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Price of felling a tree

Even if we generally prefer to avoid it, it is sometimes necessary to have a tree cut down. An operation that keeps the rest of his garden healthy.

Different reasons can lead you to cut down a tree such as disease or an overly invasive development that comes to disturb your neighbors. A tree can also grow to the point of becoming dangerous for power lines. Finally, it can take precedence over the other plantings in your garden and thus prevent them from developing properly.

Cutting down a tree is an operation that is not without risk and which must in particular comply with the regulations in force. The intervention of a professional is therefore necessary.

Calculate as closely as possible the price of felling a tree by referring to the indicative pricing information provided in this Work guide.

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Price of felling a tree

Summary table of the prices for felling a tree

Type of service Minimum price* Maximum price*
Trimming of an average tree 100 € 300 €
Debiting a high tree 350 € 800 €
Desiccation 60 €/h 100 €/h

*The prices presented in this guide are for information purposes only.

The different stages of felling a tree and their price

Once your decision has been made, do not rush headlong with your ax to cut down a tree in your garden. This complex operation is absolutely not within everyone’s reach. The danger of such an undertaking is very real, both for you and for your home or that of your neighborhood.

Cutting down a tree is therefore a task that must be carried out according to several very specific steps. The goal is ultimately to control the felling of the trunk as precisely as possible. By taking such precautions, we also make sure to respect the immediate environment of the tree to be felled.

Unless your tree is truly rickety, the felling must be carried out by an experienced professional. Any mistake could otherwise have serious consequences.

Price of felling and cutting down a tree

What is the price of felling and cutting down a tree?

The price of felling a tree is directly related to its height.

  • On average, for a tree of 2 to 8 m, the felling price varies between € 100 and € 300.
  • When the tree has a height of between 8 and 15 m, the felling price is generally between € 200 and € 350.
  • If the height of the tree exceeds 15 m, the felling price can then rise to more than € 800.

In addition to this height, the price of felling a tree also depends on the method used. The professional will opt for one or the other depending on the tree itself, but also on its environment.

  • When the immediate environment of the tree is free, or if it is a question of cutting down a low shrub, the craftsman removes a few branches from it and cuts it off at the base, for a clean fall.
  • In some cases, the professional must proceed by dismantling. He must then remove all the branches and cut the tree into sections, from the crown, to the base. The disassembly process takes place if :
    • the immediate environment of the tree is occupied by a dwelling, a road or other plantations…
    • the tree is very tall.

    Good to know: the price of felling the tree is one thing, but keep in mind that the cost of removing the wood is another. Indeed, this second service will be invoiced to you in addition to the slaughter. However, it is possible for you to opt for a slaughter without removal.

    Price of desiccation of a tree

    What are the dangerous trees for the house?

    Some trees should be avoided in your garden. This is the case of the weeping willow whose deep roots destroy everything in their path. It is also necessary to avoid some large trees that will annoy the neighborhood by losing their leaves that will spread around. As they grow, they risk clogging the windows. To plant a tree safely, it is mandatory to respect a distance of at least 3 m from the house. To plant it, you need to keep it away from power lines so as not to cause accidents. Also avoid the proximity of your low wall that separates your garden from that of your neighbors so as not to inconvenience them. The choice of a tree with roots that do not go deep is essential so that these roots do not clog the pipes.

    What is the price of a desalting?

    The price of a desalting varies greatly from one intervention to another, and its price range is extremely wide. From one project to another, the operation may cost you €60 per hour to more than €100 per hour.

    The felling operation does not get rid of the stump which can be more or less imposing depending on the felled tree. Depending on its characteristics, the strain can be relatively unsightly, even annoying.

    The operation consisting in removing the stump of a felled tree is called “desiccation”. It can be carried out in different ways, but requires specific equipment in all cases.

    1. The stump can be gnawed down to ground level using a trimmer for this. Biodegradable, the remaining piece of stump disintegrates over time in a natural way. Good to know: a trimmer is a machine that must be towed. The access to the stump must be clear and wide enough.
    2. The stump can also be pulled out of the ground by force. An operation that could not be faster which however has the big disadvantage of violently disturbing the ground. In addition, it is simply impossible to extract the stump without a large machine dedicated to this type of operation.
    3. If the stump does not present an annoying character and you are not in a special hurry to make it disappear, it is also possible for you to resort to a desiccant product. Be careful, however, because this product, although effective, is very harmful to the environment. It can therefore prove dangerous for your garden and the plants that grow there.

    Info :Instantly receive 3 personalized quotes from local professionals in your region

    – Fast and without commitment –

    When to proceed with the felling of a tree?

    Hardwoods are usually felled in the fall or winter, while the felling of softwoods can take place throughout the year. However, it is preferable in this second case to intervene at a time when the immediate environment of the tree is not damaging.

    Autumn and winter are the most favorable seasons for the felling of hardwoods since the latter are then out of sap. In fact, the absence of leaves makes the pruning much simpler, not to mention the reduced wind resistance which prevents untimely falls of the branches. In addition, the water content of the tree is more reduced during this period. Since the wood is lighter, its transport and handling cost may be lower.

    Free felling of a tree

    How to get a tree cut down for free?

    It is quite possible to have a tree cut down for free, but this gratuity is valid only under certain conditions.

    1. The felling must concern a non-problematic young tree.
    2. The young tree can be cut in a single stroke, without the intervention of a machine and its workforce.

    Only in this case, the lumberjack will be able to offer you to cut your tree for free in exchange for its wood.

    Good to know: nothing prevents you from trying the shot with the professional who intervenes in your home. However, be aware that this exchange is infrequent.

    In order to reduce the price of felling your trees, do not hesitate to negotiate the fixed cost by offering yourself as a labor force in order to carry out the waste disposal and cleaning of the construction site by yourself. But be careful, because the sub-work is also very physical and has nothing easy.

    Find a professional for the felling of a tree

    In order to have your trees cut down cleanly in compliance with the regulations in force, turn to a gardener or a pruning company installed near your home.

    Be careful, the slaughter prices can also vary a lot depending on the professional contacted. It is therefore recommended to obtain several quotes in order to have a broad view of the rates charged in your region.

    By comparing the price proposals obtained, you will be able to more easily rule out professionals offering abusive rates.

    In order to help you in your steps, do not hesitate to make your request for a quote on this site using our form. You will thus be put in contact with three professionals in the sector.

    What do you need to know about the law on the felling of trees?

    You have the right to remove a tree from your garden or orchard. This may be due to obvious security reasons, a bad location, an abnormal neighborhood disorder or simply for aesthetic reasons. A large tree felling or a large tree felling such as a poplar felling, a pine tree felling without felling authorization is prohibited by law. In any case, you are responsible for personal injury or property damage caused by the fall of the tree.

    In addition, the law requires the wearing of personal protective equipment (anti-cut clothing, helmet with screen, protective glasses, hearing protection) as well as a pruning harness.

    What regulations should be observed for the felling of a tree?

    As we have seen, the felling of a tree is not without risk. A danger that can come from multiple factors. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the intervener as well as the surrounding residents, this operation is the subject of a very specific regulation.

    To begin with, the felling of certain trees may be subject to a prior authorization request in certain regions of France. This is for example the case in the southern regions where the felling of an olive tree is strictly regulated and reprimanded accordingly. So start by checking with the municipal services. You will be able to make your authorization request directly there. Be careful, because if your project is not supported by solid arguments, it may be refused to you.

    Slaughter techniques are also regulated. Also, a tree placed near an electric or telephone line, a road or even a path must necessarily be cut down by dismantling. In these conditions, bringing down the tree is completely prohibited.

    The technique aimed at cutting off the base of the tree before causing it to fall is obviously also subject to certain rules.

    1. A free area of 135° on either side of the fall direction must be ensured.
    2. It must also be perfectly clear and passable in order to ensure the fall of the tree and to offer a secure removal path.

    Estimation of the duration of the work for the felling of a tree

    If the felling of a tree is a complex operation to carry out, it is nevertheless very fast. Individuals are also often very surprised by this speed, the height and thickness of the trunk having everything insurmountable at first glance. However, with their long experience and their assured techniques, the professionals are able to act very quickly. However, the duration of the felling may vary depending on the thickness of the tree.

    On average, therefore, count between a few hours and half a working day for your tree to be felled.

    Pruning a tree, what is it?

    Pruning a tree is different from felling a tree. It is an annual operation to be carried out by a professional pruner. Pruning a tree is aimed at reducing its height, as well as its volume. Every tree in your garden or orchard is affected. The pruner cuts the longest branches for reasons of health of the tree, reasons of yield and to avoid harming the neighborhood. If trees or shrubs in your garden begin to encroach on the neighbor’s, you will be required to have them pruned. For a tree of less than 2 m, the law requires its planting at a minimum distance of 50 cm from the boundary of the adjoining garden. For a planting that can reach more than 2 m, it is a minimum distance of 2 m that must be respected.

    As an example :

    – Pruning a hedge that can reach up to 2 m costs from € 20 to € 35.

    – Palm tree pruning up to 20 m: from 30 € to 65 €.

    – The price of pruning a tree that measures from 15 m to 20 m is from € 65 to € 70.

    – It is necessary to pay between 70 € to 80 € for the pruning of a tree of more than 20 m.

    What is a tree pruner?

    pruning bucket

    Also called aerial platform, the aerial platform for pruning trees can replace the pruning harness. Nevertheless, at least two people are needed for the intervention. The first person is at the controls of the gondola, while the second takes care of the pruning. The aerial platform ensures more safety and more working comfort than the pruning harness. As the aerial platform for pruning trees is very stable, it allows the possibility of using a chainsaw. This tool will greatly facilitate the intervention and save more time. To prune trees, it is important to use a aerial platform. This tool is necessary for the felling of dead trees for different reasons. This is the least risky method, because the elevation is motorized. The cost of renting a gondola to prune trees is between € 100 and € 1,800 per day depending on the model.

    Am I allowed to cut down a tree that is in my garden?

    Yes, you have the opportunity to do this, but subject to certain conditions. You need an authorization to cut and cut down trees. This authorization is issued by the mayor in view of the local urban planning plan in force in your municipality.

    What price should I expect to cut down a tree?

    The price of felling a tree is sometimes charged per stère. Thus, the lumberjack tariff is indexed to the volume of wood cut. The stere corresponds to a volume of wood of one m3 for a log length of one meter. The price of tree felling by a lumberjack or a professional pruner is between 100 € and 250 € / hour. For a resinous tree, it is necessary to provide within 10 € per stem. For a leafy tree, you can count less than € 10 per stem.

    Is it feasible to cut down a tree without permission?

    Before any tree felling, you need to inquire with the town hall of your municipality.

    What procedure should I follow to cut a tree from above?

    Cutting a tree from above consists of topping it, that is to say cutting its spire to limit its height. It is necessary to proceed carefully. To do this, it is necessary to cut the arrow at an angle 0.5 cm or 1 cm from a bud or flush with a branch with the cutting blade of the pruner on the ground side. Then, you just have to remove the misdirected twigs.

    What is the cost of cutting down a fir tree?

    The cost of felling a fir tree depends on the height, but also on the specialized company with which you engage. The prices vary according to the companies. It is for this reason that we advise you to make at least three requests for free quotes from three different companies to be able to compare the rates.

    What is the necessary authorization for a tree felling?

    According to Article L113-1 and article L113-2 of the Urban Planning Code, it is necessary to make a prior declaration of works if the tree or trees that you want to cut down are classified in the Local urban planning Plan of the municipality.

    Who cuts the trees?

    Cutting trees is a matter of professional tree felling, in this case a lumberjack. To do it safely, it is essential to know the tree well, the appropriate felling technique, as well as the fallback area for safety. The lumberjack has the required diploma, the appropriate professional equipment and the necessary personal protective equipment. He must also take out insurance and provide suitable means of transport for the removal of waste.

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