this delicate task of felling while respecting the site and all the regulations in force. For information, the felling permit is required for trees over 30 years old and is issued on request from your municipal administration. In some cases, I collaborate with other qualified and experienced specialists to carry out the most complex culls. At each intervention, I guarantee optimal security to all parties concerned.

After a preliminary analysis of the site, the state of the tree and its location, I choose between two types of felling: – Direct felling: this operation, which requires space on the ground, is only possible if the environment allows it. – Felling by dismantling: when direct felling is too risky, I eliminate the branches one by one, from the bottom to the top, then I cut the barrel into sections.

Once the tree has been felled, I also take care of the crushing of branches as well as the desiccation or trimming, which consists in extracting the stump from the ground. If you want to have a tree cut down or pruned, in the provinces of Hainaut or Walloon Brabant, call an expert: contact Si Près de mon arbre, in Eugies.

Patrick Sheets & Sons

Patrick Draps & fils SPRL in Orbais region Perwez. We carry out the felling of poorly placed or dangerous trees. Felling by dismantling and waste disposal. As for the pruning, it is carried out by a team of professionals and of course in the interest of respect for the tree, we are also a signatory member of the Arboresco charter. We have several machines for desalting, regardless of the diameter of the trunk. We remain very attentive to the care of trees that suffer many natural or human aggressions.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.

Danczak Zbigniew

A garden is a place that can become an extension of your home if it is landscaped by a professional in the field. For the arrangement of your garden in the regions of Charleroi, Wallonia and Brussels, contact the serious company Danczak in Marcinelle. We also take care of the maintenance of your garden so that it is in perfect condition at all times. We offer different maintenance contracts depending on your preferences. Call us!


Do you want to cut down some trees in the garden of your new house in Hainaut? Use the Contact page and contact Accrojardin in La Louvière.

It is often thought that a garden takes care of itself. The plants are growing, the leaves are falling and so we shouldn’t worry too much about it. Nothing is less true. If we want to have a pleasant garden and according to our tastes, we must take care of it. Among other things, it is necessary to cut the grass, remove the weeds and cut the faded flowers. Trees must also be maintained in order to preserve their splendor and health.

Why prune a tree?

Nature produces a natural pruning of trees, wind, rain and snow can cause damage. But this natural process is not as effective as a pruning carried out by a professional. Thus you will allow the tree to heal faster and avoid rotting and diseases. Pruning consists of removing damaged or diseased parts, reducing the total weight, improving health and giving an artificial shape to your tree.

Cutting down a tree is sometimes necessary

Trees have to be cut down for different reasons. For example, you want to improve the brightness in your garden or your home. A tree can also become a risk for a building under certain conditions. It is often better to cut down an old tree to give other trees a chance to grow.

A competent arborist climber

Bruno Carcerieri founded Accrojardin in 2013. He completed his studies as a garden entrepreneur by training as an arborist. After working in a company specializing in felling and pruning for 2 years, he decided to become independent. With Accrojardin, you get a complete and clean job. At all times, he puts the safety of your belongings and himself at the forefront.

Are you interested in our services or would you like more information? Make an appointment today with Accrojardin in La Louvière.

Accrojardin offers you two different techniques to cut down a tree:

standing cutting: the tree is cut down in one piece from the ground, this technique obviously requires space

felling by dismantling: by climbing into the tree, we cut the tree into pieces; thanks to our expertise, we guarantee the safety of this delicate operation at all times

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