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Tree removal and demolition services for companies and individuals in all departments of Usa.

Tree Felling is a professional tree felling company operating 24 hours on 24 and focused on SAFETY and EXCELLENCE. Created in 2000, the company has become an important and dynamic company serving all the departments of Usa.

Our tree felling teams are available in case of emergency 24 hours on 24 and on quotation.

Trust our expert and reliable tree felling service for any maintenance or tree removal.

Every year, our company stands out for the quality of its services offered. From tree felling or tree pruning to desalting or grinding, we have a team of recognized professionals in the arboricultural sector. In addition, a large inventory of specialized equipment allows us to respond favorably to all the needs of customers, whether they are professionals or individuals.

Tree felling service

Tree felling represents a delicate and extreme action which is generally envisaged while any other solution proves to be inapplicable. It must be done with professionalism and a lot of precision. The operation consists in removing the tree which, for a valid reason or because of its advanced withering, represents a danger to people and surrounding property. The plant is then removed by transverse sectioning of its structure.

But before making any decision in this direction, it is important to contact a professional from our tree service. He will be able to provide you with useful advice and, if necessary, the possibility of other possible solutions. Otherwise, we are able to carry out the felling of your tree in optimal safety conditions in order to eliminate the risks for the neighborhood.

The work will consist of cutting down the tree in sections, at a very specific place, using different techniques. Specialized tools are used to avoid any damage to the terrain and the environment.

Tree pruning service

Tree pruning work consists of ridding a tree of its dead or rotten, weak, harmful branches … in order to maintain its branches, rejuvenate its appearance and improve its health. It is common for a tree to become threatening (imminent risk of falling) for a dwelling following bad weather. It is therefore better to carry out urgently and without waiting for the pruning of the tree.

On the other hand, to maintain a beautiful garden, the proportions of the trees need to be harmonized. The goal is to promote a healthy growth of the tree. In addition, trees cut according to the rules of the art bring a magnificent view to your property!

If you need to carry out a pruning of your tree, we invite you to call on our company. Indeed, a professional pruner is the best qualified to make cuts safely and carry out this intervention, for several reasons :

• He perfectly masters the different pruning techniques; r

• It can quickly identify the parts and areas that need pruning ;

• He knows how to carry out a pruning in complete safety and with adequate equipment (safety harness nacelle, chainsaw, pruner, chain saw, scaler …).

Tree desiccation service

After the felling of a tree, a desiccation operation is often necessary to avoid subsequent damage to buried installations: pipes, various pipes, etc. A stump must also be removed if you wish to exploit the soil surface for other purposes. The desiccation will therefore make it possible to eliminate this obstacle without damaging the terrain.

It is therefore clear that desiccation consists of removing the stump and the roots of a tree using a specialized machine. Professionals often offer this intervention in addition to the felling of a tree.

Indeed, several trees have a very extensive and solid root network that makes it difficult to remove the stump. It may even happen that the roots extend out of your property, to a neighbor’s plot or under a road. It is then necessary to use different techniques depending on the case.

The best solution is to entrust the work to professionals with all the appropriate equipment, and who will be able to take the necessary administrative authorizations before proceeding with the desalting.

Tree stump grinding service

In general difficult and complicated to transport to a landfill point, plant waste related to the felling of a tree is a burden, whether for a company, an individual or a local authority. They are also impossible to remove without adequate devices. Burning them is also not the best alternative, because such a practice is a source of serious pollution and remains illegal in many municipalities.

As a result, our company offers its tree stump grinding services to individuals and companies.

We grind (chipping) fresh stumps such as decaying ones, tree cutting residues, etc.

The chips obtained at the end of the operation can be mixed with soil in place to form compost. The work is carried out using suitable machines, so that the final volume of residue is as small as possible. This solution makes it possible to optimize the available storage space as much as possible.

Take advantage of a local service

Our company offers you a service of home work carried out by qualified professionals close to you! Choosing our assistance means opting for quality and transparency. No bad surprise! We offer the best prices in all French departments. In addition, we offer you the possibility of obtaining a free quote online, or an arboricultural technician will come to your home to accurately evaluate the service you need.

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