Tree pruning and branch removal

Pruning of trees and shrubs near Guichen

Espoir Végétal is an expert in tree pruning around Guichen. We intervene in many surrounding municipalities to reduce the length and the number of dead twigs and branches of your trees. This operation makes it possible to ventilate the space and bring more brightness while keeping a beautiful harmony in your garden. Contact your landscaper for any quote request.

What are the skills of a pruner?

At Espoir Végétal, we are able to identify the trees on which we need to intervene thanks to our expertise and knowledge of plants.

We work with respect for nature and take great care that the pruning of your tree makes it visually pleasant and as aesthetic as possible.

We use the climbing technique with a rope to hoist ourselves on trees of all heights and move to the heart of the tree by practicing a reasoned pruning that respects the plant.

How does the pruning of a tree take place?

How does the pruning of a tree take place?

The tree first grows orthotropic (development in height), then, as an adult, passes into plagiotropic development (development in width).

The epitony (twigs, pieces of young branches, developing on the top of the branch) and the hypotonia (twigs developing on the underside of the branch, representing the future carpenter) are the basis of the modes of development of the trees (morphology, architectural unity).

In general, the pruning of the tree is done in epitony (cutting of the branches above the shoot) for young adults and in hypotony for adults (cutting of the branches below the shoot, with a possibility of pruning in epitony).

Pruning a tree consists of :

  • Reduce over-lengths
  • Remove dead wood
  • Split Up
  • Make it safe
  • Help the tree in its development
  • Make a tree aesthetic

Before pruning the tree, we check different factors (objective, type of tree, near environment, rural or urban environment). The method we will use to prune your tree will depend on it.

The objective will always be to ensure the good health of the tree, but there is legislation for trees that are too close to the neighborhood. The height of the tree must be respected according to its distance from the separation of the land.

In urban environments, we respect aesthetic and environmental constraints. It is a question of controlling the height of the trees to prevent them from becoming too large and avoid breakage on the houses or the snagging of electrical wires.

Once the pruning has been carried out, Espoir Végétal performs :

  • The removal of the branches, evacuation of the remnants to the waste disposal
  • The crushing of the branches to make mulching left on the spot
  • The breaking of the large wood by splitting machine to make firewood left on the spot
  • The billeting, cutting on the ground of the small firewood
  • Cleaning of the construction site with removal of debris from branches, chips…

What is the pruning material used?

At Espoir Végétal, our pruners are equipped with professional equipment for an effective intervention carried out in complete safety :

  • MS 200T chainsaw for small pruning: reduced pruning, deadwood cleaning, debiting
  • MS 440 chainsaw for large diameters of branches for dismantling and billeting
  • Small ARS saw for precision pruning such as the removal of rejects and dead wood along the branches and trunk

What are the periods to prune my trees?

Depending on the seasons, the condition of the tree changes and the effects of pruning are different.

The ideal pruning period is usually from September to March, depending on the species of trees, because they are at rest. However, it is possible to prune in spring and summer in order to realize the impact on the landscape. This is the pruning in green, light shaping pruning in order to lighten the tree without weakening it, to let in the brightness or for an aesthetic appearance.

What are the different pruning techniques?

  • The reasoned pruning or gentle pruning aims to preserve the health, longevity, aesthetics of the tree and its biological balance.
  • The thinning pruning aims to reduce the wind resistance and to raise the low branches to improve the sunshine.
  • The formation pruning makes it possible to sculpt the future silhouette of the tree to give it a harmonious shape, removing or preserving certain parts.
  • The restructuring pruning is carried out when the tree has become too imposing or for the restoration of trees mutilated and damaged by the
  • The reduction pruning prevents too vigorous trees from spreading out.
  • Sanitary pruning helps to promote a good sanitary condition and consists in removing dead wood, snags, parasitized and broken branches.

What is the cost of a pruning?

To establish your free estimate for the pruning of your tree(s), we visit the site before any intervention in order to verify :

  • Access to the site
  • The difficulties on the ground (garage, veranda, nearby house, shrub mass, fence, manhole, septic tank …)
  • The proximity or not of the roads in relation to the tree to be pruned for the evacuation of branches
  • The species of the tree
  • The fragility of the architecture of the tree for climbing

Espoir Végétal also provides other services to maintain your garden and your trees: tree felling, wood breaking, hedge trimming and plants … Based in Lassy south of Rennes, we intervene up to 30 kilometers around, in municipalities such as Goven, Baulon, Guichen, Laillé, Saint-Senoux, Guignen, Bourg-des-Comptes, Bruz, Bréal-sous-Montfort, Mordelles, Le Rheu, Chavagne, Vezin-le-Coquet, Betton, Saint- Grégoire, Cesson-Sévigné, Vern-sur-Seiche, Chartres-de-Bretagne, Pacé, Gévezé, Maure-de-Bretagne, Guer, Lohéac, Pipriac, Janzé, Monfort-sur-Meu…

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