The costs of pruning and felling trees

Price of felling a tree

Tree felling price: price by type of size and height

The felling of a tree is generally the last resort when the latter is potentially dangerous or troublesome for the environment. The price of felling a tree depends mainly on the size of the tree. First of all, here is a table grouping the main tariffs to know :

Shaft height Average price excluding VAT
Less than 5 m 80 – 200 €
5 to 10 m 200 – 350 €
10 to 15 m 350 – 550 €
15 to 20 m 550 – 700 €
More than 20 m On quotation

The price for cutting down a tree depends on several other criteria :

  • The age of the tree: the older a tree gets, the larger it becomes and the more important its branching (number of branches) is. It is therefore logical that the more branches there are to cut, the more tedious and expensive the work becomes
  • The nature of the tree: softwoods are generally simpler to cut than hardwoods such as oak
  • The location: a tree enclosed in the middle of dwellings makes the task of felling significantly more complicated. The professional will need a certain amount of time to cut it without risk of incident
  • The necessary equipment: depending on the span of the tree and the height, specific equipment may be necessary. These equipment have an impact on the cost of the operation
  • The intervention period: cutting down a tree while it is leafy is quite restrictive and sometimes requires a longer labor time
  • The urgency of the situation: a tree representing an imminent danger must necessarily be quickly cut down. An emergency intervention is more expensive than a scheduled intervention


Tree felling prices: the techniques

high voltage line shaft

In the forest or in an open space, the trees can be cut at their base and then cut to the ground. On the other hand, a tree located near a house or a high voltage line, must necessarily be cut down in stages. This is called disassembly felling.

In this case, 3 techniques are conceivable, we present them to you below.

The scale

This is the cheapest technique, but also the most dangerous. Indeed, it consists, as its name suggests, of using a ladder to climb the tree and cut the branches in height.

2 people are needed to act: one to cut the wood and the other to ensure safety and maintain the ladder.

This technique is rather preferred for shrubs that measure between 5 and 10 m. Moreover, the use of a chainsaw is not recommended with this equipment, because the jolts caused by the machine can destabilize the user. It is therefore preferable that the branches can be cut with a simple pruning saw.

On the budget side, count between € 150 and € 350 for an intervention for a tree less than 10 m. This perilous technique is nevertheless very little practiced by professionals.

The aerial platform

lifting platform

This is the technique that offers the most comfort and safety. As for the ladder, two workers are needed; one to direct the machine and the other to operate on the tree.

The platform of the nacelle brings perfect stability to the professional. The latter can thus easily cut large diameter branches with a chainsaw. Moreover, for tall trees, there is no worry about reaching the top of the tree (provided that you have chosen a suitable model).

The lifting platform finally makes it possible to work faster thanks to the motorization of the machine. No handling is necessary to move, just press a button. This helps to speed up the work and therefore to reduce the price of labor. On the other hand, the cost related to the use of the nacelle is quite high.

The price of felling a tree using a gondola is between €500 and €800.

The roped body

The principle of roped climbing consists in using a rope to climb along the trunk and proceed to the sectioning section by section.

This method requires specific know-how and equipment: lanyards, halyards, sturdy ropes, harnesses and safety equipment.

Regarding the price of felling a tree by the roped climbing technique, there is no fixed price. The price is usually fixed in the past time. Count between 50 and 80 € / hour for such an intervention.

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