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Felling and pruning of trees

| webseopl2022
What is the difference between pruning and felling trees? A tree located in front of your house prevents you from taking full advantage of the sunlight, do you want to harmonize the appearance of your tree to make it more aesthetic, allow your fru…

Articles for pruning and felling trees

| webseopl2022
Secure the felling of trees with a chainsaw (or chain saw) In construction and public works, any worker who uses a chainsaw must master the techniques of felling and shaping trees, as well as the rules of hygiene and safety. Presentation of the sa…

Ash entrepreneur

| webseopl2022
The emerald ash borer is the delight of arboriculture companies Photo: Special collaboration Leslie Meuraillon While the City of Montreal is redoubling its efforts to overcome the scourge of the emerald ash borer that affects its ash trees, the c…

Rates pruning and removal of dead trees

| webseopl2022
Price of felling a tree: all prices and quotes felling It is strongly advisable to contact a lumberjack when felling a large tree. And for good reason, cutting a tree trunk can be dangerous, especially if you are not used to working at height. Yo…

Pruning of trees

| webseopl2022
Tree pruning and pruning period Do you need to prune? It is better to use a certified company because it is a dangerous exercise. The pruner often works at height and uses a pruning saw, a pruner or a chainsaw previously cleaned and disinfected. …


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