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What quote for the clearing of a garden?

Among the maintenance work on your land, brush clearing remains essential to preserve the condition and beauty of your green spaces. The control of plant growth as well as the removal of green waste and unwanted plants also make it possible to protect your home against the risk of fire. Brush clearing is therefore an important operation, or even an obligation subject to some regulations in certain regions. It is advisable to call on a pro to benefit from quality services. So here is everything you need to know about the procedures and the price of clearing your garden.

The criteria impacting the estimate of a brush clearing

Like pruning or hedge trimming work, brushcutting requires specific know-how so that the operation is carried out safely and that the result is of high quality. It is therefore essential to use the services of a professional or a company specialized in this type of maintenance. The price of a brushcutter depends on many criteria such as the particularities of your land, the state of the construction site, the nature of the work (hedge trimming, clearing, pruning trees at the right height, etc.) or the profile of the professional contacted.

What does brushcutting work consist of?

If it is necessary to clearly distinguish between brushcutting and pruning, these 2 types of interventions are an integral part of the maintenance work of green spaces. The clearing, or clearing, consists in carrying out a cutting of tall grasses and other plants whose proliferation is not voluntary or desired. The services can include the pruning of the hedges and the cleaning of the borders, those of the road or of your private swimming pool. The operation is similar to mowing a lawn, but requires more substantial technical means. The mandated company can also take care of the disposal of green waste for its customer.

Clearing a piece of land is an obligation if your house is located less than 200 meters from a wood or a forest, or even in certain regions particularly exposed to fire risks. It is then appropriate to request a professional, such as a landscape gardener, to intervene within a perimeter of 50 meters around the buildings and 10 meters at the level of the access roads. This applies to both rural and urban areas.

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The criteria for estimating the price of a brushcutter

Whether you use an independent gardener for this task, a craftsman or any other professional, the cost of brush clearing work varies depending on several factors :

the area of your land or garden ;

the ease of access to your property ;

the type of professional chosen: brushcutter company, craftsman, landscape gardener… ;

the hourly rate of brushcutting specific to the workforce ;

the equipment and equipment used: thermal or electric brushcutter, hedge trimmer, trimmer, mower, towed or self-propelled machines ;

the state of the work to be understood: plant growth, presence and height of trees (pruning, cutting, pruning …) ;

the removal of green waste and its transport to treatment sites, such as a waste disposal facility.

A company quote can therefore present variable prices for brush clearing and waste disposal. In addition to these services, you can optionally request pruning, felling or pruning of one or more trees.

The rates for clearing a garden

Are you looking for a craftsman for your estimate of land clearing? Calling on an expert guarantees you a job well done. The price of this service is however not fixed and may vary depending on the area to be cleared, the nature of the land or the cost of labor fixed by the chosen company.

The preparation of the construction site

If you want to limit the price for your brushcutting project; do not hesitate to prepare your land yourself. For example, if you involve a professional in autumn, do not hesitate to collect the fallen fallen leaves from the trees beforehand. You can also rough up the land, for example cutting brambles or passing the mower on the lawn. These rather simple little gestures will allow the professional to save time, and therefore reduce the cost of your bill.

Price for clearing brush according to the area of the land

Quotes for a classic brushcutter usually show a cost per square meter between 0.40 and 1 euro (1). The larger your plot, the higher the price will be. For a garden of about 300 square meters, count on an average of 225 euros for a brush clearing with evacuation of plant waste. For a larger plot of 1,000 m2, the total cost with waste disposal will then be about 650 euros.

The hourly cost of a pro for a brushcutter

The cost of labor for brushcutting work can also be expressed in hourly rates. The prices quoted generally range between 26 and 39 euros / hour (1) without waste disposal. If you want your pro to also take care of transporting the cut plants to the waste center, the hourly cost of clearing the brush will then fluctuate more between 35 and 47 euros (1).

The price of a brushcutter according to the nature of the service

The clearing of your land includes different types of services. Here is a list of the most common works and their respective prices :

simple clearing of tall grass, plants and weeds: between 26 and 39 euros / hour ;

brush clearing with removal of cut plants: between 35 and 47 euros / hour ;

complex brush clearing with the presence of brambles, crevices, stones, etc.: up to 85 euros / hour ;

hedge trimming: between 20 and 40 euros per hour ;

pruning of trees and shrubs: between 45 and 460 euros per specimen depending on the size of the tree ;

felling of a tree: between 40 and 500 euros per tree depending on its size.

The mandatory information on your brushcutting quote

When you request quotes from professionals in the sector, different elements must be present such as :

The description of the work to be carried out (preparation of the land, clearing, uprooting of brambles, pruning, desiccation, grinding, cleaning, etc.).

The cost of labor.

The validity period of the offer (prices and services for clearing brush): it is generally between 30 and 40 days.

The amount of the deposit to be paid and its percentage for the professional who wishes it.

The different payment methods supported by the professional or the company: check, credit card, transfer, cash…

The intervention period to carry out maintenance work on green spaces.

The information of the craftsman (contact details, RCS number, siret, VAT, etc.).

It is always possible to negotiate the proposed rates on the brushcutting quotes. To do this, do not hesitate to present the company with the services and the prices charged by the competition.

How to reduce the bill?

To reduce the cost of a brushcutter, you can take care of some aspects of the service yourself. Indeed, if you start by preparing the ground by your own means (removing brambles, stones, cutting some branches, etc.), you reduce the working time of the craftsman and the difficulty of the construction site, which will automatically lower the bill. As mentioned earlier, the price is also higher if the professional takes care of the removal of plant waste himself. You can therefore save money by evacuating the plants to the waste center on your own.

The aids for the clearing of a piece of land

By opting for a certified personal service professional, you can also lower your brushcutting bill. Indeed, in this type of situation the CESU device (universal service employment check) is the most used. It gives you the status of an individual employer and allows you to take advantage of a tax reduction. This corresponds to 50% of the amount of your work for a maximum ceiling of 3,000 euros per year and per tax household. If you are the owner of a rental property, the expenses for the maintenance of green spaces (brush cutting, tree pruning, lawn mowing, pruning …) are fully deductible from your property income.

The VAT rate for a brushcutter

The clearing of brush, the desiccation of a tree or the clearing of a land are services subject to a full rate VAT of 20%. Similarly, pruning is subject to a VAT of 20% except in two specific cases where it is reduced to 10% if :

Pruning is necessary for carrying out maintenance work and if the house was built more than two years ago.

Pruning must take place on a dangerous tree weakened by a storm or threatening the integrity of your home.

To find a professional near you, consult the Ootravaux platform! It allows an effective connection with craftsmen in your region for your work of clearing brush, pruning trees and shrubs, mowing the lawn, pruning hedges, etc.

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(1) Average prices from different sites of green space maintenance professionals

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