Tree pruning and removal services

Price of a pruner

Price of a pruner

Do you want to have pruning work carried out? You are right! Pruning is too often neglected when it is essential for the good health of plants, and trees in particular. However, this operation is usually implemented only too late, for security reasons or neighborhood conflicts. The tree has then developed in an anarchic way and the intervention of a pruner proves, therefore, very expensive. Using the services of a professional pruner regularly will have the effect of containing your expenses. All you have to do is schedule the pruning of your trees over time by defining a pruning budget. You want to know how to reduce your tree pruning bill. Discover, in this guide, the price of a pruner for occasional or regular tree pruning, as well as all the services he can offer you.

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Why involve a professional pruner?

Tree pruning is a professional tree care practice that requires a good knowledge of tree development. Each species requires, in fact, a specific pruning. Improperly performed pruning can compromise the health of the entire subject. The pruning profession is therefore not improvised!

Likewise, pruning is an activity that proves to be dangerous. It then requires physical skills, as well as adapted equipment (harness, chainsaw, axe). This is in particular why the price of a professional pruner increases depending on the height of the tree. This varies on average from 30 to 500 euros per tree. A cost that may seem significant but which makes it possible to preserve beautiful trees in complete safety.

It is, moreover, good to point out that this price includes the insurance that a pruner must take out to practice his profession. However, this insurance brings you significant peace of mind, because any physical or material accident is then taken care of. If a branch were to fall on the roof of your garage, you would then have no costs to pay.

Average price for a tree pruning by a professional pruner

Strictly speaking, there is no average price for a tree pruner quote. Indeed, each tree is unique and requires expertise. The price of a tree pruning will therefore vary depending on various data.

Price of a pruner: variations according to the specificities of each tree

  • The type of the tree: a preliminary visit by the pruning worker will make it possible to check the essence of the tree. He will take the opportunity to diagnose his general condition in order to spot the possible presence of invasive diseases or insect pests. It is above all the state of health of the tree that defines how to prune a tree.
  • Its dimensions: a large elevation requires more time and the use of special equipment (nacelle, heli-hoisting). That is why regular pruning to contain the height and span of your trees allows you to benefit from a reasonable price ;
  • His position: Accessibility constraints also modify the pruning budget. The land on which the tree is planted thus has a certain impact on the final amount of the bill for pruning this tree. Landlocked between infrastructures (houses, power lines …), the intervention will require more precautions, therefore an increased cost.

Price of a pruner according to works

Services of a pruner Average price
Package tree pruning 30 to 500 euros per tree
Hourly rate pruner 17 to 60 euros
Green space maintenance 20 to 25 euros per hour
Brushcutting 40 to 45 euros per hour
Slaughter 400 to 1,000 euros per tree
Desiccation 30 to 150 euros depending on the method
Hedge trimming 190 to 250 euros per day (all inclusive)
Collection and disposal of plant waste 25 to 35 euros per m3

Price of a pruner: choosing the right type of billing

elagueur rate

The intervention price of a pruner can vary greatly depending on the type of billing offered. Do not hesitate to ask for an estimate of the time for each service and to compare with a flat rate.

The hourly rate of a pruner varies from 17 to 60 euros per hour. More advantageous for projects lasting several hours, the price of a pruner for the service fluctuates from 30 to 500 euros per tree. This calculation method avoids unpleasant surprises. However, it is important to check whether the cost of moving and transporting the equipment is included. Likewise, additional costs should be provided for the removal of cut branches to the waste disposal facility or the grinding of plants on site.

Finally, the type of pruning chosen or required by the circumstances will also weigh on your pruning envelope. This will depend on various factors, such as the cause of the pruning, the state of health of the tree, its essence and your aesthetic wishes. Likewise, the number of topics to be covered will have an impact. The more trees you have to prune, the more you can negotiate the price of your tree pruning package. You will then save on travel costs at the same time.

Price of a pruner: additional costs to pruning

To the price of pruning, it is most often necessary to add costs for the evacuation of branches, twigs and foliage. The larger the size of the tree, the larger this budget will be, hence the need to regularly maintain its trees. Count 25 to 35 euros per m3 .

Nor should we neglect the VAT rate required for tree pruning. Generally, this is the intermediate rate of 10%. Rate also applicable to the felling or cutting of trees. The normal rate of 20% applies, however, on the ground concerning a new construction of less than two years.

The other services of a pruner

Even if you have to call on a pruner, know that he usually offers many other services that might interest you. When you are planning a pruning budget, also think about these other outdoor work options.

The maintenance of the garden

Your gardener pruner can, first of all, maintain your green spaces in a general way. You can ask him to mow the lawn, take care of the plantings or even install new ones. He also often takes care of the treatment of your trees, weeding and even the collection of leaves. You thus benefit from a perfectly maintained garden, without brambles or weeds.

The advantage of using a pruner for this kind of activities is that being professional, he will be able to perfectly carry out all your requests while respecting the well-being of all your plantations.

Plan an hourly rate of 20 to 25 euros per hour for this type of service performed by a pruner. This price is approximately the same as the hourly rate of a home gardener. However, it varies depending on the season, the region or even the frequency of maintenance. Thus, if you opt for recurring services, a subscription contract can significantly reduce the cost of a pruner’s intervention on your land.

The brushcutting

A pruning craftsman also frequently offers to clear the areas of your land that need it. This operation

Be aware that a regulation forces the owners to clear their plot in areas at risk of fire. They must then reduce the plant materials that can catch fire.

A pruner will be able to tell you if your property falls under these areas are at risk of fire and will be able to carry out the brush clearing itself.

The prices for a brush removal service vary a lot from one company to another, but the hourly rate of a pruner for a brush removal is on average 40 to 45 euros.

Tree felling

Specialist in arboriculture, a pruning professional intervenes regularly when it is necessary to cut down a tree. Most of the time, this service takes place for safety reasons, when an illness has weakened the subject too much. Indeed, the life of a tree is confronted with many hazards. And in some cases, a cull turns out to be the only solution.

This operation has a certain cost, since it is divided into three stages: the felling of trees in itself, the cleaning of waste and desiccation.

Such an operation, carried out by a climber pruner, will cost you from 400 to 1,000 euros. This price range fluctuates greatly since it depends on both the size and the location of your tree. It will also vary depending on the technique used such as disassembly.

For reasons of safety, expertise or even material resources, it is strongly advisable to call on a professional pruner or a lumberjack for these tree pruning and felling services.


After felling a tree, it is necessary to remove its stump. A pruner offers you three different ways to treat the stump.

The first method consists of manually desiccating, which will cost you between 60 and 100 euros per hour. If you opt for mechanical desalting, this budget will then amount to 70 to 150 euros per hour.

Finally, you can choose the chemical desiccation method. Here, the pruning worker will pour a product to make the stump disappear. The product costs about thirty euros per liter, but its application is harmful and dangerous for the environment.

The hedge trimmer

A pruning company also offers hedge trimming, whether it is composed of small trees or shrubs. This service of pruning trees and hedges highlights the rest of your land, as well as your home.

Depending on the desired result, a pruning craftsman may prefer a gentle pruning or a severe pruning. And if you appreciate ornamental sizes, he will know how to execute them again.

The average price for a hedge trimmer varies depending on the height, length and width of the hedge, as well as the number of faces to be trimmed.

Count between 190 and 240 euros if your land requires a day of hedge trimming. It will also be necessary to add costs for the disposal of plant waste and for travel.

Each pruning company has a range of specific services. To choose the best, take the time to contact several of them and have several quotes drawn up, which will allow you to better compare the services and prices of different pruners.

Price of a pruner: how to reduce your pruning bill?

tree pruner price

The services of a pruner can represent a significant budget. Getting several quotes from pruners is the solution to get a tree pruning or felling at the best value for money.

Each pruning company has a range of specific services. To choose the best, take the time to contact several of them and have several quotes drawn up, which will allow you to better compare the services and prices of different pruners.

It is possible to obtain a reduction in its pruning budget thanks to the CESU. Indeed, the use of these checks designed for personal services allows you to deduct up to 50% of the amount of pruning from your taxes. However, this financial aid only concerns the pruning of trees less than 3 m high. Moreover, it cannot exceed a benefit ceiling of 6,000 euros.

When to proceed to pruning your trees?

It is the responsibility of the tree owner to prune his trees. There are three reasons why you may want to prune one or more trees :

  • the health of the tree, allow it to ensure its growth,
  • security, a tree that threatens to fall on your neighbors or on passers-by,
  • aesthetics, for a pleasant appearance.

In most cases, it is possible to carry out selective pruning, a slight cutting of the branches or a topping. It is possible to choose between a gentle, reasoned pruning, or a severe pruning of trees and shrubs.

As for the period, pruning will be preferred in the fall when the trees enter the resting phase, or in late spring to facilitate healing.

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