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Pruning & felling of trees in Saint-Genix-sur-Guiers & la Motte Servolex

It is sometimes necessary to prune, or even to cut down a tree, for reasons of safety, practicality or aesthetics. The felling of a tree is, just like pruning, a difficult operation in several stages that must be carried out by qualified professionals :


The slaughter

The debarking

The debitage


The company provides tree pruning requests for earthworks, aesthetic and practical landscaping of green spaces. Based in Saint-Genix-sur-Guiers, on the border of Isère (38), Savoie (73) and Ain (01), our certified pruners move in the sectors of the cities of La Motte-Servolex, Aosta, Chambéry, Les Avenières, Le Pont-de-Beauvoisin, La Tour-du-Pin…

Shape your tailor-made green space with professional pruning

Simply pruning and pruning a tree can lead to rotting or an invasion of pests and insects; that is why you should entrust it to a professional. Thanks to a controlled pruning or felling, the teams of certified pruners of the company ensure the good health of your trees, but above all, pruning work that is safe for yourself and for the residents.

Good to know! Our teams are trained in pruning, stump removal and felling of trees measuring more than 20 m in height.


The soft waist

Gentle pruning prunes the tree to cope with certain constraints such as telephone lines, a house, but it respects the natural evolution of the tree. These semi-free sizes allow you to maintain a natural aesthetic in your green space while allowing the tree to evolve without danger.


Severe pruning

This tree pruning technique, which is restrictive for the tree, is implemented punctually when the tree or shrub is located in an inconvenient or dangerous location such as a construction site, following bad weather … This severe pruning is corrective and is therefore to be avoided as much as possible for the well-being of the tree.


The architectural size

For both practical and aesthetic purposes, the architectural pruning of trees and shrubs allows you to give a very specific style to your exterior. The company Paccard Paysage sets up with you a layout of your green spaces that corresponds to you and takes care of the pruning of your trees and shrubs.

  • The size in marotte
  • The size in curtain or marquise
  • The size in a ball or in a cloud

Regulation and periodicity of pruning

You should know that tree pruning is not mandatory in Usa; nevertheless, you are obliged to prune the trees in your garden in the following two cases :

  • it is close to energy transport infrastructure,
  • it is close to private land.

The ideal time of year for pruning work is between October and March. Remember to anticipate!

Our pruners and fellers at work

Pruning and felling 9

Pruning and felling 8

Pruning and felling 7

Pruning and felling 6

pruning 80

Pruning & felling works

Pruning & felling works 53

Pruning & felling works 52

front poplar pruning

poplar pruning after

Effective and safe pruning must be taken care of by certified pruners. The company Paccard Paysage advises you and sets up with you the pruning adapted to your tree and your terrain :


Deciduous trees


Coniferous trees


Fruit trees

The most! Paccard Paysage creates wooden exterior elements from wood scraps recovered during pruning, tree felling or the dismantling of a stump. Thanks to the recycling of wood chips, we make barriers, benches, tables…

Felling of trees and dismantling of stumps

The felling of an adult tree, which can be more than 20 m tall, requires specific equipment and knowledge. Paccard Paysage offers you felling work concerned with safety rules and regulations in force. Our teams of specialists will be able to advise you and provide you with the necessary help for the felling of a tree without stress.

In order to restore your green space or your garden to a natural appearance without distorting its soil, you must entrust the removal of stumps to certified pruners.

Our equipment for pruning and dismantling trees



Pruning and felling 27

Pruning and felling 16

landscaping works 4


Pruning and felling 25

Good to know! The pruning equipment is regularly checked and renewed.

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