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It is strongly advisable to contact a lumberjack when felling a large tree. And for good reason, cutting a tree trunk can be dangerous, especially if you are not used to working at height. You don’t know the price of felling a tree and would like to know more about it? Let’s find out together the prices of pruners for cutting a tree.

What is the price of felling a tree?

Having a tree cut down usually costs several hundred euros. The price of pruners for this type of task depends on many criteria, in particular the size of the tree to be cut down and the difficulty of the work.

To have a precise idea of a budget to be spent on cutting a tree, it is in your best interest to find out more about the subject :

The hourly rate of a pruner

First of all, it may be interesting to find out about the hourly rate of a pruner. It is strongly advisable to contact a pruner (or even a lumberjack) to cut down a tree. A gardener or a craftsman all state bodies will indeed not be able to perform such a task safely.

In general, the hourly rate of a lumberjack is between 50 and 80 euros for such work. The total cost of the operation, however, largely depends on the cost of renting the equipment.

However, cutting down a large tree can require quite expensive equipment, such as an access pod.

Namely: the price of felling a tree will be above all high if it is necessary to rent heavy equipment, such as a crane or a gondola. We can then climb up to 500 euros per hour when we include the costs related to the equipment. Rest assured, however, this only applies to the largest trees!(Ask for free quotes from professionals for tree felling)

Packages and prices for felling a tree

Rather than thinking according to an hourly rate, the ideal is to request a quote to cut down a tree. This type of document allows you to know the exact budget to be provided for the cutting of your tree.

On average, a tree felling package by a professional pruner is between 200 and 500 euros, depending on the size of the tree. The rates rarely exceed this type of cost, except when we are dealing with an exceptionally large tree.

Often, these packages are determined by the length of the tree, the diameter of the trunk and the type of wood (plane tree, pine, linden, acacia, oak …). Special packages can also be applied to bent or damaged trees, which require more precautions, or even on long trees located near a house.

Attention: this price of cutting a tree includes cutting and evacuation, but in no case the removal of the stump. Removing a strain requires a lot of work. You can easily double the bill if you want to have all traces of the strain removed.

Price d

The price of a tree felling

Price of felling a tree by stage

The felling of a tree is a rather complex and painstaking work to be done according to a particular technique. It must actually be carried out by a professional to prevent any danger related to the fall of the tree. The budget to be provided for the felling of a tree depends on the work to be done.

Felling a tree: the stages

The steps to be taken to cut down a tree largely depend on its size and location. If the tree is not very tall and is located far from a dwelling, it is enough to remove the branches and cut off the tree at its base to cut it down. If the tree is very tall and / or is located near a construction or a road, it is necessary :

  • Remove all branches from the tree ;
  • Cut the tree into pieces starting from the tip (debiting).

Once the tree has been felled, all that remains is to carry out a desiccation. This step consists of removing the stump from the tree using a trimmer or a desiccant.

Note that if you want to cut down a tree on your own, you must respect the safety rules and carry out the necessary administrative procedures according to your prefecture. Indeed, it is necessary to request an authorization in some town halls.

Felling a tree: the price of each step

The price of felling a tree includes the different stages of the work. Before signing the quote from a pruner or a specialized company, remember to check if its price includes all the steps from cutting branches to desalting. For the desiccation, it is necessary to count between 150 and 1,000 € in the price of felling the tree.

The following table gives more details on the cost of felling a tree :

Stage of felling a tree Budget to be expected
Desiccation of a tree Between 150 and 1000 €
Trimming of an average tree Between 100 and 300 €
Debiting a high tree Between 350 and 800 €

Price of felling a tree according to its size

The price of felling a tree depends above all on its height and the work to be done. If you want to have a 2 m tree cut down by a pruner, you must plan between € 200 and €450 on average for felling, cleaning and desalting. The price of felling a 20 m tree is between €1,100 and €1,300 (including desalting).

The following table gives as an indication the cost of felling a tree according to its height :

Height of the tree to be cut down Price of the felling of the tree (with desalting)
Tree from 2 to 5 m Between 200 and 450 €
Tree from 5 to 10 m Between 450 and 650 €
Tree from 10 to 15 m Between 650 and 900 €
Tree from 15 to 20 m Between 900 and 1 100 €
Tree from 20 to 25 m Between 1,100 and 1,300 €

If you want to quantify with more precision the expenses required to cut down one or more trees in your property, consider requesting quotes for felling a tree.

Cost d

The cost of a tree felling

What determines the cost to cut down a tree?

It is necessary to know thatcarrying out the felling of a treeis an operation that can be very simple or very complex, depending on the case.

The price of a lumberjack to cut a tree thus depends on multiple criteria. Here are the most important factors that will have an influence on the cost of a slaughter :

  • The size of the tree: naturally, the dimensions of the tree (height and diameter) will strongly influence the price of felling the tree. We don’t cut a century-old tree like we cut a young shoot!
  • The accessibility of the tree: the difficulty of access to the tree can play to your disadvantage in terms of rates. The more difficult your tree is to access, the more time the pruner will need to cut it.
  • The dangers of felling: Finally, the possible dangers due to felling will be taken into account when setting a price to cut down a tree. If your tree is near a house or a building or if dangerous insects (hornet or bee nests for example) are found there, it will be necessary to count additional costs to ensure the safety of the operation.

To establish a budget for cutting a tree, you just need to contact a professional pruner. A description of the task or a visit to your home will be essential for a pruner to communicate to you a precise price, and which corresponds to your tree.(Get free quotes from professionals for tree felling)

Request a tree felling quote: all the tips!

If you want to save money on the price of cutting a tree, here are some tips that can help you reduce the rates of a lumberjack or a pruner :

  • Ask for several quotes: have at least three quotes drawn up before cutting down a tree, all by different craftsmen. This is still the best way to compete and take advantage of the best price.
  • Negotiate packages: If you have several trees to be treated or if you want to cut the tree at the same time, evacuate it and eliminate the stump, talk to the pruner to negotiate an advantageous package. Never be afraid to negotiate a tree felling quote. Very often, a pruner is looking for contracts, and he will prefer to make you a flower if you offer him an interesting construction site.
  • Offer to do the sub-work: if you cannot improvise as a lumberjack, you can completely clear the branches and the trunk yourself. Offering the craftsman to carry out the cleaning yourself can allow you to save a certain amount on labor.

If you need to cut down a small tree, you can also consider carrying out the work yourself. It is quite possible to rent a chainsaw for less than 60 euros per day. On the other hand, this is a task that we do not recommend for any dangerous or massive tree.

Do not forget that the few hundred euros of the price of felling a tree are nothing compared to the physical or material damage that could result from the fall of a dead tree. It is therefore better to ensure the safety of the construction site, even if it means paying a little more…

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